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SwissUnion reviews about broker | SwissUnion.net review Johannes Röll Visitors: 28 ★★★★★

 SwissUnion scam

 SwissUnion forex broker

SwissUnion operates on the market since 2020. Despite the fact that the company has been operating recently, it has already earned a brilliant reputation.

We’ve checked the SwissUnion reviews of traders. There’s a lot of available information about the company.

All the necessary details are presented on the official website, which was highly rated bu the traiders. We’ve also checked those details, and found that SwissUnion scam department published all the company legal documents online. Many clients have a positive attitude to the fact that the company shows everything clear.

SwissUnion.net reviews of the convenience and quality of trading accounts

We managed to find a lot of positive feedbacks in terms of cooperation and trading conditions. An important factor that determines the credibility of a broker is the size of the leverage. This broker has a reasonable leverage, which is attractive to many of the company's clients.

How to choose the correct leverage level

First, let's discuss what leverage is.

In simple terms, leverage is a loan that a trader takes from a broker to increase their positions. The size of the position directly depends on the profit that can be obtained from each transaction.

For example, a standard lot of $ 100,000 gives you the opportunity to earn $ 10 per pip. You can also choose a smaller size and earn $ 1 per $ 10,000 lot or $ 0.1 per $ 1,000 lot.

It makes economic sense to take large lots and increase profits, but it is equally important to remember two things:

The trader does not become the owner of the borrowed funds even after the completion of the process.

Each broker will offer you a different leverage, so it is important to choose a reliable provider.

SwissUnion reviews about account types

In the public domain on the site, you can find data and descriptions of account types. They include four types of trading account, the difference between which is the size of the spread, the size of the credit leverage and the size of the trade. For all accounts in this case:

SwissUnion.com customer support reviews

The customer support service, judging by the customer feedback, works brilliantly.

Broker's clients receive:

SwissUnion review of the types and quality of financial transactions

The set of tools the company offers is simple but safe. It includes:

Customers in their reviews note that the company cares about the safety of their funds. Money can only be withdrawn to the account from which the funds were credited. This guarantees protection from fraudsters.

SwissUnion reviews from traders:

“Good conditions even on smaller accounts. Orders are executed fast, with no delays. Great thing is that the quotes are shown as they are, I didn’t see any gaps or something, even at the market opening”

“Currently the best broker I've tried to work with. SwissUnion is a trusted broker that is equally good for me as professional trader and my wife who’s just started, we both get what we need and build our trading skills. Thank you! "

“One of the best companies today in terms of the conditions for a trader like myself. Very good spreads. As for the withdrawal, there are delays of 12 hours, and they can slow this process down while you’re providing them with all the documents for their security. The spreads are quite low, even taking into account the commission for the volume, this is what a scalper needs. It turns out to earn money, the broker does not seem to interfere with doing it ”

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 3

Ray Williamя 08.11.2021

swissunion? Yes, I worked. They are okay. Just do not expect too much.

Merritt Kevin 14.11.2021

If someone who works for swissunion reads - their support is terrible. Defer all the staff, they only waste money. I LMAG conditions and the general state of things, but such support sometimes goes crazy.

Chase Williamя 28.11.2021

I really loved my experience with swissunion. They are great, especially when they are a beginner. It is really hard to find a good alternative.

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