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What are the programs for traders?

What are the programs for traders? Johannes Röll Visitors: 446 ★★★★


What are the programs for traders? 
The modern world is developing with great speed, and in recent years, classical trading has undergone a lot of changes. At present, there is a huge number of software developments that improve trading results and simplify the work of a speculator. Today we will tell you which systems or programs of traders are used in trading, and then we will name the best of them. If the reader wants to automate trading or get access to wider functionality, he can choose the right development. Programs for traders.

Classification of traders' program 
Depending on their goals and needs, the speculator may use different types of computer systems:

Trading platform - basic software by means of which access to the international financial market is made. The terminal displays a chart of quotations for a variety of investment assets - from currency pairs to shares and stock indices. To make a transaction to buy or sell an instrument, simply select the product and click on the appropriate button. 
Metatrader 4 is the most popular platform. Among its advantages are the news feed and a wide range of analytical tools. In addition, the terminal allows the use of robotic advisors and provides fast order opening. This platform is often used by beginners and conservative traders. 
Expert Advisors are automatic systems that analyze the marketplace and place the necessary orders themselves. These computer programs are developed by traders and programmers to simplify speculative trading. By automating the process, a trader gets rid of boring mechanical labor and leaves more time to solve really important processes. Each system is created based on a specific trading strategy. Considering their tactics, a specialist will create a suitable robot or choose the optimal variant among the existing programs. 
In practice, a robot actually replaces a living person. It monitors charts, searches for signals and makes trades independently. The advantage of the computer system is the absence of emotions and minimization of errors. The robot does not feel anger, greed or fear and therefore does not perform impulsive actions. All its actions are clearly defined in the algorithm. 
Indicators - programs of traders that provide signals to enter or exit the position. These developments help to partially automate the trading process. They prompt the trader, while the final decision is always left to the person. When using an indicator, it is necessary to remember about the chosen strategy of behavior and stick to it clearly. 
If necessary, a specialist can use all three types of software development. Properly selected computer systems will complement each other and provide the trader with convenient functionality.

The best software development for trading 
You can find a lot of computer systems in the network to improve trading results. Speculators should carefully select programs of traders, because not all applications work equally well. Below we will describe five software developments that allow achieving a high level of profit:

QUIK - information and trading system, which is designed for market analysis and output of orders on stock exchanges. It has gained wide popularity in Russia and other CIS countries. The development is notable for its broad functionality, it provides access to international trading, provides up-to-date market information and offers automation of trading processes. The platform includes convenient infographics and built-in programming language. 
ACTTRADER is a mobile application that can synchronize multiple trading accounts. This system will be useful for those who seek to diversify risks, but want to make their work as comfortable as possible. People who have several accounts have to switch between them. These actions take a lot of time and effort, reducing the level of concentration on the trading process. This application simplifies the trading activity and allows solving problems related to capital diversification. 
STOCK CHART PATTERNS is a development for finding popular graphic patterns. It tracks "flags", "pennants" and other shapes. The automation of the process allows the trader to identify graphical patterns faster and make appropriate conclusions about the price movements of the asset. 
CKAST GOLD LIVE - the application helps to track price movements for commodities and currency pairs. The user receives not only charts, but also comments from professional analysts. He gets acquainted with announcements of economic events and can make forecasts on fundamental factors. The system notifies users that the selected financial instrument has reached the required price level.

NETDANIA - the program provides the user with charts of precious metals, commodities and currency pairs. The application works with key market liquidity providers. It provides an economic calendar, in which you can watch the world and local news. 
To determine the appropriate software development, you should test the selected options on a demo account. If the system shows a good result, it can be used in real trading. When using traders' programs, you should keep in mind the associated risks. Before launching a robot, you should carefully study its algorithm and perform a full testing. 



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Johannes Röll

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