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Types of platforms for search and attraction of money

Types of platforms for search and attraction of money Johannes Röll Visitors: 417 ★★★★


Types of platforms for search and attraction of money

The platform for searching and attracting investments serves as a virtual meeting place for investors and startup owners interested in investing. During the introduction of the digital economy in the world, all types of e-business and communications are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, "digitalization" has not bypassed the investment industry. This area of the economy, without which startups and new high-tech enterprises, as well as other types of business cannot develop, it is very new and very advanced. I must say that it is developing at an unusually high pace!


What does the platform for attracting investments give to a startup and a potential investor? The first is an increase in the speed of processes. Communicating remotely via the Internet, both interested parties are not burdened with the need to go to preliminary meetings to show their projects, describe the essence of their business plan, and possibly even show prototypes of their product (online).

Secondly, this is a reduction in the cost of the process, since all costs associated with travel, business trips, moving the necessary components, etc. fall out. most communication takes place on an online digital platform. Thirdly, platforms for attracting investments significantly increase competition in the market for projects and start-ups, and competition between investors for the most promising startups is also growing. All this improves the quality of investment projects.


Consider some of the foreign platforms for investment attracting:

The CircleUp platform leads in the number of investors. The principle of its work is based on shared investment, investing, investors receive rights to part of the future enterprise. The platform is equipped with built-in tools that allow you to transfer funds online. Takes a commission on received investment funds.

The EquityNet platform has been operating for fifteen years, has more than 100,000 investors, including government organizations, in addition to investing, it provides startups with advisory assistance. It takes a small commission from the received investment funds.

The Fundable platform works both on the principle of shared investment, and the provision of one-time incentive payments to support projects. Fundable has no commission on invested funds, but there are monthly payments of about $ 200 for using the platform.

(These funds are fully refundable for startups and investors who have not received the project).

The FundersClub platform engages in online venture capital investment. It has a reserve fund (up to 10% of invested funds) to cover startups legal, financial and administrative expenses.

The Wefunder platform is designed for numerous users who want to start investing, working online all over the world. Investments start from the amount of $ 100, registration of the investment is ready in half a minute. The platform has about 50,000 accredited investors and hundreds of thousands of unregistered investors from around the world. The platform has over a hundred successful startups worth $ 15,000,000.

The SeedInvest platform works on an equity basis and has professional investors such as Great Oaks Venture Capital, Avenue A Venture, Scout Ventures and others. The platform has very strict selection and investment conditions. For example, non-refundable monthly fees of $ 250, commissions of 7.5% for successful completion of fundraising campaigns, contributions of $ 1,000- $ 3,500 for legal expertise, deposit services and legal services for successful completion of a fundraising company.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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