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Is Stocks Wide a scam? No

Stocks Wide is not a scam Johannes Röll Visitors: 43 ★★★★★

An unscrupulous broker always guarantees a huge income with minimal risks. There is no optimal trading secret, for all traders would have become millionaires long ago.

Stocks Wide is not a scammer, because everything here is honest and transparent. There are no false promises, dubious formulas of success, universal solutions. The company has a license, confirming the legality of activities. The exchange does not use the tactic of "cold calls", offering to invest in a "successful" project. There are no hidden fees or incomprehensible commissions charged for fictitious services.

Stocks Wide does not work with bank card numbers. This means that the deposit is deposited via payment systems, not a personal transfer. Access to the account is available around the clock. Withdrawal of funds is available at any moment.

How an honest broker Stocks Wide works

A normal company does not guarantee a 100% profit. Plus, every client is warned about possible financial risks in case of unsuccessful trades. A reliable service provides free training.

Stocks Wide has courses and educational materials. Multilingual customer support can be considered an added bonus. Before entering into an agreement or making a transaction, the client is offered to familiarize himself with the terms and conditions of the exchange.

The company's documents are posted on the official website. There are also calibrations, charts and other "pluses". You can call Stocks Wide or contact the chat operator if you have any questions. The broker does not hide the work history. It is also available in the relevant section.

Clients receive important information in written form. A demo account is available as training. It is used to improve trading skills and reduce risks. The commission is small. There are available rates.

An honest broker spells out everything in the user agreement. There can be information about the timing of crediting funds, the amount of leverage, etc.

Stocks Wide uses modern software. Trading terminals are available for more comfortable work. There is a mobile version of the site and a convenient application. It allows you to close trades on your smartphone.

Trading can also be done on the phone. It is convenient if there is no Internet. To issue an order to the broker, you just need to call Stocks Wide.

Customer Service Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department conducts independent audits and analyzes operator communications. It provides feedback and collects analytical data.

The main tasks include:

The quality control department has a strict framework. More than 150 people work here. Each employee has to undergo training and upgrade qualifications. That is why the system works smoothly. More than 1,000 customers, convinced that Stocks Wide is not a scammer.

How a broker solves clients' problems

The company will help you decide on the form of investment. Here you can count on advice on taxation.

Stocks Wide always puts customers as a priority. If you have any difficulties, you can safely contact the support service. The quality control department solves problems on a case-by-case basis. It is also involved in the following processes:

The broker agrees on all strategies in advance. This helps to avoid zero balance and other unpleasant surprises. If Stocks Wide were a scammer, would he take care of his clients?


Before trading, it is worth studying the reviews of forex brokers. They give a clear picture of the company's activity. Plus, with their help, you can make sure that Stocks Wide is not a crook.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 16

Lee Tyrone 02.11.2022

Stocks wide - This is an excellent and interesting platform with many different options for investing, borrowing and cryptocurrency rates. Since there are many investment options, the information seems to be scattered on the site/application tabs. Nevertheless, their support service is really useful, and they have a chat function that is great for any questions, even if they seem stupid to you. I recommend using, but not quite for beginners who want to join the investment game.

Wiggins Christopher 03.11.2022

Stocks wide - This is a great platform for receiving interest on fiat and cryptocurrency loans. I have been using the platform for more than two years, and they constantly add new functions to improve my user experience. Great lending rates and alternative investments outside the traditional portfolio! I would strongly recommend Stocks wide to everyone who wants to get a constant and reliable income from assets.

Gregory Julius 18.11.2022

With this broker a long time ago, so before everything was satisfied with, and after the update he began to work even better. It is comfortable to work here, earnings are obtained without problems. If anything, then technical support is always in touch and is ready to help on any issue. I have no comments on the work of the broker, on the basis of my experience I can safely recommend it

Cain Gavin 21.11.2022

The purchase of Annuite through Stocks wide was cognitive, and also understandable in what I bought and what I received for my money in these troubled times of unstable markets.

Doyle Frederick 03.12.2022

Hello everyone, I think to open an account using Stocks Wide, since I have less capital, I want to make sure of several things, such as lower spreads, a more smooth process of withdrawal of funds.

Hopkins John 13.12.2022

It is so good that Stocks Wide Broker is absolutely compatible with me. In general, it corresponds to my expectations. Talking about fraud here is pointless, because if there was something, I would have fled for a long time.

Matthews Duane 15.12.2022

Hi, I just wanted to thank Stocks Wide for his services and customer support, as they helped me when I had a problem, I am glad to use Stocks Wide, and it’s nice to see that spreads are lower than other users.

