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What’s a Forex Broker and how find good forex broker?

Trendsmacro broker for everybody. Trendsmacro forex broker 2021 Johannes Röll Visitors: 19 ★★★★★

 On August 15, 1971, the United States unilaterally abandoned the Bretton Woods Agreement (pegging the dollar to gold), and the foreign exchange market rose sharply. At first, it was only available to institutional players due to high transaction costs and inaccessibility, but everything changed with the creation of the Internet and online trading. Brokers offered a retail trader to enter the largest financial market in the world - Forex. Thus, the Forex broker is the link between the market and the trader. The Trendsmacro broker offers market quotes through various liquidity providers and their trading platform reflects the best conditions for their clients. For this, it charges a commission, but its interests coincide with those of the trader.

What’s good and bad about Forex?


Trendsmacro review: what does it offer?

Trendsmacro forex broker entered market not that long ago, and yet it has one of the best offers available up to the moment. Different assets including commodities, four account versions have not only different investment amount but also a great gap in services that you get as a package. And that’s absolutely normal because not all the traders need same tools.





Influence as high as 1:300 and a MetaTrader4 platform.

Lets see it in details:

Broker Type:     CFD

Country:       Republic of the Marshall Islands

Operating since year:     2020

Address:    Republic of the Marshall Islands

Broker status:      Active  Customer Service

Languages:    English

Availability:   24/5   Trading

Trading platforms:    MT4

The Trading platform Time zone:    GMT +2

Demo account:   No

Mobile trading:   Yes

Web-based trading:   Yes

Trendsmacro broker allows you to trade event he assets that are not commonly used on Forex platforms such as cotton, coffee and other commodities. It also has newest digital companies stocks like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Site has all the high level security frameworks and firewalls. Trendsmacro forex broker customer support service is open 24/5 to help anytime and  anyplace.

Question: is Trendsmacro scam or not?

Company spent quite a time period to run a research and find out what the customers would need on best trading platform. The company website has all the information, including legal documentation, privacy policy and FAQ section. The website itself is protected with SSL certificate and encryption.

While most new brokers try to hide information about their origin, Trendsmacro stands high and shows all the details of the parent company. It’s Ascana Group from Marshall Islands, jurisdiction which is used by most financial companies of the world for its mild taxes. Trendsmacro Forex broker managers can provide full info on the company via email or phone call. That shows a lot of trust in its offer and reliability of their offers.

With the great support system, all of this allows Trendsmacro system to gain new users on a daily basis. As of now, Trendsmacro broker is one of the best European trading services, and there’s no one who can move them from this place.


Broker provides wide assortment of resources both as CFDs and Forex trading assets. The region the dealer covers is wide, and the list of provided services is slightly bigger than for a common broker from EU.

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Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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