Capitalhall – a broker with a wide range of opportunities

Capitalhall – a broker with a wide range of opportunities ..... I am not a special craftsman to write reviews on the Internet, I rarely do this.

Are you a trader and have you been trading for a long time at Forex? Then the Capitalhall broker is an ideal solution to your main tasks, as well as a full toolkit and reliable financial support. CapitalHall provides customers with 24-hour technical support and high leverage for profitable operations on financial exchanges.


Terms of cooperation or why CapitalHall is not a scam


The traders are always cautious about brokers who are just starting their work. However, the company Capita lHall escaped the reputation of scam, although it began its work only in 2017. During this time, several thousand of clients have successfully cooperated with it, with many experienced traders among them. Their feedback attracts financiers who want to try their hand at trading on the Forex.

CapitalHall offers its clients favorable terms of cooperation, which are also advantages of the company:

  1. Full confidentiality. CapitalHall is not a scammer, and therefore it guarantees to the clients the non-disclosure of names, emails and other personal data. To avoid data leakage from databases, the company uses the most reliable SSL encryption protocol.
  2. High leverage. Unlike other brokers, CapitalHall provides all its customers with the opportunity to take advantage of the leverage of 1: 300 or discuss private terms of trade with personal manager.
  3. Simplified work with accounts. Clients of CapitalHall can withdraw their funds from the account in no more than three days, and this is the main proof that CapitalHall is not a fraud.

For trading, CapitalHall offers its customers the MetaTrader4 trading and informational platform. It guarantees the absence of any sagging, which can deprive the trader of his earnings.


Trading tools provided by the CapitalHall broker


To maximize the income of traders, the CapitalHall broker provides customers with the maximum number of convenient instruments for opening positions:

  1. CFD, or a contract for the difference. It’s about making profits not from direct sales of precious and non-ferrous metals or energy resources (gas and oil), but from fluctuating of their value. In fact traders do not become owners of metals or energy resources.
  2. Currency pairs. CapitalHall broker also allows the trading of 50 currency pairs. Currency pairs are the main instrument of CFD trading, but because of the ability to get the fast profits on the price differences because of currency price volatility, they are always placed on a separate position. Many clients of CapitalHall start with the currency trading.
  3. Commodities. CapitalHall provides traders with the opportunity to trade commodities, including metals (from gold to iron and palladium), food products (coffee beans, sugar, rice, salt) and energy resources (oil, gas, coal).


Choosing the type of account for a trader

CapitalHall does not impose its conditions on customers. Each trader starts cooperation with the company with a minimum amount of two hundred and fifty dollars, and then he starts to trade using the type of account that is most suitable for him.

CapitalHall offers its customers 3 types of accounts: Advanced (requires an initial amount of investment of $ 2,000, spreads are at the level of 2.5 pips), Pro (each client is obliged to deposit $ 10,000, this account type allows you to reduce the spreads to 1.5 pips) and Expert (the type of account that requires customers to deposit from $ 50,000, however, it also reduces spreads up to 0.5 pips, and therefore is the most profitable).


Hesitating to invest, fearing of scam?


Although the company was founded only in 2017, it employs financiers with extensive experience in trading on exchanges. Therefore, they provide traders with convenient and profitable working conditions, as well as technical support and necessary consultation on the trading terminal setting.

CapitalHall is a perfect starting point for the beginners


Are you just starting your way into trading on financial exchanges? Again, think about choosing CapitalHall. The reviews say that this is one of the most professional brokers, providing quality training.

To simplify the work for beginners and experienced traders, CapitalHall has created a strong technical support team. Therefore, when a client opens an account, he is provided with a personal manager.

All the tasks managed by company:

  • MetaTrader4 setting up and maintenance;
  • opening and closing of accounts;
  • deposit and withdrawal tasks,
  • technical support tasks.

The company has already made significant progress in professional terms and has earned a good reputation. According to technical characteristics and a set of tools, it has at least the same level as the MTrading, TeleTrade and Forex Club. In order to verify this fact personally, contact the managers of CapitalHall and discuss the available terms of cooperation.

