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Empire Swiss analysis: is not a scam. The whole truth about the Forex broker

Empire Swiss is not a scam Johannes Röll Visitors: 96

There are countless brokers operating in the Forex market across the globe. Among them there are responsible companies, institutions with a bad reputation but working honestly, as well as the most real crooks. Now Empire Swiss has stepped up its advertising campaign to attract clients, it is noticeable and therefore we decided to check this broker using our findings.

Reviews about Empire Swiss

Naturally, we will first use Google and look for a negative trail. We analyse the entire output for the query "Empire Swiss fraud" and similar. There are not many relevant links, but all of them must be carefully read. It turns out that they are either not about Empire Swiss or they are anonymous comments with vague claims. Not claims that Empire Swiss doesn't pay money, but grievances about staff, insufficient advice or stories about how someone has traded on their own and made losing trades. It can't be helped – if you trade on your own, you have to take responsibility for your decisions yourself. And anonymous statements are not even worth paying attention to. They cannot be checked, nor can they be sued for defamation.

We have not found any information about criminal proceedings in the press. And on the whole, for a company with a history of more than 10 years (the date of foundation of Empire Swiss is 2011) there are very few negative comments.

It is also important to check whether Empire Swiss is not a scam. That is, they're not using someone else's name and you cant find them In the broker scam list. Even if you don't know all the brands, Google can help you. We haven't found any.

Empire Swiss documents

The relationship with the broker is primarily regulated by a contract. All the conditions of cooperation are available on the website. You have to read it carefully, because the devil is always in the details. If you are not a lawyer and want to check the documents yourself - use the comparative method. Take the contracts of other financial institutions, weigh up every obligation, and claim they make. Do they make too many demands on clients and what kind of commitments they make. In our opinion, Empire Swiss contract is quite standard.

In addition to the service agreement, check the company's registration documents. Empire Swiss legit, company registration – up to date. The company's management, its beneficiaries do not appear in the press or on the websites of the financial authorities in the context of scandals or investigations.

There are no notes on the suspension of Empire Swiss's trading licence due to investigations or bankruptcy.

The company has been operating under the same name for all years. No name changes have been recorded in the register since Empire Swiss founding date. This is a positive signal because it indirectly confirms that management has not tried to cover its tracks. And it also confirms that Empire Swiss is not a brand scammer, that there were no old names that resonated with something.

Empire Swiss trading platform

It's typical enough. An experienced trader will find all the usual tools and you can make sure they work. Developing and maintaining a trading system has always been an expensive endeavour and scammers don't like to spend resources on it. If Empire Swiss broker forex scammer, they would almost certainly get screwed here.

Part of the trader's technical support is also the deposit and withdrawal system. Empire Swiss offers a standard set of payment instruments, including time-tested, albeit outdated, SWIFT payments. We have deposited and withdrawn money several times, from small amounts to quite substantial amounts. We have no reason to say that Empire Swiss does not pay.


Decisions in the financial market will ultimately be the responsibility of the trader. You can choose an honest broker but make mistakes while trading. You could get your bank details mixed up and have trouble getting your payment refunded. You can be careless with cyber security, a Trojan virus will steal your data, and a hacker will steal your money. Therefore, although we have learnt all the truth about Empire Swiss for ourselves, we recommend that you also check your own company. Alternatively, another one that you are already working with or are just about to.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 9

Hubbard Lester 02.11.2022

He asked the question to clarify the working hours of the exchange. The employee answered quickly and without ""water"". He also suggested opening IIS, which most likely I will use. In a word, he raised his mood and helped solve my question, thanks Empire swiss for such support!

Fleming Frank 20.11.2022

In Empire swiss, a qualified investor can realize itself only with an expensive tariff, this alerted at the beginning. But he got involved and got used to the simplicity of his own terminal in the web - I have not seen such responsiveness and lightness in management and trade anywhere, even in the web terminals of large crypto exchanges! UX/UI can be envied. There are not enough types of applications, for example, shifted as the price of the feet is moved, but this is compensated by the general convenience.

Young Anthony 24.11.2022

And here I am not the first year with Forex. At first she went through training, trained for a long time on a demo, then gradually began to switch to Real. Empire swiss reliable broker, and everything else will be

Booker Rafe 10.12.2022

When I started trading, I had no experience in this direction. Worse - in financial matters, I also did not really understand. Fortunately, Empire Swiss has branches in almost all major cities, and training centers with them. The training program has been developed excellent and it is free. Somehow I immediately went in, I liked to calculate everything. But I am a simple person, I immediately began to study possible materials, information, generally went on the Internet and began to study. It turned out that the broker has several options for tariffs. And here I myself had to not figure it out. I had to call technical support and shout "Help!" And here I want to say a lot of kind words regarding technical support from Empire Swiss - really pro, they dismantled all the options with me thoroughly. Time was spent on me unmeasured, but now my tariff is almost perfect. So I recommend contacting their technical support, they will definitely help. And the story of all moments and nuances and percent.