McCormick Michael 17.12.2022

Guys, I read a few comments, and some of them ask about the server whether it is available in their country, Stocks Wide is a global trader, so it covers mostly everything, and its initial balance is cheaper than other brokers.

Porter David 10.01.2023

Overall, not bad. It is difficult to judge after 7 months of cooperation, I also had experience with companies that scammers, but Stocks Wide already gave me more than I invested. Special thanks to the departments of analysts and technical support, they never cross the line of subordination and will always help everything in their power.

Francis Horace 13.01.2023

Stocks Wide is very informative, from the schedule of exchanges to the deadlines for the execution of contracts. There are only laudatory reviews about working with an analyst, but I didn’t have a rhinestone. With the time, when the trading strategy was ready and the portfolio was more or less formed, everything was working.

Chapman Abel 23.01.2023

I’m not going to refuse trading at such a time, especially since I finally found a suitable Stocks Wide broker with an excellent modern terminal!

Curtis George 28.01.2023

In addition to foreign currency Forex, you can open with the shoulder according to stock assets, crypt. Beginners will like the Stocks Wide deposit bonus - for dispersal of the depot and as insurance when drawing. A friend took, repulsed the conditions, satisfied.

Dixon Richard 2/1/2023

Undoubtedly, Forex broker Stocks Wide is the best. It was a simple registration process, the transaction value is the lowest that I have ever seen, and I made a short conclusion, and it was processed quickly. Last week, I registered with several brokers to test them all and see which one gave me the best general process of registration, price, input and withdrawal rate, as well as an internal area with available tools. The main functions that I really like is that I can switch the credit shoulder myself back and forth, without contacting them, I can also use their convenient calculator to see the cost of the transaction in Pips. There are other numerous things that I could list about my experience. Open the score in Stocks Wide and start earning, having only a few dollars on the account. Replenishment of the account in any way convenient for you! In general, if you consider this broker, I highly recommend this company. Earn with the recognized leader of the Stocks Wide market.

West David 2/1/2023

I am sure that Stocks Wide and in the future will pleasantly surprise its customers. All these services and many other services from the broker allow you to significantly save time and allow you to organize their work with maximum comfort and efficiency. It is amazing how interesting it can be trading in the forex market. But, of course, certain factors play an important role here. For example, the ability to trade, an understanding of what is generally happening on the market and, of course, the conditions of your broker. If I were asked to write Stocks Wide, I would write a review. I already have a little experience and this is a plus for me. Largely due to the formation that the Stocks Wide broker gives. For example, webinars, seminars, videos, trading strategies, courses. All this, along with a demo, can help anyone who wants to take the first step in trading. There are other numerous things that I could list about my experience. In general, if you consider this broker, I highly recommend this company. Open the score in Stocks Wide and start earning, having only a few dollars on the account. Replenishment of the account in any way convenient for you! Earn with the recognized leader of the Stocks Wide market.

Crawford John 2/16/2023

In terms of functionality and services, I will leave everything without long comments. It is quite simple, usually and works as it should be without special complaints, their customer service at the highest level. They are simply ready to help you immediately if you have any problems, and they will provide you with a solution in a timely manner. For a long time I searched for good brokers or at least one reliable and good. I tried other brokers, etc. And he found that Stocks Wide offers the best spread and the lowest commission. But I evaluate not only on the basis of spread and commission. I also tried to withdraw funds, especially through the local bank transfer, the exchange rate of the currency is good, and the withdrawal of funds occurs quickly, for example, within 24 hours. The withdrawal of funds to a debit card is also carried out within 5 business days, which is not bad for me. The only drawback is that they do not yet offer a free account of pumping, but they said that they were doing this in the process. In general, I definitely recommend this broker, although this broker is new for me, but this broker fully deserves trust. I will update this review again in the long run.

Snow Peter 2/18/2023

The only drawback is that they do not yet offer a free account of pumping, but they said that they were doing this in the process. In general, I definitely recommend this broker. And there are stunning market reviews and strategies, there is always something to read. What is good in trade here is that as soon as you start earnings, you can easily start scaling your profit. My personal experience with the Stocks Wide broker was exceptional for the following reasons. Firstly: the unsurpassed cost of trading for ECN; Low spread and low cost. These are two important things that you, as a trader, need to take care of when choosing a broker. Secondly: useful and fast support. It seems that someone is sitting next to you at your table, helping and answering all the technical questions that you may have when you configure your business account. Third: Exceptional data analytics. Each real account has a performance tracker built into the platform with well -developed graphs and statistics. It is necessary to manage the trading business.

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Stocks Wide is not a scam

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Stocks Wide is not a scam

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Stocks Wide is not a scam

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Stocks Wide is not a scam

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Stocks Wide is not a scam

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Stocks Wide is not a scam

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