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TrendsTurbo scam check tips: Types of credit cards scam on the Internet

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TrendsTurbo Forex broker tells about the most common fraudulent schemes: the fraudster usually uses one of these tricks.

Lack of attention to transaction security issues conducted on the Internet can make them vulnerable to criminals. By following the recommendations given in this article, you can protect yourself and your funds from the encroachments of fraudsters.

How do you know that you are not dealing with a villain? According to security specialists of TrendsTurbo.com, it is easy enough to check a scam. Based on the results of expert monitoring, we will outline the most popular cheating schemes. Also it’s safe to assume that even while a lot of new schemes appear monthly, most of them are based on older tactics. That’s why your most valuable weapon in this field is your own experience and knowledge.

TrendsTurbo.com scam check tips: deceptive manoeuvres used by scammers

The only real way to reduce the likelihood of a plastic card scam is to follow some simple security rules. Bank employees urge their customers to be more careful about their cards: do not trust the cards to third parties, do not leave them unattended, do not write down the PIN code in easily accessible places, and even more so on the card itself. Be sure to leave a sample of your signature on the back of the card immediately after receiving it. TrendsTurbo.com scam detection team warn: never share your PIN code with anyone. Neither the employees of the bank that issued the card nor the ATM service personnel. And no broker employee will ever ask you to share your card details in phone talk or via the mail when topping up trading account. It’s your responsibility to watch over your card details, and only you can add funds to your account.

TrendsTurbo.com scam check tips: Safety when paying by card on the Internet

Do not leave data about yourself and your card on some random websites that you know nothing about. This includes unknown websites of signal providers, strategy builders that ask you for your card details even before they show you some charts, and others like them. Ask your friends about these sites, take an interest in the corresponding conferences, find out where the organization itself is located, and decide if you’re still going to carry out monetary transactions. At the same time, pay attention to various certificates confirming the safety of settlements through this site. If there is no address at all or it does not inspire confidence, then before paying, think about it twice.

Do not use cards with large amounts of money to pay on the Internet. It is better to get a separate card for such purposes and transfer money there. Large balance seems to be quite a pay-off for scammers, so don’t risk it. Even if they get the card details, minimize your risks and let them have the smallest possible part of your earnings.

If you have the slightest suspicion of illegal debiting of money from your account, the TrendsTurbo.com scam detection team advice you to contact the bank. The cardholder has a certain period to refuse or challenge the illegal debiting of money from the card account.

TrendsTurbo.com scam check tips: How is money stolen from plastic cards?

To withdraw money from your plastic card, it is enough to find out your card number and CVV (the last three digits on the back of the card). How do scammers find out this data? It's very simple, people provide them with this info themselves. As noticed by experts of TrendsTurbo scam uses several ways to extract card data from their victims.

First way:

An SMS appears stating that you won a laptop and asked to call back to receive a prize. When a person calls this number on the other end of the cell line, he is offered to transfer the cost of the laptop to his plastic card and to do this they need a card number and CVV. The victim communicates this data and says goodbye to all the available money on this card.

TrendsTurbo.com scam check tip: Please note that all SMS that the bank sends you do not have a return phone. They only have an identifier, that is, the name of the bank is displayed.

Second way:

In this case, an SMS also appears, but only with the content that your card is blocked and that you are asked to call the return phone. There are different ways of what happens next. As TrendsTurbo scam department states, the simplest scheme is almost similar to the previous one: fraudsters just ask you to tell them the details. There can be variations, of course. They can ask victim to go to the nearest terminal or ATM, enter the cash register number and unlock number by sending confirmation to the number of provided card, or they can ask to tell the code which is sent to victim’s number (and that’s actually transaction confirmation code).

Conclusion: How to protect your bank card from thieves

The increasing distribution of bank cards is accompanied by the emergence of an increasing number of various tricks aimed at stealing funds from an account. TrendsTurbo scam detection experts gave some recommendations on how to protect yourself from possible theft.

First of all, you need to treat your bank card the same way you treat your own money and keep it safe. The card should not be left unattended, as scammers only need a few seconds to copy all the necessary information to transfer funds. By the way, for the same reason, you should not transfer the card itself to third parties, including relatives and friends. Most banks issue additional cards for them. But if the theft took place, TrendsTurbo.com recommends you immediately contact support and block the card.