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  1. Maria 08.07.2018
    I traded with the Libra Forex, and seemingly the spreads were normal… But then I realized that the trick was not in them but in quotations. It’s not so noticeable, but slowly you drain the deposit. In general, it’s good that I quickly understood and brought it out. At least this was not a problem. Now I’ve opened an account here, checked quotations, they are well in the market, somewhere a little higher, somewhere a little higher. At me it is concrete on pair EUR / USD just hardly below the market, so it is profitable. And the spreads are static and very adequate. I trade small transactions and even if there are several items, the broker does not cancel the deal. Orders’ execution is pretty fast, thus almost without slippage. But I’m not yet so experienced to climb in the very storm, of course … There were no disconnects either. The terminal by the way is Meta Trader 4, the truth I had to sit a little to sort it out.
    1. Jane 14.07.2018
      I took a training course on the Internet, and there was a need to open an account. A couple of demos, to be honest, I drained out, and then it became to start making progress. Okay, I opened the first real account in Capital Hall. I started with three hundred, trade with the shoulder 1: 300, the account is basic. Of course it confused me that there are no demos in Capital Hall itself. But, on the other hand, I always have a demo account from another broker to try out different strategies. And to work here already only with the checked one and for result. Spreads seem to be normal. Fixed. In the work of the Metatrade 4 terminal I’m already involved, everything is ok. Well, the execution of transactions is fast. Speed is approximately the same as at the demo. Only on a demo, consider, all transactions are local, do not leave on the external market, and on the real account leave.
      1. Filip 23.07.2018
        I can not say that Capital Hall is the best broker on the market. Yes, it’s normal, yes, it’s stable. But it’s also young, so 100500 services and additional perks will not be here. To begin with, I opened an account here with 300 dollars. There are no micro accounts and no demo accounts. On the one hand, I would have played with the demo, yet the experience is not enough. On the other hand, there is an opinion that if a company has a demo account, then it is most likely a kitchen and it’s not really possible to make money with it. Spreads are static, rational themselves. On average, they are slightly below the market by AUD and NZD, and also with the yen, others I didn’t try to trade yet. Withdrawal takes a couple of hours, usually faster. There is no commission for withdrawal on the card, it’s nice, usually it’s there. Input is fast too, counting on the current rate. Something like that.
        1. Dmytri 27.07.2018
          I do not remember how I went to Capital Hall, in my opinion on advertising. Or maybe by reference in the ratings … In short, before opening an account here, several days I compared quotes, it seemed that everything was in the market. Spreads that delight are static, with them are much easier after dynamic. In general, a year or so with this broker I trade. All justified + very quickly execute orders. Of the shortcomings, I can only say that there are not enough methods of withdrawal.
          1. Igor 31.07.2018
            I noticed that Finam began to somehow increase the spreads on my positions, I began to look for something cheaper and more rewarding. Stopped at Capital Hall, it can be said, I accidentally found it on the site with reviews, too. I started to read, it seems a normal stable broker, albeit young. Well so … Spreads, yes, are below, besides the spreads are static also, they do not jump. And no commission for withdrawal. Maybe, it’s true, there should be a commission from the bank. Well, there is no possibility of choosing a terminal, only the meta-trade fourth.
            1. Fernando 03.08.2018
              There was an account with the Broker Opening, but I had to close. You know, it’s strange, I used to hear complaining about the long withdrawal of money. But inputing the currency for 1-2 days! This is inconvenient, at least, and often did not give an opportunity to make a profit in a volatile market. Now I’m trading from an account with Capital Hall. Introduced immediately, in minutes. By the way, count the rate when exchanging rubles in dollars at the current rate of the bank, everything is transparent and can be calculated in advance. The withdrawal is also quite fast. As for me, the fastest way to output on an electronic wallet, then, by speed, a bank card, then a bank account. By the way, here is no commissions to withdrawal from the broker, only from bank it can be. Certainly, it would be desirable, that there were some more trading platforms. But they give only Meta Trader. And it needs more tools for more accurately analyze the markets. When you gain experience, the base is not enough.
              1. Tim 09.08.2018
                I traded metals, when the situation arose, that I had to change the broker, I chose frankly just by spreads and reviews. Spreads of Capital Hall are static, fixed, in my opinion working on them with deposits much more conveniently. I rarely speak with consultants, a couple of times really advised how to install a terminal. For dialing speed I would put 4/5, not always from the first time I get.
                1. William 11.08.2018
                  I can say that the only thing that strains me a little from Capital Hall is the Meta Trader platform. Of course, it is the most powerful one, but as for a beginner this is really kind of higher mathematics. Although they give the manual and you can understand out. And as a whole, everything is ok – spreads, commissions, and support. Withdrawal by the way is done simply and quickly, my request was processed in an hour and a half probably, and in one more hour the money fell into the wallet.
                  1. Rick 15.08.2018
                    I came to CapitalHall because my previous broker raised spreads fantastically, so it became almost unreal to profit over small transactions. CapitalHall’s spreads are lower and static, so they won’t bounce. The company has draw-backs too – no demo account, so I had to start with the actual one, and no other terminals except for MetaTrader.
                    1. Enri 19.08.2018
                      Technically CapitalHall is a good broker. Orders are executed quickly, and even two-three pips transactions are not cancelled. Also spreads are quite adequate and besides static. If you do everything right, you’ll not waste deposit on spreads, I guess, and if you fall back on technical analysis, you can earn. What I don’t like is MetaTrader as the only terminal. After all it takes much of device memory, though, certainly, it gets most tools and guides. Also it’s a draw back that the support works only by phone or e-mail. It would be much better if they would use Skype or WhatsApp, and I guess managers would cope with more clients. Now you must wait from time to time.
                      1. Olan 23.08.2018
