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Reasons to suspect a scam: MSP Limited talks about Forex scammers

MSP Limited: scam or not Johannes Röll Visitors: 16 ★★★★★

The most common traps for traders prepared by a scammer. MSP Limited scam prevention department described what to avoid.

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Forex broker MSP Limited

Mindfulness is the top quality that a trader needs to develop. It is essential to take your time to carefully study the broker's website and the terms of cooperation with it – here; you can quickly understand before you an honest broker or a scam MSP Limited told you what signs might indicate dishonesty of a brokerage company.

Five Signs You're Getting Scammed MSP Limited will point to red flags

Broker registered on the islands.

Everyone who has come across Forex trading has heard about scam projects. Usually, these brokers promise exorbitant profits. Some clients could profit from such transactions, but these brokers typically do not last long. Usually, traders invest money and do not have time to get their profit. Such companies quickly create the appearance of bankruptcy. And registration on the islands away from Europe helps them in this: the laws of such countries do not regulate the activities of financial organizations so strictly.

Registration in distant countries is not the best sign of the activity of a brokerage company.

No own trading platform

A decent company must have a trading platform; otherwise, where will you work after replenishing the deposit. You have a suspicious broker if this company does not have its trading platform. You may have to pay extra money for renting a trading platform from another site. Option two - in front of you is a scammer who will hide in an unknown direction with your money.

Aggressive selling instead of providing services

If they want to sell you a successful strategy, paid training programs before starting trading, you are more likely to be a scammer. All these offers force you to buy something. Paid courses can only be purchased if you have already started working with a broker and understand that the company can be trusted.

Too high profitable interest

Suppose there is little information on the site but many very profitable offers that encourage you to invest money here and now, feel free to end your cooperation with such a broker. A typical broker soberly assesses the market situation, the possibility of a price drawdown, or a possible profit from collaboration.

Attempts to obtain your data

There is a type of scam called phishing. Fraudsters try to get hold of your personal data in deceptive ways to get hold of your money or personal information.

MSP Limited scam protection team on what a decent broker should be

Let's go through the signs of the last section, taking the site MSP-limited.com as an example. Forex scams are designed for inexperienced traders. Here are three tips for choosing a decent broker:

Choose a company registered in Europe. The company has been registered in Zurich since 2012, and since then, the location has not changed:

Learn the terms of trade. You can learn about trading conditions from the trading section of the site. Portfolios for trading with different conditions can be studied on the website MSP-limited.com presented in different versions.

Examine the trading terminal. A good trading platform has many tools, technology, and computer analysis opportunities. The platform should be intuitive and functional. MSP Limited broker has a stationary platform and an online platform.

It is also possible to install a mobile application for trading.


Choose a broker with registration in Europe for cooperation; it is also essential that the company's website is filled with important information for the trader. Happy trading!

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 9

Barnett Christopher 03.04.2022

Why do many people think MSP-limited.com fraud? After all, this is an honest broker who works on transparent terms and at a higher level than their competitors. I have been working with them since 2018. I'm doing great.

07.04.2022 Flowers Ethan

In principle, I can say that I earn from Msp limited, but that's all relatively. If for only $ 200 $ $ 300 is money, then for others it is for pocket expenses. I do not neglect such amounts, because in my country and in my city some people live for such an amount.

11.04.2022 Hunt Todd

No shares, no bonuses, no competitions. But I have been holding the main accounts there for 13 years. Periodically and walk around others, but I see no reason to change.

15.04.2022 Park Ralf

Good trade conditions, narrow spread, quick execution of transactions without strong slippers, pleasant site design, good analytics, convenient personal account

17.04.2022 Long Grant

You can replenish and remove normally. The conclusion is fast, everything is usually smooth, there was a problem with the requests, but this is already my fault, I forgot that MT5 differs in this sense, they helped in technical support, they told how to set the settings.

18.04.2022 Jones Charles

I cooperate with the company for 10 years, there are no complaints, the system of competitions, crediting the prize and withdrawal of funds without problems, in parallel, dealt with a number of top brokers and made sure that Msp limited a decent company that proved it for years of stable work and numerous awards, I am pleased .

20.04.2022 Watson Williamя

I keep an account from the winter. There are small complaints, but in general I like the broker. It is unfortunate that there is no PAMM accounts, in Msp limited the performance of a very good level, and in the accounts and $ 100, and 10,000-verified personally. I would love to take accounts here to the management of accounts, slippage are rare, and accurate ones are accurate on any amount of closure.

27.04.2022 Leonard Jack

Advisers work well, which cannot but rejoice. It can be seen that the company has seriously approached this matter. In general, I highly appreciate this broker and I can recommend!

30.04.2022 Hardy Baldric

The terminal did not fall off, the connection did not disappear. I did not notice fraud with orders or quotes, and everything arrived with fixation. In general, I continue to work.

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