MetaTrader 4: with StockGlobal | StockGlobal broker scam?

So, StockGlobal broker scam? always collects the reviews and offers the best solutions to its customers, so the company has chosen MetaTrader 4, the product of MetaQuotes Software Corp,


So, is StockGlobal a broker scam? We always collect the reviews and offer the best solutions to customers, so the company has chosen MetaTrader 4, the product of MetaQuotes Software Corp

A platform for trading on Forex is the software through which the interactive presence of a trader in the foreign exchange market is carried out. This is the main tool and it is not surprising that traders have a lot of requirements for it.

As a broker, StockGlobal always collects the reviews and offers the best solutions to its customers, so the company has chosen MetaTrader 4, the product of MetaQuotes Software Corp, which is deservedly very popular among users.

Basic traders requests to trading platforms

The computer technology is developing at an increasing rate and with its grows the market demands grow too. Application development is becoming a zone of high competition, which forces developers to improve their product.

According to the analysis of reviews from StockGlobal broker clients, the most important parameters for a trader are:

· Functionality, including a wide range of Forex analytical tools;

· Security, especially in the context of hacking Stock Global customer accounts by scammers;

· Performance and high speed;

· Convenience of the interface, including both the possibility to customize settings and intuitiveness.

The biggest threat in the field of computer technology for trading, according to StockGlobal, is a scam associated with obtaining applications containing malicious software from unverified sources.

After a thorough analysis of user needs, StockGlobal broker, a broker with experience in using various software, chose the most practical and reliable option.

Dangers of Forex Trading

The market of foreign exchanges is the most used market worldwide and it constantly attracts a lot of traders like the Stock Global broker.

Bank for International Settlements has conducted a survey recently showing that the global volume of deals in the forex market (Stock Global forex included) has reached USD 5.1 trln a day in the period between April 2013 and April 2016.

The entry requirements for getting intro the market of trading currencies is quite low, that is why the number of traders like the StockGlobal Forex getting into it grows constantly. One would only need a PC, connection to the Internet and some knowledge about trading (which would be the most important thing) from sources like the StockGlobal broker reviews to begin trading.

Though it is easy to begin trading using your online foreign exchange account, this field still has a lot of risks involved for traders like the Stock Global broker. The most evident of them would be losing your finances, and the broker’s leverage can make losses even larger.

Still, there are more risks that need to be covered in order to be successful in Stock Global forex. Let’s review them shortly.

1. Uncontrollable market risk danger.

Market risks (which is other name to systematic risks), are in their essense intrinsic risks for the entire market, and are opposed to unsystematic risks, which spread their effect only over a specific asset, sector, market, geographical region and so on. Unsystematic risks can be somewhat diminished by diversification, however, systematic risks are out of StockGlobal Forex control.

To put it plainly, any single thing that can have an effect on yhe currency pairs price you’re dealing with can represent a market risk in the Forex market. Read more StockGlobal broker reviews to deal with these problems.

In a strange way, market risks are useful for traders, if you can control which ones you would have exposure to. It is so because to make money on the market you would need prices to shift, and then take advantage of the price differences during the trading process. It is called “market volatility” and is very important for Stock Global broker.

As a result, volatility is that thing that allows you to profit from your trader. Of course, you take a risk, because you will lose money if the market movement becomes unfavourable for you in Stock Global forex, but you can also win trades because of that thing.

Systematic risks

The risks affecting prices are innumerable indeed:

- Growth, inflation and employment figures, because they can have an effect on the decisions of the Central bank, and monetary policy (interest rates especially) can change significantly.

- Other economical and financial announcements concerning the StockGlobal Forex

- Elections

- Conflicts, terrorist acts, wars, natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts, strikes (these things are usually described in StockGlobal broker reviews)

- Changes in legislation, regulations, and tax policy

2. Risk of leverage

We all know that leverage is a blessing for all forex traders, however, it can also become their downfall.

Leverage is used by investors like the Stock Global broker to significantly enlarge their investment returns. That being said, leverage has the same  exact effect on losses, because it simply augments all the moves of the currency market, up and down all the same. Leverage can be as dangerous, as it is useful. 

How does leverage work?

