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Shift-Holdings: Potential Best Broker for 2021? Complete Shift-Holdings Review

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Congratulations, the United States has got a new President. As usual, the change of the President resulted in significant changes in many industries and spheres. The forex market is not an exclusion. Now it is a perfect time to check the market for new brokers that arrived in 2020 and plan to rase in 2021. Young and ambitious companies are the best choice for investors who plan to diversify their investment portfolios.


Shift-Holdings Review


Let us introduce the new broker, Shift-Holdings. This forex broker appeared on the market in 2020. Unlike many new brokers, the company survived the first half of the year on the market. Many companies closed their activities in 2020 with the global lockdown in the background. The more interesting is the case of Shift-Holdings: the company entered the market and could stabilize its business. It means high resistance to the crisis and should attract investors who are looking for long-term partners.


That is why we started this Shift-Holdings broker review. We know that people are unwilling to write some positive about the services they use: the paradox is they more likely negative feedback than the words of gratitude. That is why you can find some angry Shift-Holdings.com broker reviews, including the statements Shift-Holdings is a scam. Trying to create a full review of the company, we start our own investigation.


As we mentioned above, the company appeared on the market in 2020. The broker is located in the European Economic Area. As they are relatively new, there is not much information about them on the Internet. Let us investigate the company, find its benefits and weak sides.


Probably the first issue we face looking for a new broker is trust. Whatever company it is, a new broker or a reliable partner with a history on the market, every investor should understand if he or she trusts to this company.

Shift-Holdings broker has an area of improvement in the field of trust. The company is based in the European Union, which is considered the «green» zone for forex brokers. The roots go to the United Kingdom. However, the official registration defines taxation, and conducting the company in regulated area means to bear the taxation weight in the financial sector. Only strong companies can do that nowadays.

Besides, the company provides information about its market regulation. As every new forex broker, Shift-Holdings should improve its service to make it trustworthy in the coming period. Nevertheless, we analyzed everyday practices and policies, order execution, and account types, and can conclude that Shift-Holdings is a trustworthy broker.


As we mentioned above, Shift-Holdings is registered in the European Area. With its international background, the company provides its services in four languages: English, Polish, German, and Russian. This location and multilanguage support allow traders from all over the world to trade with a Shift-Holdings forex broker, with some exceptions in the globally blocked countries and regions.

From the very beginning, the Shift-Holdings broker provides high-quality service to its clients. We searched for Shift-Holdings reviews on the Internet and discovered a few feedbacks for its work.

Shift-Holdings Broker Scam?


Taking into attention that some clients are always dissatisfied with the products and services they get, we can conclude there are no major issues with this brokerage. Otherwise, it would be known.


Here is a shortlist of pros and cons for Shift-Holdings company:



- Wide range of trading instruments;
- User-friendly free trading platform;
- Reasonable spreads average-low on the market.


- Absence of the modern trading software (MT5)




Shift-Holdings uses Metatrader 4, also referred to as MT4, the trading platform that is well-known on the market. It was released as long ago as in 2005, and since that time, it successfully works on the market. The generations of forex traders used MT4 for trading, and the platform is still popular.

The secret of MT4 popularity includes several components. First, the platform has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Even the novice can easily set it up and tune for better performance. Second, the platform is compatible with older gadgets. As it was released in 2005, and since that time updated, it can be installed on almost any gadget and operation system. Third, Metatrader has a number of addons – Yahoo! Hosts the resources for open-code development for the Metatrader4 community. At last, Metatrader is probably the most secure platform on this market: in fifteen years of its existence, each vulnerability was found and removed from the platform.

Shift-Holdings Metatrader

So, using the Metatrader4 Shift-Holdings broker goes by the wide path of many broker companies. It does not offer Metatrader5, which is the issue. Many brokers would like to use Metatrader5 together or instead of Metatrader4. However, it is enough for successful trading.



Shift-Holdings forex broker should be attractive for the new brokers, and there are also several reasons for this. First, the company provides a high-quality service that is clear from this Shift-Holdings broker review. For every novice, the good service creates the so-called warm bath, the most comfortable environment for the forex market's first steps.

