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Tips from professional security experts from SwissUnion scam detection team

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One of the important indicators of the work of companies are reviews of forex brokers. And it is the reviews that should be given the most attention when looking for a reliable broker.

Scam (a type of deception in which the victim is misled and forced to disclose data or give money to fraudsters) has become the dominant form of fraud on the Internet

Tips from professional security experts from SwissUnion Scam on Forex can be easily spotted

Here are some of the most common Forex scams to look out for:

Spoofing, also called ghosting. When a trader manipulates the market by placing a large order, the trader does not plan to execute it in order to create the impression of interest in the position. Frontal. When the broker, knowing that the client is about to place a large order, places the order into the broker's own account in front of the client's account. Signal sellers. Firms or traders who promise to identify buy or sell signals indicating that now is the right time to take a trade in exchange for a reward. Robot scam. A promise to make automated Forex trades using a trading program, often referred to as a "robot".

To avoid forex scams, the most important action you can take is to research the underlying broker.

The main trends in scam - automation, detailed targeting and ample concealment - for example, a scam link is often impossible to open without the victim's computer. This allows SwissUnion to talk about the "epidemic of online fraud - scam." "47% of violations on scam schemes are located on the third level domains, which does not allow to detect fraud manually or block the first domain, because formally it is «clean», - says the company.

Many brokers offer a free demo account where you can try yourself in real trading without risking money.

Advice from professional traders SwissUnion Scam protection team: protect yourself from phishing attacks

Be careful when you receive an email from a site asking for personal information. If you received a letter of this type:

Do not follow links or provide personal information until you are sure the email is genuine. If the sender has a Gmail address, please report the Gmail abuse to Google. Note. Gmail will never ask you for personal information, such as your password, by email.

Even at this time, where fraud and divorce are all around, there are independent services that provide information about the state of the market.

SwissUnion Scam detection tip: When you receive an email that looks suspicious, check the following:

Find out if the email address and sender name are the same. Check if the email has been identified. Hover over any link before clicking on it. If the URL of the link does not match the description of the link, you may have entered a fraudulent site. Check the message titles to make sure the "from" title is incorrect. Important: If you believe your Gmail address has been hijacked, please restore the hacked Gmail account before sending or opening any other emails.


Conclusions about SwissUnion, scam or not?

SwissUnion Scam protection advice: if you find yourself a victim of phishing, change all your passwords immediately. Since most people use the same password for multiple sites (we hope you don't), cybercriminals can gain access to your other accounts on frequently used sites.

The Forex market is quite risky in itself, but when working with a bona fide broker, a lot depends on the client, who must control the degree of risk and stop in time. It is often possible to observe such a picture when beginners begin to expose their deposit to very high risks in the pursuit of profit. In this case, it is recommended to always have a certain reserve amount in reserve in order to protect yourself from unforeseen jumps in the course, as well as to limit possible risks by setting a stop loss.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 20

Elliott Oscar 02.11.2021

My experience with swissunion was half satisfactory. I managed to make good money, but the stress was really high, the trade itself is too stressful for me. I think I'll take a break soon.

McLaughlin Tracy 07.11.2021

I have recently researched a lot about the trade in total, some things on swissunion belongs, some people have told me that they are alright and I think about collaboration with them. However, I have no real evidence yet.

Taylor Brian 19.11.2021

Yes, swissunion has noticed me recently and I watched their activities. I can not respond yet, but it has to try to make an opinion.

Day Horace 29.11.2021

I'm just working to trade in the trade, and have contacted swissunion people - you know the broker. The prospects seem wonderful, but I still have to see that they will be real and tangible.

Richard Ethan 05.01.2022

Normal broker. So far I have no complaints. Everything is working. Transactions are processed quickly. Money displaced on webmoney, so faster.

Johnston Dominick 11.01.2022

Like to work with swissunion Consultants. I can open any deals, no restrictions. They are not always profitable, but if you choose the right trading strategy, in any case will remain in the plus. The output is sometimes delayed, but not critical.

Campbell Joseph 20.01.2022

Very cool broker. Perhaps overestimated deposits, but the safety of trailing is worth it. This broker is not for beginners, rather for experienced traders. There is everything you need for profitable trading. Definitely big plus for quality!

Lang Paul 25.01.2022

Registration Quick, with verification, it also did not arise difficulties. Conditions are decent, deposits are moderate. So far everything suits. I will try all the chips of this broker, it is interesting to know what's what.

Baldwin Christopher 01.02.2022

I like that support is adequate, it works even at night, the questions are solved quite quickly. Perhaps everything is important. You can work, make money too, but I no longer need it.

Kelley Simon 06.02.2022

In general, it is not bad, but sometimes the MT4 terminal slows down. And so I think this is a reliable company in which a small spread, the rapid execution of orders and a large selection of types of accounts, for every taste

Hubbard Joshua 06.02.2022

The best broker that I have ever had ... Quickness of funds, rapid performance and reliability

Bryant Ethan 07.02.2022

A good broker with a decent trading platform, low spreads and a good set of tools. Treatment of output of funds within 24 hours. In addition, they provide good education for beginners. I am very glad swissunion .

Holland Christopher 01.03.2022

I trading with them since 2019. Over the years, they have surpassed my expectations in customer service, execution timing, trademarks, as well as removal of funds.

Harrison Robert 04.03.2022

Very friendly and trustworthy.                                                                                                                        

Ryan Peter 10.03.2022

My former broker was fraudulent, but I did not realize this until he opened the account in swissunion, which has the best services. Performance of transactions here is much better and faster than my former broker. My former broker did not provide the withdrawal of funds up to 3 days, and sometimes 4 days after.

Higgins Francis 16.03.2022

I received a replenished bill for 1 working day. Excellent customer service. I highly recommend in general

Parrish Emery 07.04.2022

I have a deposit in Swissunion, recently opened on the advice of a friend from Facebook. He is not from Russia and has long been selling in this company. He says that a good network of traders. And I did not even know that there are some kind of traders networks. Interesting innovation, communication and trade in the society of traders from around the world. And trade here is normal, there were no problems.

Lang Charles 18.04.2022

I use a mobile application here. Compare with other brokers, conveniently. Just fewer clicks, less unnecessary movements should be done. Nothing extra. I trade anywhere. We went to Anapa this year, the Internet roaming, also traded. There were everything without nerves, without breakdowns. Although the broker is not through the terminal, but through online.

Murphy Mark 23.04.2022

I do not accept automated trading systems - I can not entrust my money to the robot, and suddenly a failure, so the trades are exclusively with my hands. At the beginning of the sixnadsotogo, he moved to Swissunion, from that time, with a deposit of 10,000 bucks, stupefied $ 2,000, the strategy provides for profitability for a year 30-40%, that is, I am going on schedule so far. When trading, I do not experience the plugs, the execution of OK, the spreads for the medium -rod are normal, I participate in the popular investor

Horton Peter 28.04.2022

With Swissunion there were no problems as it was with DC before. Maybe because this broker, or maybe because it is a western company. In any case, there were no hangs, although he was trade. But I have a good dedication. Friendly broker is also good. I would recommend it if they were asked.

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