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The scope of the Nordhill Capital fund

The scope of the Nordhill Capital fund Johannes Röll Visitors: 423 ★★★



The scope of the Nordhill Capital fund is much more than ordinary brokers in Poland cover. He deals with issues related to money management in a fairly broad sense, and Forex intermediary services are only part of his business. To work with Forex traders, the fund attracts exclusively licensed brokers controlled by financial regulators. And also uses the services of only reliable banks.

Its market history began in 2013 and includes the services of both individuals and larger investors.

Location - Riga, Latvia;

Regulation and control - FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Switzerland).

Traders' feedback on the registration and regulation of the broker in terms of reliability

●      Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

 For the discrepancy between the location of the company and the territorial affiliation of its financial regulator, as well as the relatively short period that the fund existed on the market. According to the authors, such a short period of time is not sufficient to become a confirmation that the broker is not a scam;

●      Deserved broker approving reviews

For location outside offshore, cooperation with licensed brokers, as well as a reputable financial regulator that can give guarantees against fraud and scam.

Trading conditions offered by the broker

If we consider the items that usually characterize the offers that brokers put up for Poland in the intermediary market, the fund declares the following:

●      minimum investment in the account - from $ 5000;

●      maximum leverage - 1: 100;

●      commission - present;

●      spread - 0-3;

●      trading platforms– MetaTrader4, Hyper FX, Gorilla FX, Hybrid FX.

Reviews of traders about the trading conditions of the company

●      Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

Noteworthy critical assessments from Polish traders come down mainly to too high a minimum deposit and dissatisfaction with the availability of a commission;

●      Deserved broker approving reviews

Traders working with the fund say that the conditions are quite comfortable and the company is not a scam.

Customer support

The support of traders offered by Nordhill Capital includes more than, on average, brokers for Poland offer:

●      24-hour support service

●      Information support;

●      investment opportunity;

●      trust management;

●      automatic trading.

Feedback from traders before customer service

●      Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

For the lack of promotions and training programs, as well as for the leisurely work of the support service. On the last point, there are traders' opinions that the fund is scammers deliberately delaying the resolution of problematic issues;

●      Deserved broker approving reviews

For service in general, including the work of a support service.

Deposit funds and payments

The fund makes it practically impossible to make and receive payments through payment systems, as brokers usually do for Poland. An exception is the only electronic payment system. Payments are made mainly through the bank as the most reliable channel for transferring funds. The following can be used:

●      bank transfer;

●      payment cards of banks;

Feedback from traders regarding deposit and withdrawal of funds

●      Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

Some of the traders in Poland note delays in the payment of funds that they consider to be a fraud or a scam. There are also complaints about the lack of choice of payment systems;

●      Deserved broker approving reviews

For timely and correct calculations.





Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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