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Expert Empire Swiss review 2022. All about Forex Broker

Empire Swiss review Forex Broker 2022 Johannes Röll Visitors: 106
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To trade on the stock exchange, you need a broker. You cannot do without an intermediary. He connects the player with the stock market, receiving a certain remuneration for his work. Each company has its own conditions and tariffs. The amount of commission may also vary.

Empire Swiss broker review

Empire Swiss best forex brokers for low cost trading on forex. The platform has over 120 financial instruments available at all times. The demo account and training materials deserve special attention.

The service works 24/7. There is a bonus system, analytical information and statistics. There is no overpayment. There are no hidden fees or additional commissions. All conditions are the most transparent. The minimum deposit for Empire Swiss is only $10.

On the website you can view the schedule of trading sessions, look at the calendar of economic events, study expert analyses, etc.

Empire Swiss best forex broker for beginners and best forex brokers for low cost trading. You can fund your account in several convenient ways. There is 24-hour support.

A bit of history

More than 1,000 customers have used the service. Empire Swiss's founding date is 28 January 2020. During this time, the company has reached a new level by significantly expanding its list of trading assets. There are 150 people on staff in the quality control department alone. This is not a bad indicator of reliability and stability.

What can Empire Swiss customers expect?

The Empire Swiss broker is open 24/7. The best training material for self-education is collected here. Convenient deposit/withdrawal system. There is a multilingual support service and free demo account. With its help, you can get the necessary experience for trading.

The company has developed a special system of rewards. If there is a certain amount on the deposit, other trading conditions apply.

10 dollars - is the size of the minimum deposit on Empire Swiss. All conditions are spelled out in the user agreement. There are no hidden fees. There is also no service charge.

 What services can it offer?

There is free training in the form of articles and webinars. The educational section includes information on how to use the trading terminals, a glossary of Forex terms/concepts, etc. Exchange players can periodically participate in seminars. The Empire Swiss exchange offers courses teaching the basics of trading and more. Every client can read informative articles at any time. An expert supervises the entire learning process.

In addition to calculators and expert analyses, there are other financial tools. There are terminals available for download:

They have enough functionality for successful trading. The analytical section contains statistics.

Empire Swiss invest review

Empire Swiss is licensed in the UK. The service itself is registered in England. All documents confirming the legality of the activities on the website. The broker is one of the largest companies. It works openly, without hiding its history. More than 1,000 clients have opened accounts here. Monthly turnover exceeds tens of millions of dollars.

Empire Swiss forex broker review

The Empire Swiss broker creates a comfortable trading environment. It is possible to open several currency accounts. Here is what else you can count on:

Country and asset class divides Empire Swiss trading permits. 


It has everything you need to work in forex. Training in an accessible and free format, bonuses, demo account. Support is available 24 hours a day. Forex exchange Empire Swiss is licensed and has been operating since 2020. Various tools are available to users. Already more than 1,000 customers have appreciated the benefits of the service.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 15

George Andrew 04.11.2022

I am writing about a broker that I have been using for a long time - this is Empire swiss investments. I like the application, a very convenient interface, everything is available, there are information and tips for beginners. Now, basically, I only disasters for the exchange, I have not decided to buy anything yet, because the situation is not clear

Lawrence Nicholas 12.11.2022

I am a long -term investor, and thanks to this Empire swiss I became an investor. And even took part in the IPO. I remember both brakes and nerves, but still the papers were bought.

Norris Peter 13.11.2022

Despite the sad latest news about the reduction of the currency position by the bank and the introduction of large commissions, the broker Empire swiss still makes pleasant changes. Here's the fact that you can sell the currency without a commission or buy for free on the exchange, and then transfer it for example into papers, this is cool !! Even without a commission.

Stanley Neil 03.11.2022

There was a temptation to participate in the action in full, but many of those of the encirclement already have everything in Empire swiss Broker account, etc. Everyone responds well, like me) The support is good, but sometimes they answer not immediately, but after 5-15 minutes, apparently depends on the loading at different hours

Strickland Augustus 23.11.2022

At some period, the salary at work was delayed, there was not enough money. Then we all thought where to get the money. Someone changed work, someone worked part. And the investment colleague studied. I registered on the site Empire swiss, traded on a demo account with virtual shares. Now I am making real money.

