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How to trade carefully and successfully with TrendsTurbo broker. 

You want to try trading. Where to begin?

The modern exchange is electronic, you can trade via the Internet without getting up from the couch. But this requires an intermediary - a broker like TrendsTurbo broker, that is, a company that has a license for stock trading. Before heading to a broker, there are a few important things to consider.

1. Estimate how much you are willing to invest

In theory, you can start with any amount. For example, the TrendsTurbo Forex broker Bronze account needs only a $250 deposit.  But such a sum will not bring you any large profits, it won’t allow you to get through any major market shifts and won’t let you open a couple of transactions at once. Common opinion is that it is worth starting to invest if you are ready to risk several tens of thousands of dollars. But that’s not true. What you really need is leverage – market mechanism which is provided by the broker and lets you operate larger investments. Also, do not forget that the Forex is a market where risk becomes the part of your everyday trading routine. It is better to imagine in advance a situation in which you will lose your money. If you realize that you can afford it and it’s not a disaster for your budget, you can give it a try.

2. Consider how much time you are willing to spend

Working with a broker, you need to independently develop an investment strategy. That is, only you will make decisions about what and when to buy and sell. The broker is not responsible for the risks and transactions, it is just your “hands” on the securities market - it carries out your orders. Therefore, you will need to thoroughly understand how the securities market works, and constantly monitor the situation, analyze information and make decisions.

If you have little experience and are not sure about your decisions, you can find another professional intermediary who can help you decide which securities and when to buy and sell, or start dealing with small amounts.

Frequent traders mistakes: how not to do it TrendsTurbo.com broker tips

You cannot invest in securities everything that you have

TrendsTurbo broker tip: Set aside money for living and unforeseen expenses first. Create a "safety cushion": open a bank deposit - and only then start trading. Your trading at first won’t become the basis of your earnings – so think of it as of additional income.

Do not act at random - take the training

TrendsTurbo broker tip: If you decide to trade on the exchange yourself, be sure to complete the training. Most companies like TrendsTurbo.com broker offer courses for beginner investors. Trading programs often have a demo mode: in it, you can try your hand at no risk of losing money.

Don't give in to emotions

TrendsTurbo broker tip: Acting on impulse can make many mistakes. A novice investor should not react harshly to the slightest price movement on the stock exchange. He must act decisively if the price changes significantly. Set the limit for the losses that you are willing to incur: for example, if assets have fallen in price by 20%, you need to sell and, as they say on the stock exchange, fix the losses. In other words, you are ready to accept the loss of 20% and complete the trades to avoid even larger losses. The desire to wait a little longer - suddenly "rebound" - will be great, but you do not need to succumb to it.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

TrendsTurbo Forex broker tip: It is better to buy securities of companies from different industries, different currencies and different CFDs. For example, when oil prices fall, the securities of all companies in the oil and gas sector suffer. If you purchase securities of companies from various sectors of the economy, for example, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, this will help you reduce the risk of losing your invested money (or, as financiers say, diversify your risks). Same happens when it comes to different currencies, which are driven by gold prices, or oil, or political activities.

Do not trust promises to earn 500% per day

TrendsTurbo.com broker tip: Only scammers can guarantee anything in the stock market. A responsible broker should warn you of the risks. The situation on the stock exchange is changeable, and only you are responsible for the decisions made. For example, you can find risks disclosure on the TrendsTurbo.com Forex broker website. 


A novice investor needs to understand that trading on the stock exchange is not a casino or a lottery, but a scrupulous calculation. A novice investor is unlikely to be able to get rich instantly by trading on the exchange. If you are just starting, choose the safest strategy that will prevent you from losing a lot of money. Becoming an investor is worth it only if you have calculated the risks and want to try to extract even more benefits from them.

If you open an account with a broker like TrendsTurbo Forex broker, you can independently make transactions on the exchange through the trading terminal - buy and sell stocks, bonds, conclude contracts that are derivative financial instruments (CFDs). But to do all this, you need to be well versed in the market (or be ready to dive into all the subtleties): study it, follow events, painstakingly and thoughtfully count and compare. In general, the broker does not control which financial instruments his client invests.. However, it must ensure that the securities that the client purchases are consistent with his level of investment and legal requirements. 

