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What’s a Forex Broker and how find good forex broker?

Trendsmacro broker for everybody. Trendsmacro forex broker 2021 Johannes Röll Visitors: 400 ★★★★★

 On August 15, 1971, the United States unilaterally abandoned the Bretton Woods Agreement (pegging the dollar to gold), and the foreign exchange market rose sharply. At first, it was only available to institutional players due to high transaction costs and inaccessibility, but everything changed with the creation of the Internet and online trading. Brokers offered a retail trader to enter the largest financial market in the world - Forex. Thus, the Forex broker is the link between the market and the trader. The Trendsmacro broker offers market quotes through various liquidity providers and their trading platform reflects the best conditions for their clients. For this, it charges a commission, but its interests coincide with those of the trader.

What’s good and bad about Forex?


Trendsmacro review: what does it offer?

Trendsmacro forex broker entered market not that long ago, and yet it has one of the best offers available up to the moment. Different assets including commodities, four account versions have not only different investment amount but also a great gap in services that you get as a package. And that’s absolutely normal because not all the traders need same tools.





Influence as high as 1:300 and a MetaTrader4 platform.

Lets see it in details:

Broker Type:     CFD

Country:       Republic of the Marshall Islands

Operating since year:     2020

Address:    Republic of the Marshall Islands

Broker status:      Active  Customer Service

Languages:    English

Availability:   24/5   Trading

Trading platforms:    MT4

The Trading platform Time zone:    GMT +2

Demo account:   No

Mobile trading:   Yes

Web-based trading:   Yes

Trendsmacro broker allows you to trade event he assets that are not commonly used on Forex platforms such as cotton, coffee and other commodities. It also has newest digital companies stocks like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Site has all the high level security frameworks and firewalls. Trendsmacro forex broker customer support service is open 24/5 to help anytime and  anyplace.

Question: is Trendsmacro scam or not?

Company spent quite a time period to run a research and find out what the customers would need on best trading platform. The company website has all the information, including legal documentation, privacy policy and FAQ section. The website itself is protected with SSL certificate and encryption.

While most new brokers try to hide information about their origin, Trendsmacro stands high and shows all the details of the parent company. It’s Ascana Group from Marshall Islands, jurisdiction which is used by most financial companies of the world for its mild taxes. Trendsmacro Forex broker managers can provide full info on the company via email or phone call. That shows a lot of trust in its offer and reliability of their offers.

With the great support system, all of this allows Trendsmacro system to gain new users on a daily basis. As of now, Trendsmacro broker is one of the best European trading services, and there’s no one who can move them from this place.


Broker provides wide assortment of resources both as CFDs and Forex trading assets. The region the dealer covers is wide, and the list of provided services is slightly bigger than for a common broker from EU.

More information about Trendsmacro:

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Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 21

Carlo 28.02.2021

If you find a better broker, write directly here. They are not afraid of competition! I've been working with them for seven months, as well as several of my friends. Everyone is very happy so far. And in general, local guys can even advise you on another broker if something does not suit you. But there is little to complain about.

Reinhardt 10.03.2021

You can come to this site for adequate conditions. Open a demo account to understand the basics. Still, there are more opportunities when you get promoted. I recently started practicing margin trading. All right.

Beier Sullivan 13.03.2021

Here we see a good leverage ratio. Not too tall (I would be very surprised). Not so as not to be interesting. This is a good level for users who are counting their money.

max 15.03.2021

Charts are quite average, that's why I prefer to use metatrader 4. Have an account here to, and for now I'm really pleased with how things go. Spreads are as low as they can possibly be in such times, it seems. Overall, great experience, and I'm planning to continue working here.

Alex 18.03.2021

You don't have to choose one broker. I believe that you need to use every opportunity to get income. We live in a time when the market is capable of throwing somersaults on a daily basis. Getting started on multiple platforms at once is, of course, difficult. I would not advise beginners to spread their attention. This service provides great opportunities for beginners.

Michael 19.03.2021

How do you like the local charts? Not a metatrader, of course. As for me, it's still very clear. The main thing is that there is a successful customer experience here. I also want to note that maintenance works very quickly and efficiently.

Jaime 29.03.2021

A discerning trader can find fault with the fact that there are platforms with a wide variety of graphical features. It is good to start trading on this site, to take the first steps. For example, there is an opportunity to open a demo account and practice. I use this platform as an additional one, I have accounts with several brokers.

SOPHIE 01.04.2021

I was advised this service, because there is a normal attitude towards customers and no one is fooling anyone. So far, I can only note the polite and very effective communication with the support. And the spreads made me happy. But I confess I switched to this platform a week ago from another broker. I will not give the name, because I still cannot withdraw my money from that account! Hope I get them at all ...

devid 03.04.2021

I think this is the best, sweetest, and slickest platform around, and their spreads are really tough to beat, I wouldn't even try looking. Still relatively new to this trading thing, but my voice and my heart are both here, hands down.

Hessel Garner 04.04.2021

This trading platform suits me in everything. Good conditions are some of the best on the market today. Friendly service. I am very pleased with the cooperation and recommend this broker to my friends.

Maurice 07.04.2021

Okay, here's a tip for you. First, the best spreads on the market. Secondly, clear charts. Thirdly, there are no problems with solving any technical issues. And the fourth advantage is normal counseling. All together leaves the most favorable impression.

Levi 13.04.2021

I started trading and got my first profit here. I really love the most polite support I've ever seen. I love the lot sizes, low spreads and other trading benefits of this broker. Even if I combine trading on different sites, I will definitely leave this platform as the main one.

Robert B. 24.04.2021

I think it's a good thing that I can call my account manager and discuss the market situation with him, and no one tells me what to do. At the same time, I came across the fact that without this discussion it's difficult to understand the situation here-and-now, not mentioning forecasts and some deeper analysis. Thanks for cooperation!

Foster 25.04.2021

I have been with the company for a year now, I want to try scalping, but still can't make my mind. It still looks difficult. At the same time, on medium-term transactions, I get about one hundred twenty - one hundred and forty euros per month and I have been working in the green zone for a long time, but I want to try something new.

Ditrikh 06.05.2021

Was looking for a company that works with a trusted terminal, and not software of its own design. I found these guys and am very pleased with them. Solid charts, fast openings and closings.

Alberto 15.05.2021

The broker liked it for several reasons, firstly, the availability of licenses, and secondly, good trading conditions and a convenient trading terminal. Thirdly, any issues are resolved very quickly through technical support. I have no complaints about the broker, can safely recommend cooperation.

Johannes 19.05.2021

The site has a lot of useful and necessary information and it is not difficult to find it, since all sections of the site are structured by blocks. For example, there is a separate analytics block that contains information about news events, expert opinions, an economic calendar, and much more.

Rio 31.05.2021

The broker is good, the conditions are comfortable and fully implemented. I like the work of technical support, they always meet halfway in any situations and help to quickly and efficiently resolve issues that arise.

Herman Bowman 03.06.2021

I’m here for three months, pretty satisfied with everything. Low enough spreads and fine terms. I think I’ll keep my account.

Joe Thomas 14.06.2021

At my age I’m pretty bad at tech and Internet, so wasn’t sure if I should try trading online. I really glad I tried it at this platform, support here is so professional and helps me understand anything I don’t get. It’s a great place for a beginner.

Harry Johnson 25.06.2021

The best thing about this company – it lets you talk to other people. Finally something different from simply clicking buttons.

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