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British guarantees provided by Access Capital Markets Forex broker: review

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What is the key thought for those who want to try their hand at trading for the first time, what is the main concern of a potential investor? Of course, the safety of your investment. Regardless of the amount a trader has at his disposal, everyone wants to minimize risks. That is why it is so important to choose a reliable broker.

But what is included in the concept of reliability? We asked Access Capital Markets broker, who has been on the market for 20 years. Registered in 2001 in London, the company provides mediation services for investors from Western Europe, and from 2020 - from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. Several years ago, this company received the status of "broker of the year" and in recent years has been actively expanding both the geography of its work and its functionality. For example, today with this broker you can trade all currencies on Forex, as well as go to cryptocurrency exchanges (for example, Binance) to buy bitcoins. Investing in currencies remains one of the most profitable financial operations. But one cannot possibly succeed without building a successful strategy in this matter.

Access Capital Markets Forex broker with reliable conditions

So what do we know about Access Capital Markets broker? Company has earned a good reputation, as evidenced by numerous reviews on English-language online platforms. Most often, clients mention the reliability of cooperation with this company, which seeks to resolve problem issues as quickly as possible, responsive in terms of technical support for trades and transactions. In addition, the company's managers have repeatedly received good responses for high-quality consulting. This company does not offer fabulous profits in a short time, but promises that it will help you understand trading strategies, teach you how to see and use trends. In other words, the broker provides a fishing rod, not a fish, which is a much more effective approach on the long distance. It is especially suitable for novice traders with minimal experience and limited financial resources.


British law and regulation

What can we briefly say about the characteristics of the company? As already mentioned, the broker has been operating since 2001. During this time, it has collected an impressive number of certified clients and awards.

Access Capital Markets Forex broker was registered in England, which means that its activities fit into the harsh British laws. The company really very strictly regulates the issues of cooperation with the client, reminding about all the risks of trading on the stock exchange.

The registered office of the company is in the City of London, which is no less famous than Wall Street of the United States. The best stocks brokers have their offices here. The company we are talking about today is housed in the popular Broadgate skyscraper.

Access Capital Markets broker, AccessCapitalMarkets broker, Access Capital Markets forex,

The contact telephone number is also British. Using it, you will be consulted about the services of the company, the terms of cooperation. However, the telephone is more often used to clarify urgent issues, and e-mail is suitable for obtaining help information.

On the official web resource Accessgroupcapital.com the company indicates that it is an FCA regulated broker. That is, it is subordinate to the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This fact alone already guarantees full compliance with market laws.

But if someone is interested in the details of cooperation, they are set out in the statutory documentation, which is publicly available on the company's website.

The documents are presented in the original language. The English version takes precedence over all translations. Therefore, if you have questions about the meaning of a particular point, it is better to check with the company's lawyer (use the feedback form on the website for this).

To protect company and its clients against fraudulent transactions and money laundering through financial transactions, the Anti Money Laundering legislative framework has been developed. A broker operating in Europe cannot get the license unless it ratifies these laws and incorporates them into their own client guidelines. Access Capital Markets Forex platform is a fair marketplace. Therefore, the company supports AML and complies with its norms: it requires the client to verify the identity, and can also cancel dubious transactions for large amounts.

Access Capital Markets broker, AccessCapitalMarkets broker, Access Capital Markets forex,

Transparent registration and easy withdrawal of money

You can start working with a company in four simple steps:

Methods for depositing and withdrawing money from a broker are quite standard and do not have any special restrictions. So, to transfer through the payment system, you can use any convenient intermediary. Depositing and withdrawing to a bank account takes up to five business days (that is, without weekends and holidays), but usually it is processed within one day. If you work with a cryptocurrency and deposit coins to a crypto wallet, such an enrollment can take place instantly, and verification of transaction lasts up to 24 hours.



As warned by Access Capital Markets Forex remains a place of risky investments, especially with high leverage (this company offers one of the most favorable conditions - 1: 100 leverage, but not for all tariff plans).

Please note the Risk Disclosure and Refund Policy. The first document contains explanations for the specifics of margin trading, liquidity of transactions, commission payments, etc. The second document indicates the reasons for the possible freezing of the account and its unblocking.

The most important rule that any trader needs to know is that the responsibility for his trades lies with him. A broker, even the most professional one, acts as an intermediary, recommends certain strategies, provides financial resources, but cannot make a final decision.

 More information about Access Capital Markets broker:


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Johannes Röll

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