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Types of coffee makers

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In order to make coffee in a coffee maker, of course, you need this ingredient. Coffee can be used immediately ground or in beans - depending on whether you have a coffee grinder. Real gourmets prefer to prepare a drink from grains, pre-grinding them.

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Drip coffee maker


A very popular type of coffee maker - drip. Buyers often pay attention to this device because it is easy to operate and relatively inexpensive. In the drip coffee maker only ground coffee is used, the process of preparation of the drink is as follows: hot water passes through a filter with coffee, "gets" color, taste, aroma and then - is served in the coffee pot below.


The drip coffee maker is most often used in offices, we can also see such devices in popular American movies and TV series. This type of coffee maker is called "cheap and angry", because the cost of the drip model is not very high, but at the output it produces a large amount of drink at once, which is convenient for a large company. The taste of this coffee is not too rich, and if you want to try real coffee, it is better to pay attention to more expensive types of coffee makers.

When choosing a drip coffee maker, pay attention to the following points:


material of the flask (tank for ready-made coffee) - can be made of glass or plastic. The glass flask does not affect the taste of the drink, but it is also less strong. The plastic flask is more durable, but the properties of the material do not have a very positive effect on the drink;

power is an important criterion, which we will discuss in detail below. Going a little further, it should be said that the optimal power for a drip coffee maker is 750-800 watts;

filter - the drip type coffee machine uses a water filter, which can be disposable, nylon and "gold". It is not necessary to speak much about the first kind - such filter is made of paper and is calculated only on one use then it remains only to throw out. Nylon filters are more popular - they are designed for 50-60 brews of coffee. "Gold" - the most expensive. This is a reusable advanced nylon filter, the surface of which is covered with titanium nitride. This ensures the strength of the accessory and a longer service life;

Coffee strength adjustment is a very important function for a drip coffee maker. It allows you to set the degree of saturation of coffee, which is very convenient.

Espresso machine


The next most popular type of coffee maker is espresso. They are also called carob. Such coffee makers are divided into two subspecies on the principle of operation: steam and pump.


Steam espresso machines work with steam: the water, when heated, forms steam, which reaches the valve and opens it. After that, the couple goes through the compartment with ground coffee and at the exit comes out of our favorite drink.


Pump espresso machines work on the same principle, only very hot water is used instead of steam. The obvious difference between these two types of espresso coffee makers is expressed in pressure: less than 15 bar are steam devices, more than 15 bar are pump devices.


Espresso is a drink that helps you wake up faster in the morning. It has a rich and bright taste, as well as a longer effect after (you will feel cheerful long enough).

When choosing an espresso machine, pay attention to the following points:


coffee horn material - sometimes plastic or iron. The latter material has a better effect on coffee, helping it to warm up, and retains all the richness of taste;

degree of grinding of coffee - each type of espresso coffee machine is designed for a certain degree of grinding of coffee, it should be taken into account;

number of "spouts" (nozzle) - in different models of espresso machines there is one or two nozzles. With their help, coffee is poured into pre-prepared cups.

If there are two or more people in your family, it is better to buy a coffee maker with two "spouts".


In espresso coffee machines you can prepare not only a drink called espresso, but also coffee lungo or ristreto (depending on the model).


Capsule coffee maker


This coffee maker produces no less delicious coffee. Special ready-made capsules with ground coffee are used for preparation. They can be purchased in stores, but today there are problems with finding such capsules. Sometimes the capsule coffee machine uses tea bags - these are bags made of porous paper, which are filled with coffee.


In the process of preparing an aromatic drink with the help of capsules inside the coffee maker there is a special sharp spout, which pierces the bag and its contents are immediately poured into the capsule with hot water.


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