                        My friend came over to a new CapitalHall broker and recommended it to me. He said: of course, almost no advertisement on it, but reasonable trading terms, decent support and quite a quick withdrawal. I decided that I could give it a try. Furthermore, spreads were static there, I was already accustomed to this; and if withdrawals were smooth, so it should be no big problems. So, after a month of work I have to say the following. Non-troubled execution, it takes one second to open and two seconds to close (sometimes a little bit longer, it’s not crucial). Withdrawal takes about an hour, it’s not at once, as it was promised, but not one or even two or three days as in case of other brokers. You can get through to the support on the first try almost always. No disconnections, no requotes.
                        1. Kriss 29.08.2018
                          I left Alpari, although there were a lot of friends there. Commissions and spreads were inadequate, fed up. I decided to trust feedbacks and started trading with Capital Hall. Immediately was surprised by analytics, did not expect such a high level from a young broker. As uniquely positive conditions, I note the absence of a commission for withdrawal and low, static spreads. The paper must be signed only for output, registration is done instantly, there is no binding to the place. I work in any available for wifi point, whether it is at home or in a cafe, or on a business trip. Physically, I could not do all this if I had to sign a bunch of documents for each input and output.
                          1. Ann 01.09.2018
                            After the New Year holidays, I moved to Capital Hall. Started trading on medium-term orders, then risk scalping. I was convinced that both options work really well. The speed for processing orders for scalping at the broker is enough, technically everything suits me, there are almost no requotes. Over time, I still realized that I am more comfortable with medium-term strategies. I do not particularly like to take risks,I’m acting based on technical analysis. I use “Stress Free”, here it is faster than on the native analyst of Capital Hall and on strategy is plainer. Accuracy and volumes are equally good, it’s just that I personally do not easily follow events, it takes more time than I can afford. A couple of times I already deduced, once on a bank card, the second time is on webmoney, it took the same time, for half an hour. I like that there is no commissions for withdrawing.
                            1. MAx 05.09.2018
                              I studied online and risked opening an account on the Internet. Immediately merged a couple of demos, while I filled my hand. It seemed to work out. Opened the first true account in Capital Hall and poured in three hundred. Shoulder 1: 300, the account is basic. A little confused by the lack of demos and webinars for beginners. But I thought that I always have demo accounts from another broker to experiment with different strategies. But here I can already work on the result and go the tried and tested way. Very pleased with fixed spreads. With the terminal Meta Trader, version 4 figured out, here I have everything ok. Ordels performed quickly, as in the demos. The only difference is that with a real account you go to the outside market, and the demos all work locally.
                              1. Roland 09.09.2018
                                For a while I could not choose whom to work with. At first I looked towards TeleTrade, but I realized that with their overvalued commissions there would be no independent trade at all. After studying the possibilities of Capital Hall I stopped at this broker. Uniquely as for the commissions and spreads here it is better, so I have been trading for more than a month here. There is already an income. I used to have a stable plus only with demos, but in real life I could earn even a minus. Profit came only in case of straight luck. Now I began to work on clear strategies, I was getting pretty good and went to the income. It’s easier when here is low spreads. To be honest, there are drawdowns. In such cases, support is always available. Managers will prompt how to place orders, so as not to suffer and not to go into a strong minus, or even just to zero. Without native demos, of course, it’s difficult, but if you’re not completely slow-thinking man, then with basic knowledge you can understand and learn how to work.
                                1. Jack 13.09.2018
                                  Although Capital Hall is a young broker, but I can due to my experience say that it is promising and quite sane. I’ve seen enough of the working of different brokers, many of them I have replaced. And here I had a feeling that people are trying to work for a reputation. Employees are clearly savvy and with considerable experience in the industry. They got hard knocks and all the mistakes were taken into account, after that they wanted to do everything steadily and confidently clearly. To give people to earn and make profit on the growth of clients’ income. Good spreads, quite nice to yourself, are not high and static. For about two months I trade dollar-euro, an adequate analyst helps. A smart bonus in the absence of a commission for withdrawal. I would also add some services to improve the service, for example, training webinars, as well as tournaments or contests for traders. It would be nice if you could call to support immediately, and not wait on the line for 5 minutes.
                                  1. Richard 16.09.2018
                                    Before Capital Hall I worked with another broker, but at some point I got bogged down with unpredictable analytics. 50 percent of hits are not the best line for profit, making money on luck is not my point. I began to look for more reliable options. Firstly Alpari was advised, but I did not like the trading conditions. Then came information about the not so very well known broker, Capital Hall, with a kind of really confident analytics. In general, everything here is pretty standard, a convenient terminal MetaTrader 4, fast execution of orders. It’s nice that the spreads are static. In this case, the broker can get all the necessary information in a convenient format. I like that there are no fees for withdrawal to the card, and the transfer takes an hour or even faster.
                                    1. Mitty 20.09.2018
                                      I started working at Capital Hall recently, while I like everything. Before that I closed the account in Fresh Forex, when the delays with the withdrawal started. And here almost any amount is deduced for half an hour, at least 10 bucks, at least 100 or more. At the same time, there is no commission for withdrawal to the card, only a bank interest. Platform is Meta Trader 4, the normal system, works stably, orders are executed quickly and without delays, dynamic data exchange. The fact that there are no demos and micro accounts is a plus. Seriously, all this is in any kitchen that does not scroll through deals with the external market. But in Capital Hall, everything is real, besides static and adequate spreads. There is a disadvantage in my opinion, this is the organization of technical support work. You can contact only by phone or via e-mail. Guys, put on the chat site, any instant messenger connect, Skype, as it is more convenient to communicate in real time, and the efficiency will grow.
                                      1. Oleg 24.09.2018
