How to choose a reliable broker in 2019

Asset Gates broker scam?? That is why reliable companies like broker Asset Gates do their best to provide the best services to their clients. If the trader makes the profitable transactions on the forex, Asset Gates gain the profit.


Nowadays, in 2019, the thousands of broker companies take part in the global currency exchange. It is a really hard task to understand who is who on the market. The experts from Asset Gates broker investigated the market and prepared the short but detailed instructions for the newcomers, who chose their first broke, as well as for those who have already got the experience in forex. Assetgates believes the currency exchange market develops and changes with time. It is reasonable to make sure you did the right choice of the broker. The success in the financial market depends not only on the trader skills but also on the broker, who provides access to the currency market. In times of economic volatility, the forex trade helps to increase your capital if you follow the common sense on every step. 


Explore the terms of service on different broker companies

The broker gets its profits from the commissions and fees. The more active is a trade, the higher is the broker’s profit. That is why reliable companies like Asset Gates broker scam do their best to provide the best services to their clients. If the trader makes the profitable transactions on the forex, Asset Gates gain the profit. To attract the traders and to inspire them for the active trading, the brokers offer the following services:  

  • The number of currency pairs. Together with the main pair USD\EUR, the trader can try different combinations of currencies, including the exotic currencies, binary options, and securities.

  • Leverage. The leverage is a useful tool that helps traders to make deals above the amount on their deposits. 

  • Spreads. The spread is the difference between the open position and closed position, and the main source of revenue for the broker. The spread can be fixed or flexible. 

The spreads for traditional currency pairs are narrower than the spread for exotic currencies. To attract clients, some brokers set the minimal spreads. However, often they take the additional fees, for example, for the money withdrawal from forex. Assetgates do not charge such fees. 


Money transfer and withdrawal, Asset Gates broker scam?

While the traders enter the forex market to make some money, the ability to transfer and withdraw money in an easy way is the essential need for every broker. To satisfy their clients, the brokers work with different payment systems - Visa and Mastercard, Paypal, money transfers, and so on. However, the broker should follow some rules, otherwise, it will lose the license.  

As a rule, the broker allows money withdrawal to the same system that is used for deposit transfer. This rule is needed to limit the uncontrolled money circulation between the systems using the broker as a proxy. Asset Gates broker scam follows the international banking regulations and supports the limits implemented by it. So, if you face some restrictions in Asset Gates, it is the common international rules. 

Trading platform and the additional functions

The trading platform is a complex software solution that provides the connection between the trader and the global currency market. The modern trading platform should meet certain quality standards to satisfy the traders. It should be easy to use, it should have a user-friendly interface, and provide the tools for technical and fundamental analysis like it makes the broker Assetgates.  For traders, the platform will be the main working tool, so these functions are obligatory for successful trading. The occasional mistakes due to unclear user interfaces often result in money losses, and the trader stops working unsatisfied and irritated. The broker Assetgates uses all the functions and instruments for the most profitable trading. 

Demo account

Free demo account imitates the real trading: it shows the movement of currency pairs and allows opening the positions, but without investing money and without any change to withdraw the gain. It is a good way to understand the principles of forex. Asset Gates broker scam appraises education on the forex because it helps traders to earn more money. On the other hand, many traders consider the demo account as a scam. They say the trader can never develop the feeling of the forex market without risking real money. Moreover, the demo account can be just the software that gives the fake self-assurance to the trader. It is the straight way to bankruptcy, they say. Without supporting one of these positions, we think the demo account should not be the sole factor to choose the broker.  

Reviews and feedback 

When we want to check a company, for example, broker Asset Gates, we often check online reviews and feedback. On the one hand, the reviews are the source of information you’ll never learn directly from the broker. On the other hand, you cannot rely on reviews without taking in mind the feedback can also be fake. Some companies pay for positive reviews. Asset Gates never pays for the fake reviews, however, once the company faced the black competition and the wave of negative feedback sponsored by another broker. Facing the negative reviews, Asset Gates had to restore its reputation for some time. So, when you see the detailed story supported by the screenshots, it is probably the real review. If the feedback is short and contains only emotions and no facts, it is probably fake.  


Learn some trading strategies before you start

The best and the most reliable broker cannot guarantee success in your trading operation, if you open risky positions, move between the trading strategies instead of reasonable and well-thought strategy and capital gain. As a rule, this type of trading results in the deposit loss and forum treads named like “Asset Gates Scam” or something like this. The brief analysis of such topics usually reveals the additional circumstances that shift the point of view - for example, the trader violated the rules and policies providing false or incomplete information, or the traders started to open the expensive deals without the training on the forex market. So, when you see a topic like “Asset Gates Scam”, it is reasonable to spend some time and investigate the details. To come to the conclusion, it is necessary to read the opinions of both sides. 


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