TrendsTurbo scam?

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 30

Daniel Cummings 06.05.2021

Opened account last month, started trading on demo first. Now moved to real. Can’t say I’m getting massive profit or something yet, but the trading itself goes quite smooth

de Lucas 08.05.2021

I like the company. It’s a decent firm. The terminal works fine for me, and orders are executed instantly. Spreads are low, no doubts. I can’t say much about the platform since I’m using MT4 long before I got to this company and can't even imagine different trading tool. Sure there's some bureaucracy about the withdrawal but tell me who doesn't have it and I'll tell you that all the secure companies do.

David 15.05.2021

I found a broker when all the mess with quarantine started. I thought I got nothing, but looks like I am lucky enough. Thanks to the company’s support service.

Thomas 20.05.2021

One thing I've noticed working with this broker is that their spreads are among the lowest on the whole market. That is certainly good for business, and my positive balance (grown about 18% last month) tells the same story. I'm definitely planning on working with them in the future.

Charles 01.06.2021

For several years now I have been trading in financial markets with this broker company. The company is very solid, reliable and promising. From my own experience, I was convinced that anyone who wants to can earn money by trading in the financial markets, especially through a fair broker such as this company. Recommend for everybody.

Antony 16.06.2021

I always liked the fact that broker has various profitable projects for trading. I invest in one of the projects and am happy with the profit that I receive. Thank you.

Eugene Carpenter 23.06.2021

I feel like I’m in a movie, can’t believe I’m trading successfully and earning something. I’ve tried demo account before on the other platform and didn’t liked it, because there was no real money in it. Now I need to be more careful, but still it’s so much more satisfying. Btw, I’m using Bronze account now.

Stevenson Joel 05.07.2021

I spent some time to understand with which broker it makes sense to communicate. Had read feedbacks. I wanted minimum spreads and normal trading conditions in general. As a result, I stopped at TrendsTurbo. I estimated the low base threshold of the input, though it was inconvenient without demos and micro accounts at first. But the support has pleased, good fellows, working off. You control yourself of course, the consultants only prompt and direct, if necessary. I poured three hundred, after a couple of months I raised it to five one. I have not yet withdrawn, there is profit, and it pleases me, but I will wait. I can say that the input at the current rate is without a commission, and only the bank interest can be withdrawn for a card.

Matthews Amos 14.07.2021

I tell about my impressions from TrendsTurbo. I opened the account a week ago. For the first taste there is a complete order, everything really works. Although the broker is a young one, the efficiency of transactions is quite at the level of oldboys. Spreads are even lower than others have. Quotes are adequate to the market. It is a pity that there are no training webinars for newcomers or something like that. But you can also quietly handle it, especially if there is a proper technical support. There were no disconnects. I tested the output, I had to fill out one form and in 40 minutes everything was on the map. In general, I am happy, although there is much more to grow and develop.

Thornton John 16.07.2021

Honestly I ready to put TrendsTurbo a solid b+. Besides I do not know from personal experience any ideal for 100 percent broker. Everyone has shortcomings. I'll start with the minuses. Well, I love tournaments, but they are not here))) only one platform is presented, Metatrader. But the rest is solid pluses. It's easy to enter, entering money is at the current rate of the bank, a lot of everything happens automatically, beginning with the start of trading after entering. Spreads I work with (AUD and NZD) are low and static. Orders are carried out quickly and without any complaints. There are few slowdowns in the peaks of volatility, but excuse me, the others are even worse. I do not remember disconnects, a couple of times there were requotes.

Weaver Britton 21.07.2021

What I really like about TrendsTurbo it is static spreads. I can safely plan a strategy. In addition, they are lower than many others, I compared. Another plus - a good speed of orders execution, I'm happy. As for the withdrawal, too, there are no complaints, it's not in moment, but you will receive the money within an hour. Similarly for a card or wallet.

