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Tax havens for Forex trading: how to legally save on taxes

Low Tax Countries for Forex Trading Johannes Röll Visitors: 1611 ★★★★

Low tax countries levy tax on a territorial basis. These countries do not have CFC laws. The following countries only tax income earned within their borders. It is important to always exercise caution when sending money. This process may be treated differently and subject to local income tax. The tax regimes in the following countries are favorable and preferable for Forex trading compared to most countries.


Belize has reasonable extraterritorial laws and other advantages as an English-speaking country. Belize used to have a formal citizenship program. This program has been changed and now allows for residency with investment.


The country of Georgia does not require companies to pay corporate taxes until the profits of the company are distributed. Therefore, if profits are reinvested or retained, no taxes need to be paid. The process of immigration to the country is not difficult. Citizens of 94 countries can live in Georgia for one year without a visa.

Is Hong Kong a tax-free country?

No, Hong Kong is not a tax-free country, but it is a low-tax country. Hong Kong is a Republic of China with countless advantages and promising career opportunities. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to open a bank account as many people from all over the world want to live in this city. Hong Kong residency permits are more difficult to obtain than in other countries around the world. Applicants must spend a large amount of time in the city and have connections.


Malta is an island located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Digital nomads are the most common type of foreign resident in Malta, as the island is the main base for work in Europe.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the most popular vacation destinations in South America for Americans. The Costa Rican government allows individuals who can demonstrate a monthly income of $2,500 to obtain a residency permit. Two-year visas are also available if a person can demonstrate an income of $60,000. Retiree visas are available with a minimum income of $1,000. Residency permits are also granted when investing $200,000 in real estate.


Singapore is one of the most developed economies in Asia. Taxes on corporate profits range from 0 to 17%. A start-up company in Singapore does not have to pay anything for the first 3 years. There is currently no tax on profits less than $150,000. Countless co-working centers and entrepreneurs have sprung up in the area. An investment of $4 million dollars will allow temporary settlement in Singapore. Investment visas are treated differently than regular visas. Interest, foreign profits and capital gains are not taxed in Singapore.


Thailand is one of the most popular vacation destinations due to its budget accommodation. There are no CIC laws in Thailand. The cost of living in Thailand is affordable and is a popular choice for American expatriates. Temporary residents can qualify for permanent residency in Thailand after 5 years. There are options for obtaining residency through the Thailand Elite Visa and Iglu programs.

Low-tax countries can be an attractive option for entrepreneurs and Forex investors who want to reduce their tax burden.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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