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Rich traders: who are they, and where do they spend their savings?

Rich traders: who are they, and where do they spend their savings? Johannes Röll Visitors: 452 ★★★★


Rich traders: who are they, and where do they spend their savings? 
Perhaps you want to know what rich traders invest in. It depends on what age they are in. People of a more respectable age show a propensity for classic investments. They are attracted to real estate, tangible assets, securities.

But young rich people (under 25) prefer to spend cash on their own business (startup). Studies have shown that rich traders invest, and only then distribute their finances to other needs. Wealthy citizens practically do not use loans and referrals, which bring minimal income. But ordinary people do the opposite. Therefore, in order to change the financial situation, you need to change your habits and worldview.

Wealthy traders and those who can call themselves that. 
The name Warren Buffett is on the record. This man adheres to several fundamental principles in his work:

Not to waste money. It's better to save wisely, and to invest the rest in useful projects. Instead of ordering a charter flight, you can fly in the cabin of an ordinary aircraft for 5 times less cost. The rule also works for life: rich traders live in ordinary houses, and do not claim to special benefits of the world. They hold this view of life: investments will provide you with a great future, and the money you spend will have to earn again. 
You cannot be completely dependent on one source. Investments are needed to create a second one. We're talking about diversification. 
It is necessary to rebalance your portfolio - it allows you to reduce capital outflow and increase its inflow. 
Wealthy traders 
Warren Buffett.

Personalities known in the world of traders 
Stephen Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, started working with Gates. After investing in an incipient company, he bought Los Angeles Clippers (a basketball team) for $2 billion as early as 2000. After leaving Microsoft, Ballmer continued to hold shares in the company, remaining one of the richest traders in the world ($30.8 billion - this is believed to be the amount of his net worth). In addition, he invested $450 million in Twitter and bought expensive real estate for 14 million.

Wealthy traders 
Susanna Clutten

Susannah Clutten ($20 billion). She is considered the wealthiest woman in Germany. She will inherit shares from her grandfather and father in the BMW and Altana (a giant pharmaceutical company). She owns 50.1% of the securities in the latter company.

Shari Arison ($5.6 billion). After her father's death, she received a 35% stake in the total business. She owns cash equivalent shares of $1.6 billion in Carnival Cruise Line, Hapoalim's banking assets ($1.1 billion). She is active in real estate projects in Tel Aviv and Miami.

A bright star in the wealthy sky 
Rich traders 
Patrice Motsep

Patrice Motosep ($2.1 billion). A vivid example of how you can become one of the wealthy traders of the world without inheritance, thanks only to your own wit, foresight and other useful qualities of character. He is now Executive Chairman of Africa Rainbow Minerals. However, at the beginning of his career he was a simple lawyer at a US firm based in South Africa. After 6 years, he accumulated some capital and started building a career with Future Mining Corporation.

Gradually, the trader was purchasing assets from other companies in the segment. This allowed him to establish his own African Rainbow Minerals Corporation. After that, the business started to develop, and it was excellent at all. Motosep expanded its business by creating an additional company providing services and buying the football club Mamelodi Sundowns. The billionaire's investment portfolio was perfectly balanced. 60% of the capital is equal to the assets of the corporations Sanlamo and African Rainbow Minerals. Another 5% is concentrated in Harmony Gold Mining. Patrice keeps the rest of the money in cash, in the form of jewelry and real estate.

Where else do wealthy people spend their money? 
Trying to find out how rich traders invest, ask about the monitoring results. They say that the majority of the money is spent on financial instruments (28%), followed by luxury housing (20%). Then come business (20%), cash (14%), commercial real estate (10%), jewelry (2%), precious metals (1%). 



Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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