Complete Delta Market Broker Review: Delta Market Scam?

So, is scam? You will get the answer to this question after reading our article.

Delta Market Broker Review covers the following points:


DeltaMarket Forex General Information


Delta Market is a new company by all standards; however, they have set a really high bar for trading service quality from the very beginning. The main office of this company is in Marshall Islands.

DeltaMarket Conditions

Today’s market is a risky place; the amount of scammers populating it makes the process of finding a good and trusty broker a hard and dangerous one. Delta Market, though, can be approached without any concern — they are an upstanding company with high business standards. Their record of questionable deeds is completely clean, which puts them several heads above most of the competitors in terms of security and trustability. reviews are hard to find, that is why we have decided to conduct this research.

We have created this review in order to help you with forming your own opinion and make your decision-making process a bit more simple. We hope that it will help you to answer the question “is scam or not”.


Security, Money, and Trade: Is Delta Market Scam?


The immaculate record this company has is quite rare nowadays; you would have to spend a lot of time looking for a broker with similarly spotless reputation. This Delta Market review shows that this, however, is somewhat compensated by certain lack of regulatory conditions. This state of affairs is certainly caused by the fact that Delta Market is a new company, and simply didn’t have the possibility to flesh out the full set of regulations yet. We are quite sure that this small flaw will be repaired soon.

Peer-to-peer encryption is also used by this company in the Delta Market scam protection system in order to ensure the safety of customers’ personal information and funds.


DeltaMarket Broker Trader accounts


We have conducted a full-scale research for Delta Market reviews, and it showed that they do provide certain options for creating a sample account. We do not recommend this as a way to study the market, because live accounts would do much better in the way of understanding how the market operates.

Live accounts, in turn, also come with a certain variety of choices. Delta Market has the so-called Bronze account, for example, that is dedicated for beginner traders. It’s low pricing will surely be good for anyone without huge initial funds that he can invest on a whim. The most prestigious of live account tiers, Platinum account, on the other hand, provides certain benefits for those who are ready to invest more in order to gain more. It is worth noting, though, that spreads level is almost identical throughout all the tiers.


Delta Market Forex


This fact leads us to the conclusion that your experience with the broker will not rely upon which tier you would choose: level of service quality stays the same with all of them. Of course, those who have created a Platinum account will have distinctive advantages over other traders, however, the difference is not crucial enough to create the feeling that the broker pushes you to order the more expensive account. The balance between investment amount and returns in profitability is really great. That is why we consider this situation to be absolutely in favor of Delta Market when it comes to comparing them with others.

We have formed a short explanatory list of account tiers and their features to make the picture more clear for you:

Minimum deposit  $250  $2000  $10000  $50000
Leverage  1:300  1:300  1:300  1:300
Spread  From 2.8 pips From 2.5 pips From 1.5 pips From 2.8 pips
Trade size  From 0,01  From 0,01  From 0,01  From 0,01
Open positions  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited



Terms of Trading: Why Delta Market is not scam?


The main benefit we have noticed while researching Delta Market company is how well-balanced all their financial decisions are. Their trading system is tuned so well that your trading process goes really smooth. Let’s make an example: every account type has a leverage level of 1:300. It is a great ration choice from our viewpoint: it would both provide you with an opportunity of financial assistance during trading and would still help you to avoid getting carried away while you’re at it. Most account tiers also share quite similar spreads (Platinum being the notable exception, but it’s completely understandable — the cost difference is huge there).

And here comes the next point — diversity of account types. Delta Market seems to set the account terms in such a way that every trader can find something good for their investment amount. One of the goals of this review is to make exceptionally clear how important it is for a broker to avoid the feeling of guiding their clients towards more expensive account tiers and to create a balanced and well-rounded system. You could always start small, not necessarily with 50-100 thousands of dollars.


Delta Market Deposit


Trading conditions security Delta Market provides is another point worth mentioning. Some traders just don't want to work with a broker company that lacks some form of feedback, and that’s completely understandable. A lot of companies traversing the financial market right now are completely untrustworthy, and good people are becoming really cautious while looking for a partner of any sort. This kind of worries, however, should not be your concern when you’re thinking about cooperating with Delta Market, for we are sure that they are a fair deal.


Delta Market Forex Trading Platform


Here Delta Market goes somewhat conservative. No experiments for their clientele — this broker has decided to stick with good old MetaTrader4, which has become an industry standard of sorts lately. Was that the right decision? We’re sure that it was, for MetaTrader4 provides the one thing that matters most in trading: stability. Stable and proven ways of operation is what Delta Market brings to the table when you become their client, and their choice of trading terminal supports that.

You should not, however, mistake the easy access and widespread acceptance for simplicity of use. MetaTrader4 can seem easy at first, but it is a really deep and multipurpose software tool. If you learn it good enough, it can become a major instrument for your market analysis. If you often use devices that don’t support the platform, you can always use the mobile client. The functionality stays pretty much the same and other instances of MetaTrader4 will mostly stay the same so you won’t miss anything.