Barrett Silas 23.07.2021

Always try to learn all the things meticulously. I spoke with the manager of TrendsTurbo at least for three times. I wanted to choose such a broker that for sure and for a long time, and not to worry about looking for a new one every few months. A bit unusual, but here the support answered all the questions quickly and confidently. It was registered without problems. I threw five hundred to begin with. I'm still watching, and do not hurry to withdraw. I'm studying strategies. Spreads, by the way, are static and relatively low, and there is no additional interest for withdrawal. Managers do not ask and do not climb into business without demand. Everything is fine. The broker is satisfied, I would like only a few more financial instruments.

Pope Gabriel 27.07.2021

I involved with TrendsTurbo a couple of months ago. I poured three hundred at once, began to try all the chips, experiment with tools and lost one hundred for a few days out of nowhere. Then adrenaline faded a little, began to work more carefully to learn from where I can get a clear profit. Got a closer look at one strategy and here I go. The main thing is not to panic in the drawdowns. Spreads are low, static, leverage is 1: 300. I managed to return my hundred and to make a profit. Immediately decided to try to withdraw. The bid was completed almost at night, but in the morning, they called back with clarifying questions and about an hour later the money went to the card.

Hodge Michael 07.08.2021

An excellent scalping broker. Trendsturbo works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Clear secure system, no failures, fast ordering, there are no cancellations for transactions, requotes are minimized as well as slippage. Enrollment is quick, a couple of seconds, no matter what the amount. With webmoney and cards is almost instantly. The withdrawal is also operational, half an hour, without commission.

Stanley Oswald 10.08.2021

I put the broker eight out of ten. The advantages of Trendsturbo include: the use of a multi-market platform MetaTrader 4, more than 50 popular currency pairs, the ability to trade in raw materials, food, precious metals and energy resources, and also cryptocurrency, reliable analytics, data transfer security, experienced technical support team, personal manager, affiliate program, leverage 1: 300, static spreads, fast withdrawal of any amount, no commission. Disadvantages: lack of webinars and training materials (not counting a small FAQ and a glossary of terms on the site), inter-trading tournaments, lack of financial tools and insurance at a basic level, there are several emails and only one phone number to communicate with the support !!

James Edward 12.08.2021

I had no problems with a broker all the way. From the moment I opened the account to this day. Registering at Trendsturbo is a matter of minutes. If necessary, you can talk with support. I needed a consultation. The manager told me in detail everything about the work process, where to look for spreads, whether there are any commissions, how to withdraw money and how to pass account verification before the first withdrawal. They also gave a brief consultation on the MetaTrader trading platform, and sent me a link to the manual, advised me to download it and study carefully. And then call back with questions if they arise. Then I deposite three hundred dollars, by the way, they put at the current rate of the bank. Trading started automatically. Trades go without disconnects, and due to the correct setting of the terminal, it turns out to avoid requotes and slippings. For three months I have already reached a stable plus, so everything works clear and precise. There is a claim. If at the beginning of work I could communicate with technical support in a measured and unhurried manner, now I would like to have emergency operational assistance and there is no time to wait for a connection. I really hope that there will be the possibility of online communication in a chat or any instant messenger.

Brown Camron 13.08.2021

I have never worked with MetaTrader before. The only reason why I decided to open an account with Trendsturbo broker is more favorable trading conditions than I had in CiTrader. I discussed my experiences with the manager, and he reassured me. It turns out that all trading platforms have the same logic. Of course, there are differences, but all the nuances are described in detail in the instructions for the terminal. The main thing is, even if you are a complete noob, you just need to read manual a bit and enable trading bots to work for you. In an extreme case, you can always call support and get competent advice. To stsrt, I replenished three hundred dollars. When I have already mastered it, I topped up to 1000. They input without a commission on the current rate of the bank. Orders are executed clearly, without cancellations. I mainly work with deferred orders. Withdrawal is quick and without commission, it takes 30-45 minutes to do everything together with the processing of the bid. Once, there was a failure, I did not even have time to get scared, they restored everything quickly.

