PrivateFX : Overall assessment of trading conditions by customers

Nevertheless, it created image as an innovator in the Forex broker, reviews of which are full of discussions about the benefits of working with accounts of this type.

PrivateFX is a young, but already successful broker, founded in 2015 with the participation of the investment company Concorde Capital. The company provides its clients with real access to both exchange and over-the-counter markets, investing in PAMM accounts, and the main principles that the broker is guided by in their work are the interest in the successful results of their clients, as well as the use of the most modern, advanced technologies. simplifying and making the work of investors and traders more comfortable. PrivateFX offers its clients unique investment tools:

  • new PAMM indices;
  • highly profitable PAMM accounts;
  • the ability to manage your risks;
  • attractive affiliate programs.

The advantages of the company include round-the-clock support service, favorable conditions for traders and for investors, and PrivateFX's interest in the successful work of its clients.

PrivateFX broker review
Among the goals that PrivateFX sets itself, it should be highlighted:

  1. Customer success. The broker makes every effort to ensure that clients make money in the financial markets, while avoiding financial losses.
  2. Availability for a wide audience of markets, both on-exchange and over-the-counter. PrivateFX strives to ensure that the products and services provided by the company allow everyone to fully use the opportunities of the financial markets.
  3. Risk management. Another goal of the company is to strive to provide each of its clients with the ability to see all market risks, and the ability to manage these risks.
  4. Interactivity. PrivateFX works not only for its clients - the broker works together with them, and is grateful to them in advance for all the suggestions that help improve the quality of the company's work and the quality of the products it offers. PrivateFX takes all such proposals very seriously and is happy to put them into practice.

According to the PrivateFX company, partners cooperating with it are always in business class. Thanks to the PrivateFX affiliate program, opportunities open up for earning money by attracting clients for everyone who has the ability and desire to engage in this activity.
Due to the flexibility of conditions, the PrivateFX affiliate program opens up earning opportunities for all categories of the company's clients:

  • ordinary customers who have the opportunity to receive additional income by attracting their friends and acquaintances;
  • information partners with their own websites;
  • representatives in the regions - for this category of clients, cooperation with PrivateFX will become a ready-made business with a high, unlimited income.

Speaking about the advantages of the PrivateFX affiliate program, you should pay attention to:

  • partner's offer;
  • providing the opportunity to earn money without the need for initial investment;
  • complete absence of time limits for registration of clients using affiliate links - the link is unified and unlimited;
  • providing clients with a complete and detailed report. Providing clients with the opportunity to view complete statistics on attracted clients and on their remuneration in the appropriate section of the "Personal Account";
  • marketing support provided to partners. Large partners are provided with VIP status and a personal manager
  • the company provides a very wide selection of promotional products;
  • the ability to withdraw rewards without any restrictions.

Trading conditions provided by PrivateFX

  • Personal account. A personal account is intended for performing balance transactions, and it is created automatically.
  • Demo account. The demo account is intended for both novice traders and those who wish to work out their trading strategy without putting their own funds at risk. In this case, trading is carried out in real time with virtual funds. This type of account can be opened directly in the МetaТrader 4 terminal: you need to enter the "File" menu item, then select the "Open account" sub-item, after which, having specified the required amount, follow the further instructions. At the same time, no restrictions are imposed on the number of open demo accounts.

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