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Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 31

Paul McKinney 08.05.2021

Tried almost all their account types. Now on Gold one. It has great spreads for scalping.

Ronald 11.05.2021

I still have the feeling that I am looking what is going on as a film or something. Started trading three weeks ago, didn't take a demo account, crowned up the Bronze one. I've already had demo with any other company earlier than, and the worst component approximately it turned into no feeling of actual buying and selling. So this time I put my personal money in, so I ought to act extra carefully, and this already begins making experience. And but it's difficult to accept as true with after I'm looking at my first earned euros.

McDowell 15.05.2021

Really like this broker. I was let down by several companies before, and currently am very happy to finally find a decent one. If you're still thinking on which company to chose, let me tell you, these guys got all you need.

Allison 30.05.2021

technical support - well done! speed, clarity, understanding, everything you can ask for!

Jason Morrison 08.06.2021

I'm used to trading on long-term orders, so all the technical details really matter to me. Well, I haven't had any problems with this platform - everything runs quickly and smoothly, graphs are easy to read and all the instruments I needed were there.

Martin Brown 15.06.2021

I'm here for 4 months, already made a profit of like 75% of my deposit. Sometimes you have to wait a little too long for withdrawal, but everything else is fine.

Adam Doyle 22.06.2021

I hate to admit it, but I'm not the most talented trader, and I generally owe my success to great instruments and support this company provides. So I'm really glad I chose this place half a year ago, thank you all for your help, guys.

Shelton Donald 11.07.2021

I saw many positive feedbacks about TrendsTurbo in the network. But I decided to try it only when I had to change the broker, Fix Pro again raised the prices and I refused them. Judging by the reviews of TrendsTurbo, they take care of their reputation without jokes. According to all estimates, trading conditions are good, there are no attempts to offer customers something dubious. As for the conditions, I can tell you right now that there are no I / O commissions, they are working on the current rate of the bank. I am encouraged by absolutely reasonable, besides low and static spreads. Orders are executed quickly. Opening actually flies, the closure takes one or two seconds in a calm market. In the race period of course there are more deals, and more time is spent on them. Though all the same it is without pressure. While the truth the broker only uses one platform, MetaTrader.

Hancock Michael 20.07.2021

Prior to this broker, I worked with Libra Forex, everything there suited me, and the spreads seemed low until I found a catch in quotes. Just a tiny thing, but the deposit has quietly merged. Has understood a situation, deduced and said goodbye. Opened an account in TrendsTurbo on the advice of a friend, and immediately rechecked all the quotes. I trade EUR / USD, it's just below the market here, so the profit is obvious. Spreads are adequate, which is good, besides they are static. I prefer small transactions. Processing orders is quick, slippage does not happen and the broker does not cancel the transaction. Can not remember any breakages. There's only one terminal, Meta Trader 4, it took some digging through, until I figured out. It is not very good that there is no insurance for the start account, and there are not enough additional services. Still not enough packages, not a rich choice. If they would add more bonuses for topping, it would be excellent.

Rice David 20.07.2021

I left Alpari, although there were a lot of friends there. Commissions and spreads were inadequate, fed up. I decided to trust feedbacks and started trading with TrendsTurbo. Immediately was surprised by analytics, did not expect such a high level from a young broker. As uniquely positive conditions, I note the absence of a commission for withdrawal and low, static spreads. The paper must be signed only for output, registration is done instantly, there is no binding to the place. I work in any available for wifi point, whether it is at home or in a cafe, or on a business trip. Physically, I could not do all this if I had to sign a bunch of documents for each input and output.

Hardy Michael 22.07.2021

After the New Year holidays, I moved to TrendsTurbo. Started trading on medium-term orders, then risk scalping. I was convinced that both options work really well. The speed for processing orders for scalping at the broker is enough, technically everything suits me, there are almost no requotes. Over time, I still realized that I am more comfortable with medium-term strategies. I do not particularly like to take risks,I'm acting based on technical analysis. I use "Stress Free", here it is faster than on the native analyst of TrendsTurbo and on strategy is plainer. Accuracy and volumes are equally good, it's just that I personally do not easily follow events, it takes more time than I can afford. A couple of times I already deduced, once on a bank card, the second time is on webmoney, it took the same time, for half an hour. I like that there is no commissions for withdrawing.