                                        I want to tell you about what I saw in a month of work with the account in Capital Hall. Overall impression: the system has not yet been upgraded on all fronts. There are pluses and minuses. The clear benefit is that only a commission for spreads is removed from the trader. Of course, there is a profit in that they are static and low. No complaints about the technical side. Quick execution of orders both for opening and closing. It is clear that when there are jumps there is a slowdown and the execution process is delayed from a couple to 5-6 seconds. There are almost no requotes. To the obvious shortcomings can be attributed a short list of services from Capital Hall. The trader has only four variants of working packages: platinum, gold, silver and base, which obviously lacks additional services. One joy, if the account fell into a minus because of high volatility, then the system will raise it to zero automatically.
                                        1. Fallen 30.09.2018
                                          Before that, I was with another broker, Gerchik and Co., I went there for the advertised analytics, and in the end – it was noodles, a half of gunshots were perfect, anf a half came into milk. It’s a kind of soldier of fortune. Tired and decided to find another option, but that with uniquely successful analytics. I also thought about opening an account in Alpari, but I studied the trading conditions and abandoned this idea. I came to Capital Hall, it is not particularly important for me that the broker is working relatively recent and that it is not yet very famous. I myself can figure out what’s what. I liked the analyst, processed large volumes, I have all the necessary info, the format came up to me. In general, everything is pretty standard, and the terminal MetaTrader 4 will not surprise me. What is nice, there is fast execution of orders and no commission for withdrawal to the card, also static spreads. The output takes an hour or less.
                                          1. Ari 04.10.2018
                                            I left Alpari, really strained after the hikes of commissions and spreads. It’s insulting, because I was quite pleased with the execution of orders and the quality of analytics. Moved to broker Capital Hall. Prior to that, read the reviews, and ventured to try. I must say that there is an excellent analyst here, and it was rather unexpected to meet such a young broker. Before that, I had already begun to think about third-party services, and at Capital Hall just to open an account, since such favorable trading conditions. Namely: low and static spreads, no commission for withdrawal, documents must be signed only once while opening an account. Therefore, there is no binding to the place. I often have to trade on the road, I travel to different cities for work, but I also trade from home, of course. I can imagine how difficult it would be for me to sign each new time when entering and withdrawing a bunch of papers. In general, I am completely satisfied.
                                            1. Diana 10.10.2018
                                              Recently there was a need to change the broker. FixPro managed to raise prices again and due to it went out all possibilities to get a pure profit. I read the reviews and equated the trading conditions. There was a feeling that the broker was primarily interested in his own positive reputation. No questionable deals, as is often the case with others. There is no commission for input and output, spreads are quite low, and static. Money comes at the current rate of the bank. Orders are executed very quickly, the opening generally flies, and the closure takes a mere couple seconds longer. If the market starts to jump, it takes a little more time to process orders.
                                              1. Xerx 16.10.2018
                                                Opened the first own account immediately after completing the online course. In the beginning I tanked a couple of demos while I was training, but after a while, progress was made and I decided to open the first real account with the broker Capital Hall. I started with three hundred, confidently I feel trading with a leverage of 1: 300. Took the base account. In Capital Hall itself, by the way, there are no demos at all, which is a bit scary if there is no experience. But I have a spare airfield such as demo accounts from other brokers for testing new strategies. Fixed spreads, normal. Almost without confusion, I figured out the Metatrade 4 terminal. Orders are executed quickly, as in a demo. True, the demos of the transaction is still local, with no chance of entering the foreign market. And here everything is real.
                                                1. Alex 20.10.2018
                                                  While choosing a broker, I looked at TeleTrade. But I was scared away by high commissions. This is not something that will help to rise in the trading. I equalized different offers, and stopped at Capital Hall a month and a half ago. While I see only positive. Before that, growth was unpredictable, rather caught luck, and a specific profit was only on demos. On ordinary accounts, I could catch a minus. Here I saw the possibility of development, began to study strategies and appeared a sure plus. All this due to the low static spreads, convenient. By the way, great support, smart managers help and explain. I had a drawdown, so they kept me in touch while I wiggled out untill I was able to close to zero, they told me about orders placement. Of course, the broker lacks his demo, well, such a disadvantage, to be honest. Learn, understand and succeed.
                                                  1. Yoric 25.10.2018
                                                    That case when the term of work is not important at all. I have a wealth of experience in trading with various brokers, had to change many of them. Immediately I realized when I came to Capital Hall that there was a strong team and, on the whole, a sane broker, despite the supposedly young age. You see, it is immediately obvious that the structure was created by experienced people who have many times suffer and error, and now they clearly know what to do next and how to achieve a stable profit. Even not only for themselves, but both for customers. Normal spreads, averages on the market, actually rather lower, static. For a couple of months I have been trading a couple of “dollar euro”. Smart analytics, there is no commission to withdraw to a wallet or card. It happens that you can not call in support the first time, I hang for 5 minutes. It would be good to add traders’ tournaments, contests, more additional services, webinars. I make allowances for that very youth.
                                                    1. Sergii 31.10.2018
                                                      Recently closed my Fresh Forex account. There were hassle with delayed withdrawal. I registered in the Capital Hall, so far everything suits. Anyone will definitely like the withdrawal within half an hour, almost any amount, whether 10 bucks, or a hundred and more. No additional interest on the withdrawal on the card? there can be only your bank’s commission. The system is stable, it works fine, the terminal is MetaTrader 4. The orders are nimble, the data exchange speed is impressive. Yes, there are no demo and micro accounts here, but as for me, this is not really necessary. It is better to work with the external market, with real transactions, and on static spreads. Here they are also sane. That’s what I’ll bring to the minus, is the work of support, or rather its organization. Guys, it is inconvenient to communicate only via phone or email, it’s already time to install a chat on the site or at least to work in messengers.