Leverage is commonly used in margin trading, because it which allows you and Stock Global forex to use of higher degrees of market exposure and simultaneously keeping to the side a small capital portion.

You should remember though, that you don’t actually HAVE to use the 400:1 leverage broker offers.

The bigger the leverage, the higher the risk. Many traders (beginners especially) have no actual idea how dangerous can leverage be and always try to use it to its maximum level.

It is very crucial to understand, that you are taking a really big risk on yourself and your trader’s account in StockGlobal Forex when you use leverage very aggressively. It can all end in a flash if the market goes awry and your account is purged of all money completely.

That was the reason for some authorities to limit the level of leverage for investors after they saw some tremendous losses and StockGlobal broker reviews represent that.

2.1. Risk of liquidity

Opening and closing trading positions at the expected price is fairly easy when the market is liquid. It is so, because there are multitudes of people buying and selling on that market.

If the market is liquid, it would also mean that any changes to the relationships of supply and demand concerning a underlying asset will have quite an insignificant impact on its price.

Of course, the foreign exchange market is one of the most liquid markets worldwide, but it has its low liquidity periods too. They often happen outside of European and American trading environments or during the periods of bank holidays and weekends.

This fact must be always remembered, because cost of trading tends to grow during such periods.

3.Consider the spreads

Of course, when brokers get in a situation of low liquidity, they tend to enlarge their spread sizes (spread is the difference between the selling and buying prices) in StockGlobal broker. Scam is highly unlikely while working with us.

In the end, it comes in the form of the broker commission you pay for its services.

If your broker offers variable spreads, it is the only proper type of situation to increase trading costs. Variable spreads tend to change in accordance to trading conditions of the market.

If you don’t feel certain about the behaviour of a particularly unclear currency pair, you can try to look for a broker that offers fixed spreads. You can also do that if you want to apply some aggressive trading (scalping, for example) during news releases.

Some more unpredictable situations can also be linked to a liquidity risk.

4. Risk of a counterparty.

The counter party is something or someone you use to open and close your trading positions. In forex market it is your broker.

The simplest and the most important risk in this is your countarparty can stop paying you, maybe because of bankrupcy or because of some problems with regulatory enforcement. It is really hard to measure this risk being an individual trader, that is why they rely on regulatory bodies.

You can gain more confidence during trading if you work with a reliable partner like StockGlobal broker. Scam probability is subjected to regulation from several authorities. 

Key Benefits from StockGlobal Forex Software


Strategies of any complexity can be implemented thanks to the capabilities of MetaTrader 4.  One of its most impressive aspects is its analytical capabilities with 30 embedded and over 2,000 free custom indicators, as well as 700 commercial tools. 23 analytical objects are provided to the user to increase profits and maximize productive cooperation with Stock Global on Forex.


MetaTrader 4 trading system has earned impressive StockGlobal broker reviews. And indeed, it includes:


1.     3 execution modes;

2.     Orders:

a.      Market: two types

b.     Delayed: four types;

c.      Stop-orders: two types;

3.      Instant Execution and trading from the chart;

4.     Tick chart and trading history;

5.     Trailing stop;

6.     Trading signals and copying transactions;

7.     The possibility of turning on "one-click trading".


For the fullest possible satisfaction of traders who work with StockGlobal as a broker, the program covers a wide range of financial offers:

 stockglobal broker scam , stockglobal broker forex, stockglobal review

·     CFD;

·     commodity assets;

·     securities;

·     currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.

The security of StockGlobal broker scam traders from scammers deserves special mention. 

MetaTrader 4 has a perfect security system based on 128-bit encryption that reduces the probability of StockGlobal broker scam by hackers to almost zero.

The user interface of the platform is convenient, has a built-in multilingual function, and provides a translation of the interface into all major languages of the world.

The system of alerts and financial news helps the trader to make the right decisions and be prepared for changes in the situation on the currency market.