Dawson Jack 25.07.2021

I studied online and risked opening an account on the Internet. Immediately merged a couple of demos, while I filled my hand. It seemed to work out. Opened the first true account in TrendsTurbo and poured in three hundred. Shoulder 1: 300, the account is basic. A little confused by the lack of demos and webinars for beginners. But I thought that I always have demo accounts from another broker to experiment with different strategies. But here I can already work on the result and go the tried and tested way. Very pleased with fixed spreads. With the terminal Meta Trader, version 4 figured out, here I have everything ok. Ordels performed quickly, as in the demos. The only difference is that with a real account you go to the outside market, and the demos all work locally.

O’Brien’ Derick 28.07.2021

For a while I could not choose whom to work with. At first I looked towards TeleTrade, but I realized that with their overvalued commissions there would be no independent trade at all. After studying the possibilities of TrendsTurbo I stopped at this broker. Uniquely as for the commissions and spreads here it is better, so I have been trading for more than a month here. There is already an income. I used to have a stable plus only with demos, but in real life I could earn even a minus. Profit came only in case of straight luck. Now I began to work on clear strategies, I was getting pretty good and went to the income. It's easier when here is low spreads. To be honest, there are drawdowns. In such cases, support is always available. Managers will prompt how to place orders, so as not to suffer and not to go into a strong minus, or even just to zero. Without native demos, of course, it's difficult, but if you're not completely slow-thinking man, then with basic knowledge you can understand and learn how to work.

McDonald Jacob 08.08.2021

At the beginning of last year, I came to Weltrade for a holiday bonus. A little pampered, but expectations were not justified. After that, I tried a couple more brokers. In general, all plus / minus is the same everywhere, but there are nuances, it is necessary to select trading conditions for you. Good thing there is a choice. Now I trade with young forex broker Trendsturbo. I like it. Spreads are lower, static, there are no commissions. Operative execution of orders, the output is also fast. Yesterday, I deduced 50 bucks on the card, they came in within an hour. There is an affiliate program. It seems that some bonuses are announced, but have not yet seen. There are no tournaments and contests, webinars too.

Shepherd Evelyn 09.08.2021

The previous broker RoboForex disappointed me with not cheap spreads. Although in general, we were very comfortable working. Here the spreads are much lower, fixed and do not jump in the storm. I read the reviews last year, it seems that now Trendsturbo broker has developed. At least I see some changes for the better. What is good. I will not even comment super platform MetaTrader 4, it is so ingenious; more than 50 key currency pairs, you can trade in raw materials, food and even energy, leverage 1: 300, all the conditions for scalping, protection and security, round-the-clock technical support and, by the way, competent, real professionals.

McBride Marshall 12.08.2021

Trendsturbo is not the first broker in my life. I can share the experience, it might come in handy. I work mainly on a pair of CAD / NZD, here are the lowest spreads. In general, all spreads here are lower in comparison with the market. Four custom packages, you can go to the base with only 250 bucks. All tariffs have the same leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads. 50 major currency pairs are presented. Support is adequate and always helps, regardless of the selected tariff plan. You will have a personal manager after opening an account, you can direct any question to him, besides around the clock. MetaTrader 4 is a fairly flexible and high-performance trading platform with successful analytics. It is interesting to twist the settings, apply it and choose your own strategy. By the way, you can trade a cryptocurrency, and the broker cares about the security of customers, so there is only access to a proven crypto. In order not only to praise, I’ll add a fly in the ointment. There are no tournaments, contests, demo and micro accounts, and it’s impossible to call in to support from the first try.

Waters Gary 13.08.2021

It's comfortable to trade with the broker Trendsturbo. Support adequately applies to all, without exception, trading conditions are convenient. Spreads are low, fixed, no commissions, withdraws quickly without delay. It is a pity that there are no contests and all sorts of competitions, sometimes you want. I trade half a year, withdrew twice on the card. I will not take off anymore, I want to save up depot.