                                                      1. Paul 02.11.2018
                                                        After a month of working with the broker Capital Hall, I can share a real review. In general, it is clear that there is still need to get into shape. There are not enough services, only four trading packages: basic, silver, gold and platinum. Basic is the most blank, of course, no demos, webinars, attractive items for newers such as contests or tournaments. It’s great that only bank interest is taken, static spreads are relatively low. The system itself is fast, and orders fly, and I / O is not delayed. There may be braking in a storm, when the market is in a fever, fulfilment may slow down for a few seconds, from two-three till five-six, but here everything is explicable without a complaint. In addition, if your account went down to a minus due to market surges, it will automatically recover to zero. There were practically no requotes.
                                                        1. Andre 07.11.2018
                                                          I am not a special craftsman to write reviews on the Internet, I rarely do this. Hope my experience will be useful, just as someone’s feedback helped me six months ago, when I decided to change a broker. I opened an account on Capital Hall. I had enough knowledge and skills to make this decision balanced. Focused on clear advantages: on average, the spreads correspond to the market, not pulled up, and more often even lower than the average. Attractive conditions for CAD, NZD. Successful analytics, high accuracy, it is interesting to interact with it. Among the shortcomings, there are no demos, micro accounts, a small selection of tariff packages. For beginners, it will be convenient that you can start with just a few hundred bucks, without much investment and significant damage to the budget.
                                                          1. Linda 12.11.2018
                                                            I will quickly talk about my experience with Capital Hall. I have never met in the internet some fabulously beautiful luring customers to this broker, no unrealistic promises and boasting of worldwide recognition, years of success and titles won. The company simply gives the opportunity to work and objectively evaluate its system to its true worth, based on the experience. Normal spreads, key currencies are even a bit lower when compared with overall market indicators. Static, which is convenient. Withdrawal of money without delay, I spent about an hour on everything, more often it’s even faster. Sometimes you have to wait for a connection with support, hang on the line. Not particularly annoying, because the support is adequate, always ready to apologize for the wait and help with advice and support.
                                                            1. jothef 17.11.2018
                                                              I was attracted to Capital Hall by an adequate attitude to the problems of the client, reasonable trading conditions and a clear determination to obtain a positive reputation in the market. I was lucky to call in support almost always the first time. Managers communicate respectfully, answer all questions patiently, provide maximum information, help to quickly understand. Low enough static spreads. There is no commission for money input, and funds are depositing at the current rate of the bank. The only bank percentage can there, there is no commission from the broker for withdrawal. On this positive background, I will say that there is not enough contests, as for me, this does not spoil the general impression of the broker, just a little boring without any tournaments.
                                                              1. Haris 20.11.2018
                                                                I traded with BCS, until I compared spreads with competitors, I began to see clearly, I realized that it was too expensive. Decided to change the broker, relied on my currencies that I trade – USD and JPY. The figures below all came from Capital Hall. A bonus was the fact of static spreads, generally super. I work here with the terminal Meta Trader 4, and very happy about it, did not see an even more sane terminal. But this is my opinion. Delays and disconnects were not. Already wrote in support, I hope the organizers will listen and add packages, and the site itself will be updated more often.
                                                                1. Will 26.11.2018
                                                                  I have a silver package at Capital Hall. I have been trading here for 10 months. Of course I understood what conditions I am going to, the system was transparent, all expectations were met. The quotes are mid-market, static low spreads, there are no extra fees, only for spreads, for sure there is no input and output. Sensible analyst. Excellent technical support in my opinion, they tell, help, and I always dial the phone from the first or second time. For beginners, there will be a lack of demos, micro accounts and training webinars, see for yourself. I am satisfied with my package, but I already have a great experience.
                                                                  1. Alies 28.11.2018
                                                                    This is not the first offshore broker in my life. If you have clearly decided to work with such a company, choose thoughtfully and very carefully. You can get to the one where transactions are scrolled through the server without entering the outer market. I have no complaints or questions to Capital Hall, only offers. Input and withdrawn funds without problems, did it repeatedly. Fixed spreads, under very favorable terms. I do not know about all currencies, I mainly judge by AUD and NZD. To temporary disadvantages I bring in the lack of online support, I just don’t like to waste time dialing, it’s easier for me to write than to call. I hope this proposal will be considered and the situation will improve.
                                                                    1. Donald 03.12.2018
                                                                      Dynamic spreads of my past broker often climbed beyond the originally established boundaries. And for no apparent reason. I called in support, was indignant, in response I heard some illogical bam-bam-bam. Spat and brought out the money, opened an account at Capital Hall on the advice of a good friend. Chalk and cheese! Static spreads are often even lower than in the market. Excellent conditions for scalping on small transactions. There is no interest on the input and output of money, except for the possible banking. Overall, completely satisfied.
                                                                      1. Uri 07.12.2018
                                                                        My assets are mostly metal related. I made the decision to change the broker when I learned that Capital Hall had static, fixed spreads. It is very convenient, in my opinion it is much more comfortable to work on them with deposits. Yes, and general reviews impressed me. There was no need to appeal in support of a special need, I only consulted a couple of times when I dealt with the installation and configuration of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. By the way, I didn’t get through the first attempt. But I wasn’t not hanging on line for many minutes.
