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UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel

UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel Johannes Röll Visitors: 387 ★★★★


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday there was light at the end of the tunnel on COVID-19 as England entered its second countrywide lockdown - for four weeks - to prevent a rising number of cases and deaths from the virus.

Johnson contracted COVID-19 in March 2020.Then he even needed hospitalization.The British media note that the prime minister's self-isolation will take place in a difficult period, because Johnson just needs to solve a number of important issues for the country.In particular, there is a key moment in the negotiations with the EU on the relations between London and Brussels after Brexit.

However, despite this, the British authorities announced their intention to vaccinate most of those residents of the country who are at high risk of infection from COVID-19 by Easter, which will be held on April 4. Johnson noted that the authorities recommend vaccination for everyone, regardless of age and health status.

The prime minister stressed that the vaccine will help protect not only himself, but also those around him. He negatively assessed the rhetoric of people who "oppose vaccines." According to the agency, preliminary results of studies of a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca demonstrate the effectiveness of the drug in the region of 70%.

More than 55 thousand people have died from the consequences of COVID-19 infection in the UK. This is an anti-death record in Europe.

This week, British authorities approved the use of Pfizer and BioNTech.It is expected to be applied starting on Tuesday, December 8.The vaccine is made in Belgium, it must be stored at -70C.On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that with the spread of the vaccine there would be "huge logistical difficulties" and it would take "several months".Britain became the first country to allow mass vaccination against coronavirus.In the coming days, the country will receive 800,000 doses of vaccine to vaccinate the first 400,000 people.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel

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UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel

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UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel

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UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel

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UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel

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UK PM says there is light at end of COVID tunnel

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