Taylor Justin 16.08.2021

Three months ago, I registered with the broker Trendsturbo. Was full of conflicting thoughts. The company is young, the reputation has not yet been developed, reviews in the internet do not give a complete picture. In general, I doubted and was ready to leave at any time. In the end, calmed down when I talked with technical support and realized that the promised trading conditions really work. It turned out that despite being young, the company was assembled by competent financiers with extensive exchange business experience. All processes are optimized, the MetaTrader terminal is generally tested over the years and the experience of many traders. In any situation, employees act as a single organism, help and support with advices. I have my personal manager, to whom I appeal if necessary. Entertainment content is almost absent, but not everyone needs it. But here are low static spreads, the ability to choose the direction of trade, all key currency pairs. Now I am trading for my pleasure and admiring the growing profit.

Barker Howard 30.08.2021

Before Trendsturbo, I traded with another broker for quite a while. Then something incomprehensible for customers happened, and the system became unrealistically slow down. No one understood why, but the money began not only to be withdrawn for several days, but also to come to the account within a day or two. Began to feel like a turtle. It is clear that, for example, while volatility you cannot do anything with such speeds. I went to this young broker. Judging by the reviews here with the speed of the entire processing is a complete cool. So it turned out, input is without a fee in minutes and at the current rate. You can calculate the amount in advance. Withdrawal is also without broker interest, quickly, regardless of the amount. All calculations are transparent. I recommend to withdraw in the fastest way to an e-wallet, it's almost instant. The withdrawal to the card takes a little longer, about half an hour or an hour, and there may be bank interest. If you withdraw to a bank account, such an operation can take up to three days. So far, I just have enough on the basic tariff plan. The entrance threshold is just $ 250 by the way. But maybe someone would like to add another one or two trading platforms, only to have a choice. So far there is only MetaTrader 4, I consider it's the best terminal, you can configure it for all of your wishes.

Bailey Charles 09.09.2021

I have never believed in trade success. Yes, really! I would never try in this industry. But is there a choice if there are so many unemployed? I have to pay for the needs of my little son and my family. We were in this situation in which it only gives Covid and everyone loses his job. My wife is in maternity leave. If I had not went to the trade, we would have been highly debt. It was the right choice.

Mosley Godwin 12.09.2021

Okay, I started to act for fun :) I thought I could earn something, but I did not believe that I would earn a lot. But the world was crazy about Lockdown! I would laugh if you would tell me that trade would feed me. But that's exactly how things are in my life today.

Webster David 13.09.2021

Let's be honest, Covid has changed the world forever. Covid has changed our trust in the future, in the work and importance of the business. For me it was a kind of matrix: Reload. I had to start from the beginning. I am glad that I have decided on such a cast and for this service.

Booth Joseph 19.09.2021

Immediate success stories can not be found here. This service is not intended for millionaires, but for those who want to earn money with the work. I think this is a good chance, especially during a pandemic, panic, business closures and layoffs. Here you can use the basic needs, but move. Finally, we do not know how long the Covide hysteria will stop.

Shaw Eric 23.09.2021

I want to try to earn money here. A friend of mine is here for six months or more. Praise a lot. Can I start without investing? Does anyone have such experiences?

Newman Mark 30.09.2021

Best customer service! They are cool guys! I thought I had lost everything by typing mistakes. But it turned out that I only panic. The problem was solved in an hour. Thank you, they are professionals!

Bradley Christopher 11.09.2021

I had a nice time in the last spring with this broker and my profitability has risen to about 19%. For some time I have not seen such good numbers more, a good reason to stay longer with a broker.

Horn Quentin 12.09.2021

Sometimes I feel ready to give up trade in total ... that's hard times. I am glad that I still have this broker. They are one of the last reliable aspects in the business. I have to reconsider my investment sums.

Flynn Mitchell 16.09.2021

This broker is really good. I already had many unfavorable financial periods with other companies, so I am now looking forward to finally finding a decent. I hope you will stay like that in the long run.

Floyd Austin 20.09.2021

We have recently talked to a broker representative. I have learned a lot about the trade opportunities of these guys and many other things. What I especially like is your personal approach to supporting activities. If I talk to your customer officers, I always have a warm feeling.

Ford Felix 10.09.2021

I had tons of bad experiences with different brokers in the past. When I researched this company, I was very skeptical at first. However, it seems that I finally found what I was looking for, a decent and stable broker.

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