                                                                        1. Mick 10.12.2018
                                                                          Suddenly someone will benefit from my experience. A couple of months ago I opened an account with Forex broker Capital Hall. I am not new to the business, so the choice was not random. Which of the advantages: fixed low spreads, especially for my CAD / NZD pair, high accuracy of analytics, it is interesting to trade, you can work with cryptocurrency, you can start with small injections without much damage to the budget. Among the shortcomings: there are few tariff packages, no demo and micro accounts, training webinars, there are not enough financial instruments at the starting level.
                                                                          1. Oriana 14.12.2018
                                                                            I can not fail to note the respectful, decent attitude of the broker Capital Hall to its clients. Plus, the company offers adequate trading conditions. Competent support, you can call quickly at any time. There is no commission for withdrawal and withdrawal, fairly low spreads, static. The recommended deposit for the start is only three hundred dollars, it seems to me that this is a rather low threshold. The broker also has no contests, bonuses and various kinds of promotions.
                                                                            1. Breath 21.12.2018
                                                                              Briefly about my impressions of working with Capital Hall. You will not hear from this broker about various rewards or years of experience. The company simply works, itself, and gives customers the opportunity to earn with their brain, using broker tools. I only trade currency. There are good spreads for key currency pairs, lower on average than there are in the market. In addition, the spreads are fixed. Good competent technical support, ready to answer any question on trading and give exactly the advice that is useful. However, sometimes you have to wait for the connection. Withdrawal is quick, I had a maximum of two hours.
                                                                              1. Miho 27.12.2018
                                                                                I trade in metals. Try to select a broker with a stable scheme of work. The last time I mostly looked on spreads and reviews online. Now I work with Capital Hall. Here, the spreads are fixed, which gives more opportunities for comfortable and stable trading. I used the technical support knowledge only once, I had to understand how to install the Meta Trader 4 terminal. I didn’t get through right away, by the way, I had to hang 3-4 minutes on the line. Overall satisfied. For intraday trades there are all the necessary options and tools, the execution is almost instantaneous, the spreads are low, the withdrawal to the card is free of charge (not including banking).
                                                                                1. Masha 30.12.2018
                                                                                  I closed my account with BKS after analyzing the competitors’ spreads, came to the conclusion that trading here is more expensive than expected. While I was reading the information online, I paid more attention to the conditions for my USD / JPY currency pair. It turned out that the lowest spreads were at the little-known broker Capital Hall. What else is profitable here, the spreads are initially fixed. I work with the platform MetaTrader 4, in my opinion this is the most sane terminal, without bugs and brakes. But one thing, the information on the site could be updated more often, and, in my opinion, not enough tariff packages.
                                                                                  1. Katy 01.01.2019
                                                                                    After the New Year holidays, I opened a silver account with a broker Capital Hall. All my expectations were met: fixed spreads, mid-market quotes, commissions only for spreads, and there is no percentage for replenishment / withdrawal, all as stated by the broker. Excellent analytics, even higher than expected here. Competent support helps, suggests. Sometimes lucky to call almost immediately))) There are no micro accounts and demos, well, I don’t need it anymore, but for beginners it would be useful.
                                                                                    1. Zinger 05.01.2019
                                                                                      As I think, if you want to make forex a source of your income, (first or second), then first of all you need to strain and choose a really decent broker. There is always the risk of running into the kitchen and losing everything invested there. Two months ago, I opened an account on Capital Hall. Meta Trader Platform 4. Quick enough and easy registration, you replenish the account and work. Resupplying takes place at the current rate, no additional interest is charged. It is very convenient to work from the tablet, there is a native application, you quickly install it in a couple of minutes and is ready. But, alas, I didn’t work out as quickly with Mac. The application did not fit for him, I had to use magic and put the MT on the emulator. Oddly enough, the terminal is not buggy and does not hang. The ordering itself is fast, as is the I / O. In my opinion, this is a reliable and promising broker.
                                                                                      1. Luis 08.01.2019
                                                                                        Dynamic spreads at my past broker recently began to creep beyond the stated boundaries. I tried to find out this question with support, but in response did not receive a single clear explanation, only vague phrases. Couldn’t stand it, took the money and went on the advice of a friend to Capital Hall. Here, the spreads are fixed, and profitable for the market. I practice scalping, and here you can see very well a good profit from small instant transactions. Another advantage is that the broker does not take an additional percentage on the withdrawal and input.
                                                                                        1. Richard 15.01.2019
                                                                                          As for me, the broker Capital Hall has a large range in tariff packages, there are only four of them. And if the base costs for you only 250 bucks, then for the next levels prepare $2,000, $10,000 and $50,000 respectively already. I would prefer to take a seat between the first tariff package and the second one. So far, I am at the base level, and have already studied everything, everything is suitable for me here. But I already want more opportunities for analytics, more tools. Slowly I earn, maybe I will soon grow to the next level. Ideally, I want to make money for a house on the ocean beach under palm trees)))
                                                                                          1. Leo 19.01.2019
