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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Unusual design can be convenient

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review Johannes Röll Visitors: 450 ★★★★


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is interesting for having a noise reduction function - this is the first accessory from this manufacturer with this option.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Overview

Other characteristics are:

Headphones come with a standard modest configuration: case, charging cable, instructions.


Most TWS headphones are made in the form of vacuum headphones (also called intra-headphones) - they are tightly inserted into the ear, and a silicone pad opens the ear canal from the inside and fixes the earphone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Design

Buds Live is made in the form of inserts - they simply fit into the ear. Inserts usually cause less discomfort during prolonged wear than vacuum.


Galaxy Buds Live is made in a shape that is very similar to beans. It also helps the headphones to repeat the anatomical features of the human auricle for reliable and comfortable fixation. Of the disadvantages of the shape of the case, you can point to its almost symmetry, so the headphones can be put in the case incorrectly, and it will not close. Body material - plastic gloss, but due to the small size of the headphones fingerprints on it are almost invisible.

Features and capabilities offer a set of modern technologies. Among them - sound control. You can control the headphones by giving them voice commands. You can also give commands by touching the touchpad. Each headset has three microphones for noise reduction. In talk mode, the jaw vibration sensor is additionally activated. So headphones can get a "cleaner" sound of words.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Functions

The system works quite well, although sometimes the interlocutor may have unusual feelings, because he will expect, for example, the noise of the street or a concert, but will not hear them. With the Buds Together function, you can connect two pairs of headphones to one sound source. It is useful, for example, when traveling, when two people can watch one movie at a time and not disturb the audience.

The Find My Earbuds feature will allow you to worry less when there is not a single earphone in the case. If you activate it, the lost earpiece will make loud noises that will allow you to quickly find it. Active noise reduction offers a decent level of noise reduction, especially if they are low frequency. Samsung claims to attenuate 97% of low-frequency noise. Count on the complete attenuation of noise of all frequencies does not give the liner format, which structurally does not cut off all sounds, as in the case of vacuum headphones. Headphones can work with any smartphone, from Android 5 iPhone to iOS 10 and above (from iPhone 7). To configure the accessory, you need to download the Galaxy Wearable application to your smartphone. In this application, you can select special modes, such as game mode, in which the audio delay is kept to a minimum.


Galaxy Buds Live uses a CP1254 lithium-ion battery. This is good, because in two or three years, when the battery loses its original capacity, it can be easily replaced. Especially since, unlike other TWS-headphones, the Samsung device is disassembled without damage. The battery cover has a capacity of 1.81 W · h. The headphones work with it until 9 pm. A separate headphone battery provides about 6 hours of operation. Even discharged headphones will not leave the user without music for a long time. Recharging for 5 minutes is enough for an hour of playback. You can charge the headphones from both the banks and the phone. This can be done via USB Type C or wirelessly.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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