Moreover, the Shift-Holdings broker creates, supports, and develops the vast knowledge database, useful for the new traders and for the experienced brokers. It is a great benefit: investing some time and effort, the trader can increase the trading skills without costly experiments on the forex market. The main two sections are Glossary and FAQ. The glossary includes the most popular forex terms and explanations and definitions. FAW section includes the answers to the most popular questions the traders used to ask. Such information support is a great positive side and the invitation for the young traders.

At last, a low entry barrier is a great option for a new trader. In many brokerages, the new player cannot start working without investing an insane amount of money – for example; the initial deposit should make $10,000! Shift-Holdings sets the entry barrier as low as $250 – with this amount, the new client can open the BRONZE account and start trading.



The widely spread practice among the broker companies is to take a small fee when the client deposits or withdraws money (sometimes for both types of operations). Usually, the fee is a small percent of the amount – 2% considers a high fee; the market average is less than 1%. However, the traders do not appreciate it. The fee is relatively small; the traders consider the fee as being a hidden commission.

Besides, on massive amounts, these percents make noticeable sums of money, and traders do not want to pay it.

Shift-Holdings forex broker does not charge a fee for deposit or withdrawal; the only commission is a spread. In this way, the company builds relationships with the clients, focusing on long-term cooperation. The spreads and relatively low and even lower for the PLATINUM type of accounts, which makes it attractive for the large investors with $50,000 of the amount.




Many brokers make the same mistake: they overload the website with visual effects, pop-up windows, bright ads, chat windows, and other effects and functions. As a result, the client feels lost in all these effects and can hardly reach the needed page or information. Unlimited effects make the navigation complex and irritate customers.

In this Shift-Holdings broker review, we must mention that the company uses a minimalistic design for the website. There is no need for needless scrolling images and searching for the necessary information. In the age of information overload, minimalism, and easily accessible information shows the owner's good taste and respect to the customers.




We can confirm that Shift-Holdings has a reliable regulator. The company should be regulated with the common rules and regulations but still can have withdrawal time issues on the regional level. However, in one year on the market, they do not have a number of negative feedback – it means they were not involved in any scandals or investigation. It means the company works honestly and keeps its terms strong and reliable.




Shift-Holdings broker offers four tiers for its clients to choose from named the precious metals – Bronze, Silver, Golden, and Platinum.

Shift-Holdings Account Types

The weakest account is Bronze; as mentioned above, the deposit on the Bronze account starts from $250. The more is the client's deposits, the stronger is account type, and the Platinum account starts at $50,000. Platinum users can enjoy the lower spreads, but in general, the trading terms for all types of accounts are equally suitable for trading.

Shift-Holdings Forex

In 2020, many large companies extended their offers to involve smaller customers on the dull economic background. Shift-Holdings follows the trend and sets the relatively low entry barrier – even the small investors can join the forex market via Shift-Holdings. We consider this to be a huge advantage.

As for the trading conditions, Shift-Holdings broker offers standard conditions, average on the market.


Probably, the only thing we want to highlight is the wide range of the payment tool, very comfortable for the customers from different countries. As many other companies, the company offers the personal manager on the upper types of account. Good for companies client’s: it means the company wants to build the long-term relationships with the client.




The support is, probably, is the most pleasant impression in our Shift-Holdings broker review. You can reach the support by email or by phone - unfortunately, they do not have a live chat on the site. The support representatives answer quickly; they are qualified enough to solve technical problems and answer most of the questions. So, they have a good support service, which is obviously beneficial for their clients. In the periods of the high volatility on the market, the timely answer of the support service can cost a deposit to the client, so it is good to know thy respond quickly.


IS Shift-Holdings A SCAM?


Probably, the main question we have to answer with this Shift-Holdings forex broker review is: is the company legal? How much is the risk this is the new fake broker that will disappear one day? Our answer is that the company is reliable and trustworthy. Shift-Holdings, as a forex broker, has some weak sides. We consider it as the typical mistakes of the young business, and they hopefully will fix it sooner or later.

Even with typical mistakes, the Shift-Holdings forex broker provides an above-expectations level of service. Their trading and conditions and account types are regular for many new brokers, but there is no need to invest insane amounts of money in becoming the trader with Shift-Holdings broker.

We believe Shift-Holdings will survive even on the weak market in the times of global lockdown, pandemic, and post-election turmoil in the White House. So, there are no obstacles between the new players and the reliable forex broker. We hope our Shift-Holdings broker review helps the readers make the company's primary idea and make the correct decision.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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