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UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries

UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries Johannes Röll Visitors: 369 ★★★★★


England said on Thursday it had agreed an impermanent monetary concurrence with Norway, Switzerland and two other non-European Union accessories to ensure congruency after its Brexit separate from the EU.

The UK government said its approach with the European Free Trade Association — which furthermore joins Iceland and Liechtenstein — would keep "by a wide margin most" of their trade tax exempt on January 1.

Three of them pay to ensure permission to the alliance's single market under a general association called the European Economic Area (EEA). Switzerland has its own interlaced of dealing with the EU.

EU Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic (left) and European Union supervisor Brexit middle person Michel Barnier talk going before expounding on seven days back European most noteworthy point during the whole gathering at European Parliament in Brussels, on October 21, 2020. AFP PHOTO

"We have agreed with the EEA-EFTA states that we will set up a movement game plan to ensure that trade streams continue toward the year's end," a source at the UK's Department for International Trade uncovered to Agence France-Presse.

"This is a fleeting strategy while we settle the all the more longing FTA we are masterminding," the source expressed, attesting "extraordinary progression" towards a worldwide collusion with the EFTA alliance one year from now.

Norway on Wednesday asserted an ephemeral trade settlement with Britain to deliver results on January 1, after the two countries a month prior agreed with a side game plan on fishing rights.

Fisheries were one of the central blocks holding up a UK-EU deal as talks proceeded on Thursday. If no plan is done, Britain and the EU will re-visitation of more grave trading terms controlled by the World Trade Organization.

In particular, 13 ministers, including 8 who opposed Brexit, confirmed that they would support leaving the European Union without an agreement, if Brussels does not make concessions and Johnson considers such a step necessary. “Just do it,” said one of the ministers who voted for Britain's continued EU membership. - The Prime Minister must do what is best. He has full, 100 percent solid support from the cabinet. " Johnson has already told the EU that Britain should have the "freedom" to make its own rules. According to available information, this happened during a recent conversation between the British Prime Minister and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Both leaders admitted that the negotiations were "completely stalled."

In addition, they agreed that an agreement between the UK and the EU would not be possible without progress on three key points: catch quotas, regulations and governance issues. Meanwhile, Johnson and von der Leyen agreed to make another attempt to "save the deal" between London and Brussels.

Brexit, coupled with the covid pandemic, has given Britain a joint spill-over: the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland faces an imminent prospect of disintegration. This has not yet become the central topic of discussion in society, because it is scary, remember - and it will come true. But experts and journalists are increasingly talking about this as a near and real threat.

Brexit is again reaching an impasse, at least its negotiating side, the settlement of new relations with Europe. And thus strengthens centrifugal sentiments in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where the exit from the European Union was rejected in a referendum. As the New Statesman magazine notes, "There is growing anger in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast against Johnson's intention to retain control of policy areas that need to be repatriated from the EU, even those that should be within the purview of local governments."

The Guardian columnist Suzanne More accuses the Conservatives of the "small English" syndrome and the Prime Minister of "presiding over the collapse of Britain in every possible sense." Ironically, the disengagement from the centers of power was a consequence of the Brexit slogan itself "Take back control" - "Take back control." What does covid have to do with it? Britain has the highest or one of the highest death and morbidity rates in Europe. The centralized system of government of the country failed to cope with the epidemic, which required local solutions with local initiative and local funds. Which, in turn, exacerbated the question: is the British vertical of power needed, and is it not better that both the covid and other matters be resolved on the spot? The different approach in neighboring places of the same country sometimes comes to ridiculous. There is a complete lockdown in England, but not quite across the river in Wales.

In the big city, gyms were closed, but children's play centers were left open. In the neighboring county, the opposite is true. Boris Johnson was on a campaign trip in the north of England, where the rules differ from those in London. They asked him, but he got confused, could not name them. And when the service was banned in pubs, if food was not served with the drink, they began to argue across the country whether it was food or not, when there was cornish pasty with beer. We decided that there was food, if there was also a little salad with a pie. In Wales, supermarkets have been banned from selling non-essentials.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries

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UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries

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UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries

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UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries

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UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries

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UK seals transitory Brexit economic alliance with EFTA countries

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