Trendingraphs: Forex with the simple words

Trendingraphs broker comes to assist the trader. The broker opens the entrance to the market for a trader and makes possible the existence on the financial market together with financial giants.

Some major definitions from the world of trading


The currency exchange market, also known as Forex, where Trendingraphs company conducts its broker activities, is a global financial market. Every day the huge volumes of the currencies and other assets are bought and sold on this market. The trading continues non-stop, excluding the weekends. Daily turnover reaches several billion U.S. dollars, and it continually grows. This article explains the basic rules of cooperation between the independent trader and Forex broker, by the example of Trendingraphs as a broker.


The major players on the Forex markets are the large banks and international financial companies, the giants of the financial world that can allow losing several million at the moment to win many times over in the several hours. Unfortunately, the private actor can hardly afford such maneuver. At this moment the companies like Trendingraphs broker comes to assist the trader. The broker opens the entrance to the market for a trader and makes possible the existence on the financial market together with financial giants.


Cooperation with Trendingraphs: scam or partnership

So, the private actor obtained the starting capital and decided to start trading on the currency market. How is it possible? All the Forex trading goes remotely, so, the first step would be to register on the site of the broker and open the deposit. The deposit is the amount of money that will be used for future orders.

Without the assistance of a broker company, the amount of $500 or $1000 will be useless: it is nothing in the categories of global finances. At this point, the broker company, like Trendingraphs come to help. The client’s reviews about Trendingraphs shaped the central thesis of this article.

What does Trendingraphs do on the Forex for its clients?

Trendingraphs is the registered trader with all necessary licenses and permits to trade on the international market. The company becomes a proxy between the client trader and all other elements of the market. In simple words, the client works under its license.

With the help of a broker company, the client gets:

  1. •    Trading registration;
  2. •    Leverage that compensates the modest starting capital;
  3. •    Financial market news;
  4. •    Trading platform for remote access to the market;
  5. •    Consultations and support;
  6. •    Participation in the referral program from Trendingraphs on Forex

What does the company get from this if it does not work for free? The broker company takes the fee from every trading order by its clients. Thus, every broker company wants long and fruitful cooperation with its clients. When the client earns money on trading orders, the broker company gets more money, too. That is w why the collaboration with Trendingraphs is not a scam. Moreover, this is a world-known scheme of cooperation. In the partnership, the success of a trader means the profit for a broker, and the scam schemes with Trendingraphs clients result in the financial losses.

From the trader’s point of view, the broker:

1.    Transmits the client’s order to the Forex market;

2.    Highlights some orders taking in attention the collected by Trendingraphs reviews about the current market events;

3.     Informs the clients about the laws and regulations that regulate the market operations with the assets;

4.    Creates the documentation according to the existing legal requirements. 


Some particularities regarding the leverage level


We have already mentioned the reasons to use the leverage. In fact, it is something like a credit that a broker opens for a trader. Without leverage, a trader can hardly collect the necessary amount of money to compete with the large players on the currency market. With the leverage, a trader can make a transaction on $30,000 having $300 on the personal account and broker leverage level 1:100.

To define the leverage level precisely and clearly, we can say it is the ratio of the trader’s personal money to the trading volume.

The standard offer by Trendingraphs is the leverage level of 1:300. The trader can reduce the level lower on his or her reasonable discretion. Such liberality from the company’s side is not a marketing trick, and it does not mean the offer by Trendingraphs is a scam. The broker has its own financial reason to support its clients, to assist in their competition with the market giants, and to continue cooperation as long as it is possible.

Each trader should remember that he or she cannot withdraw and use the money that Trendingraphs offers as the leverage. It does not make Trendingraphs a scam company. It just means the trader can use the leverage for trading only and not for withdrawal. Using leverage, the trader opens the deals, realizes the personal trading strategy, and every minute the trader can monitor and control the trading account and the changes in the price on every point.

The term “leverage level”, or just “leverage” can have different meanings – the proper meaning depends on the context.


As a definition

Related to the current deal

As a partnership proposal from a broker

Proportion deposit\trading volume

Ratio of current deposit to the current deal trading volume

Maximal ratio of deposit to the maximal trading volume



Cooperation with Trendingraphs broker by the referral program


The more satisfied clients can cooperate with the broker, the higher is the company income. That is why the company offers the referral program to the most active traders. We want to inspire our traders to invite new clients and get the bonuses to the personal account.

This offer by Trendingraphs is not a scam, but it is the way to increase the income without using the special skills. The size of the bonuses depends on the number of referrals – newly registered traders – and the size of their deposits.


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  1. Noah .H 01.01.2020
    Trendingraphs is a bit lacking in the department of, how do I put it? Public relations. Try to respond faster, guys. Everything else is great.
    1. Fynn.R 06.01.2020
      I’ve just started working with Trendingraphs and can not obtain an overall perspective yet, however, it’s quite comfortable and I plan to continue
      1. Maximilian .P. 11.01.2020
        So, cooperated with Trendingraphs for a month now, got some things to say. First of all, SPEED! UP! YOUR! WITHDRAWALS! I hate to wait for my money to reach my wallet. Is it that technically demanding or smth? Okay, that’s pretty much it, everything else is fine :)
        1. Hannah.V. 15.01.2020
          Thinking of a platform to start online trading, heard of Trendingraphs, tried registering there. Like their low entry deposits, as for other stuff got nothing to say yet. Going to check them deeper.