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Oil rallies recently get high in US stocks

Oil rallies recently get high in US stocks Johannes Röll Visitors: 815 ★★★★


World oil prices are losing 2% on average, according to trading data. Investors continue to monitor the vote count in the US presidential elections, fixing profits after the quotes rose by almost 4% the day before.

As of 8.16 Moscow time, the price of futures with delivery in January for the North Sea Brent crude oil mixture lost 1.99%, reaching $40.41. Futures for December delivery for WTI crude oil fell 2.02% to $38.36 a barrel.

Earlier, there was an increase in prices of about 4%, according to statistics from the United States, where commercial oil reserves fell by 8 million barrels per week. Analysts had expected an increase of 0.9 million. Production in the country, according to the US Department of Energy, is 10.5 million barrels per day, which is less by 600 thousand barrels per day than in the previous week, writes Prime.

Market participants continue to follow the news about the presidential elections in the United States, where according to the estimates of the leading American TV channels, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is in the lead. At the same time, the current president, Republican Donald Trump, announced on the night of November 4 about his victory.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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