                                                                                            Capital Hall is not the first broker in my life. I can share the experience, it might come in handy. I work mainly on a pair of CAD / NZD, here are the lowest spreads. In general, all spreads here are lower in comparison with the market. Four custom packages, you can go to the base with only 250 bucks. All tariffs have the same leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads. 50 major currency pairs are presented. Support is adequate and always helps, regardless of the selected tariff plan. You will have a personal manager after opening an account, you can direct any question to him, besides around the clock. MetaTrader 4 is a fairly flexible and high-performance trading platform with successful analytics. It is interesting to twist the settings, apply it and choose your own strategy. By the way, you can trade a cryptocurrency, and the broker cares about the security of customers, so there is only access to a proven crypto. In order not only to praise, I’ll add a fly in the ointment. There are no tournaments, contests, demo and micro accounts, and it’s impossible to call in to support from the first try.
                                                                                            1. Siri 21.01.2019
                                                                                              It’s comfortable to trade with the broker Capital Hall. Support adequately applies to all, without exception, trading conditions are convenient. Spreads are low, fixed, no commissions, withdraws quickly without delay. It is a pity that there are no contests and all sorts of competitions, sometimes you want. I trade half a year, withdrew twice on the card. I will not take off anymore, I want to save up depot.
                                                                                              1. Fritz 24.01.2019
                                                                                                I opened a PRO account in Capital Hall in the summer with an initial investment of $ 10,000. Very nice spreads at this level, I am pleased. Profit grows. This is probably the most important difference from the packages below. I have a personal manager, although I almost never use this service, I’m already an experienced player in forex. The MetaTrader 4 platform solves all questions up to the complete automation of the process. Analytics is great. I don’t need demo and micro accounts anymore, but you just must know that the broker doesn’t have them at all))) for all packages there is the possibility of scalping, news trading, 1: 300 leverage, and 50 pairs of key currency in the asset.
                                                                                                1. Capral 26.01.2019
                                                                                                  Left BKC when I decided to compare spreads with competitors. It was hurt because I saw the difference and not in favor of BKC ((( I chose my next broker by my USD / JPY pair. I found out that the lowest spreads are from the unknown company Capital Hall. The first thought, of course, is this a fraud? scam? or a kitchen at all? Got to google, re-read all the information, found feedbacks. It turned out that this broker on the market is about for two years, founded by versed traders with years of experience and practice, they made it for themselves, with an understanding of the matter. They use the MetaTrader 4 platform, reliable and very popular among top brokers. Static spreads, four tariffs, a low entry threshold to the basic level – only 250 bucks. Well, ok, the money is not the biggest, and I registered. The system is stable, without disconnects, slippage and requotes rarely happen, and this is normal IMHO. I tested the support by calls, and was not disappointed, the experience is felt, submission of information like a trading pro, not just any girl operators. You can sell currency and commodity asset, you can scalp. So, I’ll stay here again.
                                                                                                  1. Till 28.01.2019
                                                                                                    Be careful before choosing the first broker. There are those that do not withdraw transactions to the external market, but twist through their servers, the kitchen is shorter. And now about the good. Capital Hall has been working with real deals and I have been here for 7 months During this time, more than once I have already withdrawn various amounts on the card. Static spreads, below market, judging by my pair AUD / NZD. What I do not like at all is the terms of communication with the broker. Calling for a long time, and there is no online chat: ( I prefer to write more than to talk live. I think I’m not the only one.
                                                                                                    1. Viko 31.01.2019
                                                                                                      Spreads of my past broker often got out of the limits stated. At first I was surprised, then I began to resent. Support did not give any information, they say, and what you do not like, it’s not our fault, it’s just such a market. I decided not to suffer and just left after the withdrawal of all funds. A friend advised to register with a young broker Capital Hall. Here, the spreads are fixed, and generally more profitable. I love scalping, for small transactions I get a stable profit above. The broker does not have any commissions; when withdrawing money to a card, the bank interest can be charged.
                                                                                                      1. Andrash 02.02.2019
                                                                                                        With my experience in metal trading, I learned to see brokers through and through. I see the kitchen immediately, fake reviews too. In general, I trust the recommendations of real proven people more. For example, I chose my current broker, Capital Hall, on the advice of a familiar journalist who writes reviews for a small forex site. He trades and certainly understands the topic. Immediately noted that all the declared trading conditions are fully consistent with reality, everything works stably, transparently. For any question, you can contact technical support, which will politely listen, give detailed advice or short advice. You can call, but it’s not simple. Reliable terminal MetaTrader 4 never fails, so I was initially calm on this matter. Thank you friend, all expectations were met, and now I can recommend this broker too.
                                                                                                        1. Melinda 04.02.2019
                                                                                                          Prior to Capital Hall, I worked with many other brokers, so there is experience. Basically I trade a pair of CAD / NZD, spreads on it here, by the way, below the total market. In general, both the spreads and quotes here correspond to the market, static. There are four tariff packages. Basic one costs only 250 bucks. Leverage is 1: 300. Broker trades 50 key currency pairs. You can trade proven cryptocurrency. Terminal MetaTrader 4, a fairly flexible and efficient trading platform. It is interesting to customize it for yourself and your strategy. There are no tournaments, competitions, contests, micro and demo accounts. Call in support from the first time is impossible. But there are no complaints to the support itself, they work around the clock, an excellent competent team of specialists, adequate, always helps to deal with incomprehensibilities on the topic. There is a personal manager.