A step into the future with Stock Global at Forex


Caring for the productive use of traders time, Stock Global, a Forex broker with wide experience, paid special attention to the possibility of analytical trading. And it’s recommended trading platform provides for performing operations using specialized algorithms, the so-called "advisors". With their help, you can formalize and implement almost any trading strategy. And, despite the apparent unreality, what StockGlobal claims is not a scam or fiction. MetaTrader 4 does have an entire environment for self-development, testing, and optimization of automated trading programs. And applications developed with its help can be used both independently and sold in the MetaTrader Market available online. Here you can purchase the necessary trading robots or indicators, after receiving full information about the product with screenshots and user reviews. The purchase process is simple, transparent and secure.


System requirements for installation | So, StockGlobal broker scam?


stock global broker 


Client terminal and Multiterminal

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Pentium 1 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM

Mobile version for smartphones

All available devices with Android or IOS


In conclusion, it is worth noting that you can get this powerful trading platform at no cost. And this statement StockGlobal is not a scam, it is really officially completely free to download and distributed from official resources. 

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  1. Marcelo.F 09.07.2019
    Stock Global one of the first brokerage companies that i started to trade with. I started as beginner without experience and that much of knowledge about Financial markets. My broker explained me a lot about trading and finances ,and i could have gain some knowledge and experience. With educational courses in Stock Global i had fun, learned a ton, and came out feeling empowered and motivated! I now feel like I have the tools and knowledge to make effective, disciplined, focused trades using the material that I learned in Stock Global.
    1. Asadullah1976 24.07.2019
      I have been a client of Stock Global since the beginning of the year. In that time I have found them to be very professional in their approach. Furthermore, they have made a great effort to improve their products, including the trading platform. Their customer service is excellent. I am particularly impressed with Alex Glen, who is my Account Manager. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and a great guy to chat to on all market-related topics, including technical analysis. I am very satisfied with their services. Learned quite a lot ,and as my mentor use to say information is Power.
      1. Raul.T 05.08.2019
        Stock Global is fantastic with lots of valuable information and resources. Best money I ever invested. Changed my life.

        I've tried others in the past but in my opinion there's no one better.

