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SuperTradingOnline (STO) is a Forex

SuperTradingOnline (STO) is a Forex Johannes Röll Visitors: 435 ★★★★


SuperTradingOnline (STO) is a Forex and CFD broker that provides its customers the same services as other brokers in Poland. It is a division of AFX Group and began his work in the market in 2010. The headquarters of the company is located in London, financial regulation is carried out immediately by three organizations: FCA, CySEC and CONSOB.

What kind of feedback did the Forex broker receive from traders for registration data and how was it evaluated in terms of reliability?

Judging by the statements, the basic data about the company caused a positive reaction among traders. They encouraged both the substantial life of the broker and registration outside of the offshore. The presence of several financial regulators at once is perceived as protection against frauds and scam, and therefore it is assessed unambiguously positively.

We can say that broker earned for basic information



Terms of cooperation and customer accounts

Like, in most cases, brokers for Poland, the company offers customers a set of trading accounts with a different entry threshold in terms of the size of the trade deposit. At the same time, accounts using the MetaTrader4 trading platform and the AFX Fast trading platform are divided.

Accounts for the MetaTrader4 trading platform:

• Classic

o Leverage - up to 1:30;

o Minimum deposit –100 $ / €;

o Spread - 1.6;

o Commission - no;

o Margin Call - 100%;

o Margin Call - 50%.

• Premium

o Leverage - up to 1:30;

o Minimum deposit –2000 $ / €;

o Spread - 0.4;

o Commission - yes, $ 2.5 per traded $ 100,000;

o Margin Call - 100%;

o Margin Call - 50%.


o Leverage - up to 1:30;

o Minimum deposit –10000 $ / €;

o Spread - 0.3;

o Commission - yes, $ 2.5 per traded $ 100,000;

o Margin Call - 100%;

o Margin Call - 50%.


Account for the AFX Fast trading platform:

• Leverage - up to 1:30;

• Minimum deposit - from $ 2000;

• Spread - 0.4;

• Commission - yes, $ 2.5 per traded $ 100,000.

• Margin Call - 100%;

• Margin Call - 75%.


What reviews deserved Forex broker for trading conditions?

Traders' opinions about trading conditions are sometimes contradictory, however, the authors of the comments positively note a low entry threshold, a relatively low spread and the absence of a commission on the account with a minimum deposit of $ 100. But to deny the existence of posts claiming that the company is a scam is also impossible. Comparing critical and approving statements by quantity, we can say that the latter prevail.

Thus, broker reviews earned for trading conditions



Customer service

The company offers its customers:

• Customer Support;

• training and educational materials, webinars;

• trading signals;

• VPS hosting to maintain active transactions 24 hours a day;

• affiliate programs, the set of which is wider than brokers usually offer for Poland.


What reviews received this Forex broker for the quality of customer support and service?

Reviews of traders on the quality of customer service by the company vary. Some authors respond favorably. Others complain about delays in resolving issues and blame the support team for being fraudsters who contribute to the failure of deals.

Comparing the number of reviews of a negative and positive nature, it is difficult to single out clearly prevailing ones, so we can say that in general the broker earned reviews




Methods and quality of mutual settlements


To replenish a trading account, a broker, like many brokers for Poland, offers customers to use the services of banks and payment systems:

• bank cards;

• bank transfers;

•          payment systems:

o Skrill;

o Przelewy24;

o CashU;

o WebMoney;

o Neteller;

Withdrawal of funds is possible in the same ways at the request of the client and is supervised by the support service.


What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

Customer reviews about the quality and speed of payments are contradictory. Some accuse the company of frauds and scam, delays in the withdrawal of funds. Others claim that payments are correct and timely.

Thus, the broker reviews earned on this item are:




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Johannes Röll

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