Perry Leon 17.08.2021

I opened a PRO account in Trendsturbo in the summer with an initial investment of $ 10,000. Very nice spreads at this level, I am pleased. Profit grows. This is probably the most important difference from the packages below. I have a personal manager, although I almost never use this service, I'm already an experienced player in forex. The MetaTrader 4 platform solves all questions up to the complete automation of the process. Analytics is great. I don’t need demo and micro accounts anymore, but you just must know that the broker doesn’t have them at all))) for all packages there is the possibility of scalping, news trading, 1: 300 leverage, and 50 pairs of key currency in the asset.

Pitts Ira 19.08.2021

Left BKC when I decided to compare spreads with competitors. It was hurt because I saw the difference and not in favor of BKC ((( I chose my next broker by my USD / JPY pair. I found out that the lowest spreads are from the unknown company Trendsturbo. The first thought, of course, is this a fraud? scam? or a kitchen at all? Got to google, re-read all the information, found feedbacks. It turned out that this broker on the market is about for two years, founded by versed traders with years of experience and practice, they made it for themselves, with an understanding of the matter. They use the MetaTrader 4 platform, reliable and very popular among top brokers. Static spreads, four tariffs, a low entry threshold to the basic level - only 250 bucks. Well, ok, the money is not the biggest, and I registered. The system is stable, without disconnects, slippage and requotes rarely happen, and this is normal IMHO. I tested the support by calls, and was not disappointed, the experience is felt, submission of information like a trading pro, not just any girl operators. You can sell currency and commodity asset, you can scalp. So, I'll stay here again.

Watkins Robert 06.09.2021

If something does not work for you even in the smallest details, please contact the support. There are no stupid questions to you. Here you can always get help. These people work fast, much faster than they think. It seemed to me that my question was not professional and the task was insoluble. But no panic!

Johns Charles 11.09.2021

I would like to pronounce a separate thank you for the customer service. We have been working together for several months. What would I do if I would not be sure - you will understand and help me? Magic quick answer to inquiries!

Hunter Roger 15.09.2021

The day before yesterday had a problem with payments. Contacted the broker. The problem was solved within 24 hours. Of course, I was nervous, I already buried my money mentally. But the question is successfully closed. Thanks very much!

Palmer Paul 17.09.2021

Technical Support works properly. Two problem questions were quickly solved. At the third, there was a delay for a reason. I recommend contacting these tech gurus! This is how Fintech should work.

Fowler Matthew 23.09.2021

This is the most challenging and exciting market in my life. I feel shortly before to get a better value every day. At the same time, I understand how easy it is to sue and lose temptations. I try to be careful. The broker helps me, like my decisions.

Cain Richard 30.09.2021

Wow ... I just got my first victory! Now it really seems to me that there is any chance to make capital out of the trade. Choose a broker with a bigger, because I heard such stories ...! People lost their assets by contacting unscrupulous services. Everything works honestly here, that's for sure.

Dalton Oliver 03.10.2021

You can come to this page for reasonable conditions. Open a demo account to understand the basics. Nevertheless, there are more ways when promoted. I recently started practicing Margin Trading. Good.

Park John 04.10.2021

Here we see a good leverage. Not too big (I would be very surprised). Not to be interesting. This is a good level for users who count their money.

Cox Joseph 14.10.2021

You do not have to select a broker. I believe that you need to use every opportunity to get income. We live in a time when the market can throw saltos daily. Of course it is difficult to start on several platforms at the same time. I would not advise beginners to spread their attention. This service offers great opportunities for beginners.

Chambers Adrian 16.10.2021

How do you like the local charts? Of course, no metatrader. What concerns me is still very clear. The main thing, here is a successful customer experience. I also want to point out that the maintenance works very fast and efficiently.

Todd Bernard 18.10.2021

A challenging dealer may be to blame that there are platforms with a variety of graphic characteristics. It's good to start trading on this website to take the first steps. For example, it is possible to open and practice a demo account. I use this platform as an additional, I have accounts with several brokers.

Harmon Gilbert 21.10.2021

This service was recommended because there is a normal attitude towards customers and nobody fools someone. So far, I can only determine the polite and very effective communication with the support. And the spreads made me happy. But I admit that I am changed from another broker to this platform a week ago. I will not name the name because I still can not stand out my money from this account! I hope I get it at all ...

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