        I started knowing nothing of the market, not even much of the terminology, but I have learned so much from my broker.
        1. Horton 08.08.2019
          Anyone thinking about investing in Stock Global, I highly recommend joining them.
          1. Armando.G 05.09.2019
            I really enjoy the veraity of features that Meta-Trader 4 offers for traders, it is really a professional platform!
            1. Pagany T. 11.11.2019
              After reading a couple of broker reviews, I’ve decided to try trading with StockGlobal. Feeling mostly satisfied, however, would really love faster support responses — time is valuable and I can’t just waste it waiting for a reply.
              1. Oli. O. 21.12.2019
                Think of giving a chance to trading with StockGlobal after they called me earlier. Going to start small though, not completely trusting those broker reviews lol — gotta see everything with my own eyes.
                1. Malagan1974 29.12.2019
                  I’m not a pro trader yet, but a friend of mine who’s good at that stuff read some broker reviews and told me StockGlobal seems legit. Gonna try them I guess.
                  1. Garry J. 03.01.2020
                    Can anyone tell me a proven way to check for broker scam? StockGlobal contacted me and I’m thinking of trading now, but want to be sure I won’t just lose my money
                    1. Mikle 14.01.2020
                      Don’t have much to say on the topic of StockGlobal.
                      1. Terry.Smt. 18.01.2020
                        Here’s everyday normal trading platform for you, StockGlobal broker reviews say it all.
                        1. Glorina T. 20.01.2020
                          Tried StockGlobal recently — well, their terms are nothing to be excited about but at least it’s fair enough. Not sure if I will continue using them, we’ll see if they can stick to a promise.
                          1. wolf45 20.01.2020
                            Got myself into trading recently, tried StockGlobal. Didn’t check broker reviews on them, was just looking for a good platform; not disappointed, but not too hot about them either. Support is decent, terms not so good, sticking to just the Metatrader is meeeh. Would I recommend them? Well, you can give them a try.
                            1. Acon B. 20.01.2020
                              Got a call from StockGlobal, still not sure about all that trading fuss. Seems like too much risk and trouble.
                              1. Sami Ah 22.01.2020
                                Received my first withdrawal from StockGlobal with some zeros Well, guys, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention and good broker reviews *DiCaprio emoji*
                                1. coner00 26.01.2020
                                  I’ve just doubled my money with StockGlobal! They say it’s not even near the limits of possibilities but I’m glad anyway.
                                  1. Oscar H. 31.01.2020
                                    Forex market, here I go! I’m going to become a billionaire in no time, just need a right place to start. Was thinking about StockGlobal, so if anyone cares to share some info I’d be grateful.
                                    1. Thomas Port20 03.02.2020
                                      Well, I’ve heard of no billionaires who started their career with StockGlobal, to be honest, but they are fine.
                                      1. William Hefner 07.02.2020
                                        Some guy in this comment thread was talking about his experience with StockGlobal, does anyone remember his name? It was John Somebody or smth
                                        1. Michael19 L. 12.02.2020
                                          Forex is meeeeeh, don’t think I’ll be joining this activity anytime soon. My cousin works it and makes some coin but it requires like a ton of self-discipline, and stress levels are too much for me. Might’ve joined these Stockglobal guys if I was interested though.
                                          1. Poppy Lis 16.02.2020
                                            StockGlobal is interesting, but I’m not sure other brokers can’t provide me with just the same package of benefits.
                                            1. Damian D7 21.02.2020
                                              Can anyone share more info on those StockGlobal guys? I want to get in the business but I’m always too afraid to make a move until I know enough.
                                              1. Stevenson N. 26.02.2020
                                                So, cooperated with Stockglobal for some time now, got things to share. First of all, ACCELERATE! YOUR! WITHDRAWALS! I really do not like to wait for my money to get into my wallet. Is it that technically complicated or smth? that’s pretty much it, everything else is great
                                                1. Smith g327 27.02.2020
                                                  Okay, let me put it like this: StockGlobal is like the best thing that can happen to a beginner investor joining the forex market. Guys are solid gold, professional to the bone.
                                                  1. Hawkins V. 10.03.2020
                                                    Can not say a lot on the topic of Stockglobal. They are fine, not awesome, not awful, just that — fine. Suitable option for beginners I guess.
                                                    1. Gerald G. 15.03.2020
                                                      These folks (Stockglobal) have good terms, but when I tried to withdraw my money for the second time it took me about a day (was three hours first time). Please do something about it or I go elsewhere and expect my broker reviews.
                                                      1. Webster 15.03.2020
                                                        What I love the most about Stockglobal is the simplicity of communication with them — they have some awesome specialists working for them to help with any problems. Tech problems can spoil any deal so I guess a lot of us shall be grateful.
                                                        1. WifKinson James 03.04.2020
                                                          Broker reviews about Stockglobal I’ve met previously were mostly mixed, so I’ve decided to check with my own eyes. Was surprised in a good way — for now they seem a pretty good way to make cash without exorbitant assurances and risks. All in all, I would recommend them to everyone, beginners the most.
                                                          1. Adam Jorgenser 06.04.2020
                                                            Global hysteria around the COVID19 can push the world to the global recession. When you quarantined at home, you have enough time to think about the future. Forex looks as a reasonable choice nowadays. Speaking about the broker, STOCKGLOBAL is an option. Good luck!
                                                            1. Jeff LaMarche 10.04.2020
                                                              I am with STOCKGLOBAL for three months. This is a typical broker company with standard terms, nothing special or unordinary. A little bit boring, there are no contests or competitions for traders. But no complaints, I’m gonna continue with them.
                                                              1. Alessandro Briganti 15.04.2020
                                                                The idea to save money on a bank account during the crisis sucks. The inflation will eat all the profit. You’d better enter the forex market, find the broker and join the thousands of forex traders. At the beginning you can choose STOCKGLOBAL as the starting point.
                                                                1. Don Jones 19.04.2020
                                                                  Recently STOCKGLOBAL appeared on the market and the advertising was everywhere. I created an account and made several first movements. What I can say now? This new broker company looks like many others. Probably, the most pleasant thing is the deposit policy. I made a small deposit, lost it in one week, and now plan to replenish the account and make one more effort.
                                                                  1. Joseph D. Gradecki 24.04.2020
                                                                    Hi, all. What do you know about anti-crisis program by your borker? DO you think they should take some measures? I know STOCKGLOBAL offers anticrisis package, who is next