One more important aspect — they’ve got a specially developed mobile client that you can use when you need to trade remotely. This mobile client can be easily downloaded from Apple App Store, Google play or Microsoft online. These abilities can be of a great help for any trader, and we consider them an awesome benefit for Delta Market.


Products for trade: Deltamarket scam denial


The list of products Delta Market provides for trading is really wide and includes a lot of worldwide popular options. The full list includes about 145 positions available for a trader. The most notable exception to this list is cryptocurrencies, they are completely absent; however, we do not consider this to be a huge drawback, since cryptocurrencies are quite unstable and unpredictable anyway.


Here is a short description of what products you will have access too with Delta Market forex:


  • Pairs of currency — fifty currency pairs form one of the main product blocks. It includes all the popular options like USD/CAD, GBP/USD and EUR/USDa.
  • Energy resources — if you are interested in trading oil (brent or crude) and natural gas, Delta Market got those options on their website.
  • Precious metals — the list here is quite short, but still includes the main two trading options for precious metals, silver and gold.
  • Shares — being a broker without having access to shares trading is pretty much impossible, so it’s no surprise that Delta Market has a ton of those. All the major market players, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Apple — you name it. There are a lot of other less popular companies there too.


Customer support team: DeltaMarket Reviews Summary


The customer care staff became one of the greatest surprises for us during our research.


Delta Market Contact Information


Brokers rarely dedicate so much attention and care to their support service, and Delta Market forex certainly does. Support specialists here are quick with responses and really polite in any conversation. This adds even more points to the broker, especially when combined with the Delta Market scam protection system.
The sole drawback here is absence of the live chat option; however, it doesn’t feel necessary in this case.

Phone number: +441507243012



Delta Market broker review conclusion


Of course, Delta Market has some small flaws and those flaws can influence some of the future possible clients to avoid them, but it will be honest to say that those flaws are coming from them being a new broker and we expect them to evaporate as time goes by naturally, while other drawback will be corrected manually. The overall quality of service Delta Market provides is really high anyway. So, is scam? No, we don't think so.

The trading platform this broker uses has proven itself over the years and is great for beginners and old-timers alike. Conditions of trade are balanced pretty good throughout all the account tiers which means that you would not need hundreds of thousands of dollars to become their client and feel all the benefits. Reputation of the brand is quite stainless, which means that you would not need to worry about shady schemes and scams.

Our general impression is that this broker stands a fair deal above most of the competition. So we would advise you to at least give them a try before making your final decision.

Thank you for reading our review of Delta Market broker company, we hope it helped you. In case you need more information about the company, use our data to conduct your own further research. Good luck in your deals!

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  1. Edward Fox 17.11.2020
    When working with currencies or securities, you always should remember you never get 300% at once. It is possible only with junk scores when several investors pump its price. However, you can earn with pumping scheme only if you have some insights and even then, you face the risk of investigation. Remember you should work every day – open transactions, review analytics, make analysis, etc.
    1. Maxwell Claude 20.11.2020
      Hello everybody! Just want to say I am happy to be there and to work with Delta Markets. My previous experience on forex market was negative: I joined a small new broker, advertised it on the sites, but the company collapsed, and I never get my reward. Here I got almost 3k already and withdrew it last Monday, and for me it is good money.
      1. Ronald Br. 25.11.2020
        For me, a forex trading is more a hobby that an additional income. Recently I started thinking my retirement. I will not have the significant financing. Live on savings or investment profits looks like a better option. In the half of year I received more than $5000 with Delta Markets – and I never even open large transactions. Just use your head and money will come to you, all I have to say.
        1. Thornton John 29.11.2020
          Before signing an agreement with Delta Markets I googled for reviews to clarify the situation with the broker. I spent a lot of time reading forums and special sites. I even found several broker reviews. Now I can say I made the correct decision Joining them. It is the most comfortable broker I have ever known.
          1. Tyler Oliver 03.12.2020
            It is not easy to keep calm and I know it better than anyone when you first enter the world of forex trading. Information attacks you from every source and try to feed you with a bullsh*t strategies and coaches. Happily I stopped here with Delta Markets, in the storming ocean it is like a small quite island. Looks like I can go on as a part-time trader because I have the offline job. Quite good for a beginner.
            1. Myron Richards 09.12.2020
              I am in forex for more than 5 years, and I am familiar with most of the brokerage types. Either I have a personal experience with them, or my close friends have. What I want to say, Delta Markets is a tough company. Small but ambitions, technologic, and stable. I'd like to recommend them to you, ladies and gents; my own experience with them is nothing but great.
              1. Buck M. 14.12.2020
                OK, as a new Delta Markets client, I want to hear your opinion. I am not a man of black-and-white mind, but I’d want to understand where I am now. The main common notice on Delta Markets was the slow support reaction – I contacted support once and did not notice that. Is there anything else?