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Xiaomi Redmi Band Review: The Best Option For You

Xiaomi Redmi Band Review Johannes Röll Visitors: 89 ★★★★



Of course, everyone has heard about the Mi Band fitness bracelets. But not so long ago, a fitness tracker from Xiaomi - Redmi Band fell into the hands. But this device turned out to be something completely new, albeit with the unpleasant experience of not being able to connect it to an iPhone. So, let's figure it out: what kind of bird this Redmi Band is and who needs it at all.

As it is, this is not an Apple Watch or a Mi Band fitness tracker.

Xiaomi Redmi Band Review
The angular design makes it a little difficult to fit snugly around the wrist, and it takes some getting used to attaching the wrist strap. But don't turn your back on this device just because of this.
How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Band

We tried several times to connect the Redmi Band to the iPhone and nothing came of it. Through the Mi Fit application, the device is simply not detected, through WearOS in the same way. Most likely, this fitness bracelet is simply not designed to connect with iOS devices. But with Android, the budget fitness bracelet started working right away. Therefore, we conclude that such a purchase will not be very successful for iPhone owners. All connection to the device occurs through a proprietary application, the QR code of which is based on the instructions in Chinese.

In a general sense, it has everything a fitness bracelet needs:

Ability to control music from a fitness bracelet (turn on, turn off, pause, make it louder). Stopwatch / timer 
There are many interesting dials (both children's with heroes and minimalistic ones). 
The fitness bracelet is controlled using a touch screen and one touch button. Basically, the touch feedback is clear, there are no freezes. Also worth noting is the rather bright screen and just minimal power consumption for your phone.

During a day of work, my smartphone, which was legal with the Redmi Band, was discharged by only 10%. The fitness bracelet itself fell from 47% to 40% in a day (total battery capacity 130mAh). But keep in mind that this was a full test drive, when I checked the operation of all its functions.

That is, the screen was almost always on, the dials changed, notifications were used, and so on. In general, your battery consumption should be less, so the device can really work up to 14 days on a single charge, and for this the manufacturers are very much respectable.



Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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