WTPROINVEST: Scam or not? Forex Broker

From the data provided on the organization's site, we discover that the location of this representative is in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

WTPRONIVEST is a forex dealer exchanging forex, cryptographic money, records, items, stocks, ETF and securities. It's one of the numerous forex agents on the Internet and in the event that you are thinking about if to exchange with it, we can help you by seeing some key highlights.

Regulation and security of assets

From the data provided on the organization's site, we discover that the location of this representative is in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. This is one of the seaward zones where a forex organization can be enrolled without going there and what is more significant – there is no money related controller. The suggestion is that on the off chance that this agent isn't directed, at that point it isn't protected to exchange with it. Non-directed specialists can't give assurance to the security of your assets and as a general rule, you are managing tricksters. You ought to evade at all cost exchanging by means of non-authorized agents!

In the event that you are pondering where to discover a genuine intermediary, we can help you by proposing that you look into certain representatives from the entrenched locales, for example, EU, UK, Australia and US. There are some security safeguards set up to ensure that tricksters can't sneak in. For instance in Australia, forex representatives must have an underlying capital of 1 million AUD, and in the US it is much higher – $20 million. No trickster will place in this much cash just to look genuine. In EU and UK, also, specialists must have an underlying capital of no under 730,000 EUR. In EU and UK, there are pay plans set up to repay merchants on the off chance that the agent kicks the bucket. In the event that the intermediary is directed by FCA in UK, at that point the merchants can be remunerated by up to 85,000 GBP per individual and in the event that the dealer is managed by CySEC, at that point the brokers can be repaid with up to 20,000 EUR. Notwithstanding that, agents from these purviews must give an account of a consistent schedule about their exchanges to try not to engage in obscure arrangements.

As should be obvious, these are great conditions and you will be very much encouraged to pick a specialist from these purviews. You'll be spoilt for decision of forex specialists in the event that you open any of the connections we have given.

Trading programming

The exchanging stage that WTPROINVEST offers to its customers is a web merchant. Beneath, you can see a screen capture of that stage. In the top level bar, you have the choices with exchanging items and on the left, some exchanging devices and instruments. In the graph that is in the screen, you see showed the variance in cost of the EUR/USD money pair. We can likewise observe the offer/approach cost for this money pair and on the privilege of the outline we see additionally the data about the base exchanging sum, the influence, and so on Underneath the outline, there is menu with other cash sets to look over. For the EUR/USD cash pair, we can figure that the spread is 3.7 pips which is wide and disadvantageous. The influence, as well, is high – 1:200 which presents hazards for losing no doubt. We should state that it won't be a smart thought to exchange through this stage. For your data, authorized specialists in EU and US have a breaking point on influence and it can't surpass 1:30 for EU and 1:50 for the US. These are prudent steps to dodge dealers enduring enormous misfortune in exchanges. A dealer that offers influence of 1:200 as does WTPROINVEST isn't protected to exchange with.

As we referenced as of now, the web dealer offered by this agent isn't the best stage to utilize. While picking a forex specialist, we recommend that you get an authorized merchant that offers either the MetaTrader 4 or the MetaTrader 5. These are the best stages so far in the forex exchange and they are number one decision for about 80% of the specialists. The two stages offer incredible exchanging apparatuses and instruments, for example, auto exchanging alternative, VPS, exchanging signals, an application market, code base with customs contents, a budgetary schedule, and so on Notwithstanding that, their bundle of outlining and dissecting pointers is best in class and it permits brokers to break down the vacillation in value, make expectations and make benefit.

Deposit/Withdrawal techniques and expenses

To its customers, WTPROINVEST offers 5 exchanging accounts – Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Pro. The base beginning record for the Standard record is $1000 which is fairly high! Regularly, authorized merchants won't request such high introductory store. The underlying stores for different records are additionally high – $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $300,000 separately.

Installment strategies are restricted to VISA/MasterCard and Bitcoin, as we discovered when we opened a record and tapped on the store button.

This dealer considers any exchanging account that stays latent (without any exchanges being executed) for 60 days as torpid and will force an expense of $50 every month. The base store sum is 250 EUR/USD/GBP and for wire move it must be over this sum.

In the screen capture with the record types data, you can see that for each record (with the exception of the Standard), the representative offers rewards beginning from 25% for the Silver record and arriving at 100% for the Platinum and Pro records. You should realize that a reward is a twofold edged blade – it looks enticing and you may imagine that it will assist you with increasing more cash. Nonetheless, you should know that it's anything but an unconditional present and that truth be told, there are some hefty to satisfy prerequisites. On the off chance that you decide to acknowledge a reward offered by this intermediary, you won't have the option to make any withdrawals except if you satisfy the accompanying: you have to have a necessary measure of 'Broker Points'. According to the organization's reward strategy, it implies that each 1 EUR/USD/GBP reward will require 0.2 Trader Points to be qualified to pull out assets. Merchant Points depend on exchanging and each parcel that is exchanged will add 5 focuses to the broker score. For instance, on the off chance that you get $100 reward, at that point you need to accomplish 20 broker focuses by exchanging 4 parts.

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