Moderna: our Covid-19 vaccine seems to be 94.5 percent powerful

Moderna has announced 100 percent effectiveness of its vaccine against severe coronavirus.

Moderna has announced 100% effectiveness of its vaccine against severe coronavirus.

In total, more than 30,000 people took part in the vaccine trials The American company Moderna reported that the effectiveness of its vaccine against coronavirus reaches 94.1%, and to prevent severe disease - 100%.

This is stated in the company's press release. In the third phase of research on the Moderna vaccine, 30,000 people took part. The experts studied, in particular, how the participants' bodies reacted two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine. In particular, 196 people became ill with coronavirus, 185 of them received a placebo, another 11 - those who were vaccinated.

Among the test participants, 30 people developed severe COVID-19. They all received a placebo. One COVID-19-related death was also reported among all participants in the experiment. This person also received a placebo. On November 16, Moderna reported that during the third phase of testing, its vaccine was effective in 94.5% of cases, but then the assessment was based on an analysis of 95 cases.

The price of a single dose of Moderna coronavirus vaccine will range from $ 25 to $ 37.

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