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Italy looking for EU rules for Christmas skiing to restrict COVID-19 danger

Italy looking for EU rules to restrict COVID-19 danger Johannes Röll Visitors: 379 ★★★★


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention intends to reduce the quarantine period for those who have been in contact with COVID-19 patients from 14 days to 7-10 days. The reasons for this relaxation have not yet been named. At the same time, morbidity and mortality rates in the country continue to grow rapidly.

The United States continues to lead the world in both indicators - 13.7 million and 270.6 thousand people, respectively. France wants to ban its citizens from traveling to ski resorts in neighboring Spain and Switzerland, where the authorities intend to open the season as usual.

French authorities in France have long stated that their resorts will not open until at least the end of January, but more likely during the entire season. On some sections of the border between France and Switzerland (there are no official checkpoints there), as well as at French airports, spot checks for coronavirus have already been introduced for those returning from a neighboring country.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urge the leaders of the Alpine states, as well as other European countries with a developed ski industry, to adhere to a common policy for the safety of public health this winter.

In Germany, 487 deaths from coronavirus have been recorded in the past 24 hours, while the overall dynamics of infection rates have declined.

On Wednesday, authorities lowered the so-called R index, which indicates the scale of transmission, to 0.89 - that is, every 100 COVID-19 patients infect another 89 people.

In Italy, ski resorts will not open until mid-January. Travel between regions of the country during the Christmas and New Year holidays will be strictly limited. Throughout December, most of the country has a 21:00 curfew. At the same time, restaurants will be open for service inside.

PM Giuseppe Conte has cautioned Italians not to ski during the Christmas occasions to help check a second flood of the Covid pandemic that has killed in excess of 50,000 individuals in Italy.

He additionally approached other European nations to concur on basic guidelines for the area to forestall cases being imported from abroad if Italy keeps its slants shut - albeit neighboring Austria has just communicated its hesitations about the thought.

On Wednesday, the Austrian government is discussing a plan to exit the country from a second nationwide lockdown, slated for next week. At the moment it is known that first of all it is planned to open shops and schools. Teachers will only be allowed to work if they test negative for coronavirus. High school students will be able to return to school, but with the obligatory presence of masks. Hotels, bars and entertainment venues are likely to remain closed. Ski resorts will open during the Christmas period, but only for the Austrians themselves and without the possibility of spending the night.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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Italy looking for EU rules to restrict COVID-19 danger

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Italy looking for EU rules to restrict COVID-19 danger

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Italy looking for EU rules to restrict COVID-19 danger

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Italy looking for EU rules to restrict COVID-19 danger

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Italy looking for EU rules to restrict COVID-19 danger

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Italy looking for EU rules to restrict COVID-19 danger

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