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InvestingViews scam check tip: how to protect your trading capital from scams.

InvestingViews scam analysts recommend knowing these rules | InvestingViews.net scam? Johannes Röll Visitors: 52 ★★★★★

How to secure your money and your trading account, tips from InvestingViews broker

As a forex trader, you should know how to protect your trading account balance as this is a vital part of forex money management. This is a concept that protects your trading capital from losing trades. InvestingViews scam security department has prepared some tips on how to protect yourself from fraud.

InvestingViews scam check tip:

Even if the web address in the email may appear legitimate, the scammers can disguise the real address. Instead of just clicking a link in an email, enter the web address into your browser yourself (or use a previously created bookmark).

Safety advice from InvestingViews scam analysts:

Fraudsters need your password. Be careful with it. The best passwords are the ones that are difficult to guess. Try using a password consisting of a combination of numbers, letters (both upper and lower case), punctuation marks, and special characters. You should change your password regularly and use different passwords for each of your accounts. Do not share your password with other people and never reply to phishing emails using your password or other confidential information. You also don't have to store your password on your computer. If you need to write down your password, keep it in a safe private place.

Safety advice from InvestingViews scam detection team:

Be especially careful with wireless connections. Wireless networks may not provide the same level of security as wired Internet connections. In fact, many "hotspots" - wireless networks in public places such as airports, hotels and restaurants - are not very secure, making it easier for fraudsters to access and use these wireless networks. If you are not using a security token, you may decide that accessing your online broker account over a wireless connection is not worth the risk.

InvestingViews scam analysts state: fraud can be avoided if you are attentive. Log out completely. Closing or minimizing your browser or entering a new web address after you have finished using your online account may not be sufficient to prevent others from accessing your account information. Instead, click the Log Out button to end your online session. In addition, you must not allow your browser to "remember" your username and password information. If this browser feature is active, anyone using your computer will have access to your brokerage account information.

How do you know if your account has been stolen?

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to determine if someone has stolen your identity. If you follow these steps, you can know if you've been a victim of identity theft and protect yourself from further harm.

InvestingViews scam protectiontip: Read the story of bank/card operations. Do not delete monthly account statements! Read them carefully as soon as they appear to make sure that all the transactions shown are those that you actually made, and check if all the transactions that you thought you made are also displayed. Make sure your bank has current contact information about you, including your mailing address and email address. If you see an error in your statement or do not receive your statement, contact your bank immediately.

Keep track of your credit report. Viewing your credit score can alert you to unauthorized activity and therefore can be an effective way to combat identity theft.

InvestingViews.net scam detection team advice: Please read the brokerage account agreement carefully because many firms believe that you are responsible for the security of your account information such as your username, password and account number. In addition, your brokerage account agreement may contain information on what specific steps you should take if you notice any unauthorized activity.

What to do if you run into problems - security team of InvestingViews scam check list

Always act quickly when faced with potential scams, especially if you have lost money or think your account has been stolen.

And there’s also an issue of phishing emails. If a phishing scam gets into your inbox, report it to your broker right away.

Be careful and have a good trade!

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Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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Bryan Ronald 02.08.2021

InvestingViews are decent, but there’s not much you can say on top of that. Using only Metatrader limits your choices a lot.

Fletcher Russell 06.08.2021

Of course, forex brokers are no magicians, but InvestingViews got pretty damn close. Love these guys

Harmon John 07.08.2021

All these naggers will hate any broker they see whichever arguments you provide them, so just ignore. InvestingViews are really good and I’m glad I’ve decided to work with them

Holmes Walter 10.08.2021

InvestingViews was a real discovery for me when I was looking for a broker to start forex trading. Now, after a couple of months working with them, this impression still stands

French Charles 18.08.2021

InvestingViews terms for entry are awesome, just what a beginner trader needs. I sincerely recommend these guys

Ray John 25.08.2021

At first I thought that InvestingViews are perfect, but they have their problems, don’t be mistaken. For one, the support service, how do I put it… it SUCKS. Hard. It’s easier to establish peace in Middle East than to get an answer from these dudes

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