Singleton Thomas 01.12.2022

Do not think that you can find a broker who will be ideal in all criteria. There's no such thing. Based on this, I can say that the Broker Empire Swiss is perhaps one of the best options for trade and earnings. I have been dealing with him for three years. During this period, there were no serious problems. The conclusion was detained only once and that, it was connected with some kind of those. Froll. I easily fulfilled the conditions of the bonus action. SMS SMS service is working, in the sense that the quality of the signals is not bad. The employees of the broker are adequate. I still like Empire Swiss broker. To be honest, I don’t even understand what may not arrange. The platform works without any requests and slippers there. There are a lot of currency pairs (for every taste as they say). Support helped me a couple of times to solve small problems. At first I was worried about withdrawing money. But it turned out that everything was all right. The last time I ordered the conclusion and after a couple of days the money was already on the card. And another convenient application and you can configure it personally for your style.

Waters Ernest 03.12.2022

When I decided to engage in trading, the question was in choosing a reliable broker. I searched for a long time, there are many options, reviews are also different and on different sources. He was registered at several venues, but all of them were not entirely reliable. Communicating on the Internet with the same beginners, I found Empire Swiss. Their conditions are one of the best in the market and work long enough, I did not want to start my journey with a young broker and not experienced. The trial score opened for trading on Forex. The entrance amount is $ 100. A single score is open now. I can choose any trade asset. I get the profit on the application. There is an opportunity to earn to eat, they do not interfere with the conclusion. My analyst is not bad for me, at least the signals that I send to me are quite accurate. I don’t like that he constantly starts a conversation about further replenishment of the account, but he has such a job, I suspect that all traders have analysts for the ears. If such trifles are discarded, then the Empire Swiss broker is quite good. There were no serious problems or nuances.

Sutton Derrick 05.12.2022

Everything in the world is changing, and for two weeks I have been a client of the broker Empire Swiss and I have been using it, I am not afraid of this word, a native platform. The idea to diversify trade capital has been visited for a long time, and then such an excellent option turned up. Super! The trading on the platform during this time did not raise questions. You can safely open an account on it. Everything is clearly configured, I did not find any problems. Execution of offhand less than a second, there were no breaks of communication. The mobile version works well. In general, I trade calmly. Now I have already gone deeper to study the broker. There are so many things there! From the options for earnings, the eyes run up. Cool and powerful corporation. So, an old, proven broker. In the last year, it became noticeably better. If earlier managers were not distinguished by their minds and quick wits, now they are more savvy (as well as everyone is gaining experience). And the speed of their work increased and less talk about what needs to be replenished (as they like to do it). In general, there is a plus. Everything else is at an average level, or a bit above average.

Thomas Anthony 08.12.2022

The chip of the broker Empire Swiss is very flexible trade conditions. Not every broker, for example, can adjust the shoulder on the account, but in Empire Swiss please. Or, for example, the type of execution, you want a market, you want an installation. In short, you can adjust the score to any strategy. The terminal works great. When I traded a robot, I had been on the server for more than a year on the server. There was not a single cliff. Moreover, the server took not particularly powerful. In the morning you enter the VPS, already several dozen deals of closed in history hanging. At the same time, exactly all the inputs and teiks worked out. Then he refused the robot when the deposit became larger. The risks are still large. Such money needs to work carefully, I switched to manual trading (I have already gained experience and courage in making quick decisions). Now the market is interesting, constantly in transactions, I’m trying to take it all the best and tempting myself and how to raise my account properly. And briefly about the broker can be said the following: a cool broker is rare today, but Empire Swiss fully met my expectations that a convenient terminal, site, quality maintenance and conclusion without delay are pleasantly impressive.

Harris David 26.12.2022

I have been working with Empire Swiss. Nothing has changed today. The terminal works properly, the conclusion and the input is normal, the spreads are nothing, but you can underestimate, this is of course my opinion, although if you take a reputation, then the spreads are normal with such stability status. For bidding, in my opinion there are all conditions: an interface, analytics who are interested in synchronous trade. In my opinion, the robot is never mistaken and I will also try. I note the speed of transactions, acceptable spreads, trade and withdrawal without commissions. So far, he withdrawn only small amounts, good, there are no restrictions on the size of the withdrawal. At first, a little non -informative site did not like it, but the whole thing is in registration, all training, and a bunch of information is opened only after opening the account. Personally, I believe that this is not entirely right. Such a small nuance turned out, but if the broker wants to, then it can easily fix it and we will only be a plus from this. In a word - the team is professional! And he moved to the SA system to trade and be responsible for his decisions.

