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Trendsmacro reviews | Trendsmacro.com reviews Deposit and withdrawal Johannes Röll Visitors: 392 ★★★★★

Forex broker Trendsmacro offers favorable conditions for trading, and also rewards its clients for participating in referral programs. The company recently started working with investors from different countries. Last year, this broker first appeared in the reviews of traders, where it featured, first of all, due to good spreads.

In this article, we will consider options for cooperation with the company.

Trendsmacro review: Company Description

With domestic investors, the broker is really relatively new - only about a year. However, this is a sufficient time for some scam to "blow away". However, Trendsmacro.com works on quite average market conditions. The company did not run a massive advertising campaign, so its main target is quality, not quantity of customers.

We must say that in matters of compliance with the law, this broker is very harsh: among other things, it makes quite European requirements for clients. Those who are used to trading almost anonymously will not be able to use the services of the service: it requires verification in accordance with all the rules. On the other hand, customers can be sure that with this approach of Trendsmacro.com, scam will not be able to get into the auction.

Trendsmacro reviews: Customer service

The most complete information about the service can be obtained from the managers of the company, but it is also worth reading the basic documents that govern all processes:

As for the current live opinions of traders, Trendsmacro reviews are quite positive. Most of the traders are satisfied. They speak especially positively about:

1. Withdrawing money. No problems or delays were detected (even for technical reasons), all the transactions are usually completed within a day.

2. Strategies. Broker is praised by the company's managers and analysts for bold but thoughtful strategies. We remind you that the decision to place an order is still made by the client, and the broker has only an advisory role.

3. Spreads. The terms of trade with this company are most favorable, although no one promises exorbitant profits.

4. Support. The work of the company's customer service is praised by many traders aroung the globe.

Trendsmacro.com reviews Deposit and withdrawal of funds:

This company has no problems with withdrawing money, except for standard situations for the industry (delays because of the receiving bank, processing a request in a queue, etc.).

To withdraw money, you can use the following options:

Most of the withdrawal reviews are in English. Broker has justified its reputation as a reliable company. Payments are made at the client’s request, and in cases of refunds, this process is given only seven days.

We have not found any complaints that Trendsmacro is a scam or is in any way deceiving its investors.

We remind you that the company's operating conditions say: a request for withdrawal of money must be submitted on weekdays, when the company's staff works around the clock, from Monday till Friday. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are days off. You can submit a request at this period, but the answer will be received on the first working day after the request date.

Trendsmacro.com review - Account types

The company tried to reach the maximum audience of clients, that’s why its conditions suit both experienced and novice traders.





Traders reviews about the work of this broker, for the most part, are positive and confirm its good reputation. The company offers good conditions, clear tariffs and interesting referral programs. We’ve gathered some reviews for you from social network pages, and from other websites around the Internet including Trustpilot:

Manuel Tome, Porto, engineer, 39

I didn't pay much attention to brokers until I've made a decision to actually invest some serious money in trading, and then it was crucial to find something I can rely on. Trendsmacro.com became my first and sole broker for the whole two years, and I'm really glad I've decided to stick with them.

Ulrik Ásgrímsson, Malmo, Sweden, 25, finansist

Was trading with Trendsmacro for about three months, and everything went quite swell, but now I have to withdraw all of my funds from trading unfortunately... guess they will be my first call when and if I return to trading, but for now all I can do is recommend them to you guys

More information about Trendsmacro:

Trendsmacro forex broker
Trendsmacro scam


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 21

Jhon Richardson 05.03.2021

Have you noticed what happened on the market a week ago? I`m no longer afraid of any jumps in the course, because I confidently follow the advice of this team. I think I can save money for the future, for the first time I believed in it.

Martin 06.03.2021

I tell about this broker to my friends. If you are afraid to take risks, start with a minimum. You will see how you will multiply your money if you build a strategy taking into account this services` recommendations.

Robert Bates 16.03.2021

Who spoke about comfortable conditions? If you have not traded with this broker, then you, by and large, have nothing to compare with.

Simon 24.03.2021

The idea of small contracts is great, I like it, as well as having a ton of currencies. I only have a demo account for now, and the trading platform seems promising already. What I'm stll trying to figure out is how do you do a trailing stop here...

Daniel Cummings 26.03.2021

Wow, what an attentive attitude towards newbies here! Уou have a demo account and tools for good trading from the start. And teaching basic strategic moves. This is what it means to achieve customer success.

Reiner 29.03.2021

Are there those who have just registered? I did it today. I want to understand how beginners feel here, what it is better to pay attention to from the very beginning. And what problems may arise with the service, if any.

Vanni Basone 07.04.2021

This broker uses a good way to attract clients: it offers short contracts, as well as great opportunities even for demo accounts. At the same time, the functionality is very developed and experienced trader has something to learn on this trading platform.

Charles 10.04.2021

As for me, a great choice of currencies to trade. All the necessary strategies can be implemented. Whoever complains about incomprehensible functionality – so write to the support, they will answer you today!

Clarke Reid 13.04.2021

It was 6 am after an all night trading session and I was really tired when I noticed my first withdrawal came to my bank account. Wow, only 5 hours have passed since I've ordered it, great timing guys.

Jayden 13.04.2021

It took me only about six hours to receive the first tranche of my funds. It was 2 hours ago. What can I say? It seems to be the fastest broker.

jack 15.04.2021

I chose a short contract, in no hurry to strike up a serious relationship haha. I'll see if this broker brings me a profit. I am always careful, especially in these times when even the foreign exchange market fell ill with covid.

Warren Ladawn 20.04.2021

Who had any questions about withdrawing funds, guys? I go to the site in the comments and see these questions. If you are about profits from yesterday's session, then the money is already coming. I have just withdrawn my profit!

Floid 28.04.2021

I trade on long-term orders, and the technical condition of the platform is so much important for me. After those weeks all I have to say is that the graphs are clear, with no weird jumps or unnecessary details, and looks like MT4 gives me everything I need in terms of instruments and tools.

Piter 03.05.2021

I never tried the foreign exchange markets until last week. Honestly, I thought it was too complicated for me. In vain. So far it turns out to be going fine.

Greg 05.05.2021

Waiting to switch to the next account type, spreads depend on this. And with daily trading, spreads become extremely important.

Emil 17.05.2021

I have been working with a broker for several years. Why did I choose him? There are two reasons: 1. Excellent trading conditions 2. Positive feedback from people. It is not difficult to work with the trading terminal. Trade planning is carried out using the economic calendar presented on the site. The service is really good, so I recommend it.

Karl 23.05.2021

This company is a reliable broker. For how many years I have been trading with it, I am satisfied with the terms of trade, and the quick withdrawal, and the company's policy.

Henry 25.05.2021

Trading is pure pleasure. Withdrawals are fast, the terminal works smoothly. Plus, the broker always has interesting profitable projects for clients.

Marshall Blake 11.06.2021

Good conditions, I appreciate the absence of commissions. The other brokers just charge you for opened positions, and in the end you have your trades working and your spread paid.

Herbert Williams 14.06.2021

It’s nice to find a platform that allows scalping. It’s my favorite trading option, and Gold type of account has pretty good spreads for doing it.

Jason Johnson 27.06.2021

I like these guys, made an account just to check them out and decided to stay in the end.

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