                                                                                                          1. Feri 07.02.2019
                                                                                                            Trading with Capital Hall broker is easy, profitable and interesting. Technical support is discreetd, works politely, answers all questions about the topic. Convenient fixed spreads. No commission on I / O. Money withdrawn without delay. No training materials, webinars. There are no demo accounts, contests and tournaments yet. This is a pity. For half a year I deduced a large amount of money to the card twice, now I am saving up a depot.
                                                                                                            1. Brain 11.02.2019
                                                                                                              At the end of June, I finally switched to the PRO of Hall Capital broker account with an initial investment of $ 10,000. I had to save, but with this manager and his conditions it is real. At this level, very favorable spreads. Especially for them I came here. Profit is growing now even faster. For the rest, the conditions do not differ much from the package’s lower propositions. All tariffs include the option of scalping, news trading, leverage 1: 300 and 50 key currency pairs in the asset. There is a personal manager, although I practically do not use technical support services. I also do not need demo and micro accounts, I’ll just write so that you know that they are not here))) Terminal MetaTrader 4 can be set up to full automation, smoothes slippage, allows you to enable trading bots and do your own business at this time. Super analytics, daily updated.
                                                                                                              1. Peter 12.02.2019
                                                                                                                I was looking for a suitable broker with favorable terms for my pair of USD and JPY. Found a young broker with an unknown name, Capital Hall. At first I thought that maybe they were fraudsters, some kind of scam? I started searching for information, it turns out that I just missed everything. The company has been on the market for more than two years, founded by experienced traders with practical experience of several years. The MetaTrader 4 terminal, a reliable and stable system known to hundreds of thousands of traders. Fixed spreads, four tariff plans, an available entry threshold for the base level, only 250 bucks. I decided to open an account, I registered. Well here everything is thought out, excellent support, give the most complete information and advise only proven ways to solve problems. I’ll stay here for more work.
                                                                                                                1. Kail 14.02.2019
                                                                                                                  One must be very careful when choosing a broker, this is especially important for beginners. There are companies that successfully disguise ordinary kitchen with a mass of beautiful promises. And then all transactions remain on the broker’s servers and do not enter the foreign market. To earn on such brokers is unreal. I had a certain amount of fears on this topic when I was advised to trade with the little-known broker Capital Hall. I was afraid that if young, then surely fraudsters. From the time of experience I gained and learned how to distinguish a kitchen from a live broker with real deals. It’s been 7 months here. Not once have already withdrawn money on the card. Under the terms of the broker, fixed spreads, slightly below market. True, there are drawbacks. The broker has no operational communication channels with technical support, The broker has no operative communication channels with technical support, and the phone has not been considered like this for a long time. To call from the first time is generally beyond the limits of the possible. And in general, I like to write to the chat, and not to sit and wait for the connection, in order to then forget everything I wanted to say.
                                                                                                                  1. David 17.02.2019
                                                                                                                    My former broker did not follow the spreads and they often got out beyond the limits of the established limits. Several times I turned to technical support, was surprised, then began to resent. Support did not react any. I do not like to make trouble, so I simply withdrew all the funds and left. By this time I already had a couple of recommendations on hand. A friend advised to open an account with a young broker Capital Hall. Quotes here are the same as in the general market, nothing is picked up, static spreads. All conditions for successful scalping. There is no commission for withdrawal / input, execution is fast. The system works predictably, transparently and fair.
                                                                                                                    1. Anix 20.02.2019
                                                                                                                      For several years I have been trading in metal and have gained enough experience to distinguish real deals from the kitchen. I immediately see fake feedbacks or customized reviews. I prefer to consult with experts. My last broker, Capital Hall, was advised by a journalist friend who wrote small notes for the average hand of the forex site. He is quite strong in the subject, although he does not work in the top edition. Just sick with forex. A friend said that this company was created by real pros, so the system is debugged to the maximum, there should not be uncalculated nonsense, bugs and system crashes. So it turned out. In addition, an excellent support, tactful, competent. Calling is difficult, but possible. The expanded analytics is updated every day. There is an excellent customizable MetaTrader 4 terminal. The execution speed is almost instant. So I’m still testing the broker.
                                                                                                                      1. Aragorn 23.02.2019
                                                                                                                        I do not really approve of such a wide range of tariff packages broker Capital Hall. There are four of them on the site. Starting is worth 250 dollars. And the following are already 2,000, 10,000 and 50,000 respectively. If there was a possibility, I would open an account at the intermediate level between the first and second tariffs. In the meantime, I sit and save up the depot on the basic package. Already studied here all thoroughly. Already bored. I want more tools, analytical tools. And to meet old age in a rocking chair near his house on the shores of the Indian Ocean)))