Harold Price 07.01.2023

I think that Empire Swiss Broker would be a very good solution for you, but provided that you are not a beginner. Let me explain what I mean. The fact is that this brokerage service has a relatively high minimum output amount, which is fifty dollars. This may be a problem for those who are used to withdrawing small amounts on a regular basis. For example, many scalpers do this. This is a very suitable approach, and I also use it with other brokers. Here this cannot be done and it remains only to adapt. I think that a good thing is that this motivates to trade more actively and achieve the best results. This can motivate you to become a real professional. Since I trade using fundamental principles, my transactions bring good profit, and I can withdraw my funds at any time and any ways suitable for me. A good trader that seeks to earn as much as possible. And this is a completely feasible task, especially if the Broker Empire Swiss himself contributes to this in every possible way.

Franklin Washington 17.01.2023

For the first time I came here to scalp. I decided to open a real trading account from this broker after I got acquainted with their trade conditions and found them acceptable. By the way, my friend told me about this broker. He is a professional scalper and responds very positively about the emptire swiss broker. Among the strengths of the company, he called the trade without commission and swap, as well as narrow spreads. So, I came here with a firm decision to remove the scalp. However, over time, I began to move away from scalping. I can’t say that I abandoned, but I also began to trade in the long run and I must say that in the long run I earn more. The advantages of this broker: the broker is adjustable, is under the strict control of the regulators; A full range of services; international presence; direct access to markets; low commission; instant execution. Empire Swiss is iron reliability, safety and excellent trade quality for different trade lovers. I can calmly advise everyone!

Peter Phillips 25.01.2023

I found here what I needed. I can say that I had two reasons to open a real account of the Empire Swiss broker. The first reason is that they offer very good spreads, and I can trade here with all assets without a commission. For me, this is a very important nuance, since sometimes I trade up to 12-13 hours a day and, accordingly, the absence of the commission allows me to save on each transaction, that in total the amount is very so. You know that it is impossible to trade all day without a specific percentage of unprofitable transactions, and when you need to pay the commission, this exacerbates the situation. I like the opportunity to trade without a commission. Cryptocurrency is the second reason to trade here. Some brokers do not support the crypt, and I have recently hooked on them. I did not do this before, she was not particularly carried away and was not interested in it. On my own experience, customers and I myself appreciated the company according to criteria such as reliability, service quality and convenience of the application, which brought it to the top of the most reliable brokerage companies.

Kenneth Lawson 26.01.2023

He came to the Empire Swiss broker because he noticed that he offers very favorable trade conditions. The advantage is that with this broker you can save on every deal, and this is true for both long -term trade and scalping. If you are a scalper, you will benefit from narrow spreads and evaluate the absence of a commission. You know that the commission can be especially biting when you are faced with an unsuccessful day in scalping, and therefore the commission bites most of your already insignificant daily profit. Of course, this is very disappointed, although it better stimulates the scalp. Nevertheless, any scalper would choose trading without a commission, and Empire Swiss provides such an opportunity. If you are a long -term trader, you will undoubtedly evaluate trade without swap. Swaps can also cause irritation, especially when the rollback lasts longer than expected. I combine scalping and long -term trade, and this broker suits me. However, when I started trading here, I had to get used to the amount of withdrawal of 50 dollars. I used to withdraw small amounts almost every day. However, I cannot consider this a big drawback. You must understand that this is the price for good trade conditions.

Cory Simmons 30.01.2023

It is very important for me that after two years of searching for my broker, I finally chose the Empire Swiss broker. The broker offers an excellent trading account, he has the only one, but with very good trading conditions. In addition, it is worth noting an important fact that you can make money from a broker not only as a trader, but also as a partner. The broker has several partnership programs related to Forex, where you can also earn money, if only your desire is supported by appropriate efforts and efforts. If we talk about the withdrawal of money, that is, different ways of entering and withdrawal, and the input is free, and the conclusion occurs during the day. I plan to continue to cooperate with the broker Empire Swiss. Additional income does not bother anyone. The broker meets my requirements. Complies with the terms of the contract. Briefly about the broker can be said the following: a cool broker is rare today, but Empire Swiss fully met my expectations and pleased with his mobile application with simplicity. So future colleagues can also choose this broker as your own.

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