Horton Earl 16.12.2022

I have a small experience with Empire Swiss, and I am sure that many will say that my opinion does not mean anything, but I do not give my opinion as unconditional truth, this is just my modest experience. If in a nutshell: I have no complaints. Of course, I read reviews, and read about different situations, as because of the incorrect price, a person had losses, and he wrote a claim, and as someone was paid not with one payment, but two, and the second came later, and losses By deposit. Well, all that. I have nothing like that. The conclusion comes on time, well, there are no problems with execution, on the contrary, I can only praise it. So I would even say that the conditions for small depots are excellent: for starters there is a promotion for $ 100. Secondly, the minimum lot is 0.01, and with such a lot, even for $ 100, you can portray something. As far as I understand, there is no restriction on how much the price should pass for the transaction, or how much the deal should be open, since most of my transactions on the interval and claims from the broker did not have about this, exactly as there was no income cut, the abolition of the positions that were opened not for long. And the profit brought out. I am satisfied with speed. In general - I continue to keep my ear in the way, because you never know what, but the impressions of trade are very, very good.

Garrison Amos 21.12.2022

I’ll say that there is little negativity on the Empire Swiss broker. The fact is that this negative bears the character of general phrases, or rarely, but specific situations with numbers and counting numbers (in the general common thing and standard). Choosing a broker, I am looking for information on customer reviews and complaints very carefully. It’s very convenient for me and just trade here with Empire Swiss, at least for now. What pleases me, this is the reaction of Empire Swiss, I did not see a single client left without attention - everywhere the representative answers, is interested, solves the question and unsubscribes. I was amazed, because such attention says a lot. I registered an account, choosing a payment to the support service - the same attention, I was explained by some of the offices related to replenishment and removal, with verification, etc. I must say that such a reaction to customers during the company on the market is simply phenomenal. Of course, there are imperfect moments and in execution, sometimes requests, sometimes the score enters the security department, as they say. But all this is commented on and within the contract.

John Williams 05.01.2023

The first thing I check after the start of trading with a broker is a credit shoulder. Trading with a credit shoulder is completely not risky for me, because I know how to interact with an additional margin and how to not be left without my deposit. In the past, it cost me dozens of mistakes and losses, but in the end I came to success in trading with a credit shoulder. Large forex assets are my best assets, you know why? Easy. Credit shoulder 1: 200, and this fact drives me crazy. At the same time, the broker does not understand that this can lead to unpleasant consequences for inept beginners. It is better to limit the credit shoulder. The broker is simultaneously similar to everyone else, but, nevertheless, is completely different. The only thing that hooked me for the living is normal, not panrabian, communication between an account specialist and a client. My analyst is a professional trader, as it turned out. At one time, I read about many brokers, in search of the most reliable, but then I came to the conclusion that the most important thing is that the broker regularly made payments and withdraw money.

Kevin Erickson 09.01.2023

You can freely use user indicators on the Metatrader 4 and 5 platforms. On the Internet, there are a lot of them for every taste. You can even make your own if you are quite experienced, and then use it yourself or sell it to other traders. In fact, I have a desire to make my own indicator, because it seems to me that all defaults are missing something. As if they need some kind of update, and the results of trade will be better. At least I feel this for my strategy. Therefore, I have to find out how I can formalize the changes that I want to introduce into the existing one. And, perhaps, ask my colleague-programmer to do it. Empire swiss notes that the broker allows this. In general, Empire Swiss Broker supports all types of trade styles and opportunities. Be it scalping or automatic trade. There are several functions that make life easier, especially for those who are just starting. Empire Swiss interface is concise and stylish. Thanks to the advanced schedules, your technical analysis becomes more customizable and easy to execute.

Clifford Green 31.01.2023

When I first went to the Empire Swiss website - I checked all the information rules, the tools that he offers traders. I immediately realized that I would stay with this broker. Here the fact is to be able to trade without worrying that your broker is a fraudster or he will not help you. With Empire Swiss, I never felt anything like it. I am always sure that I can contact the support service in case of any questions. I chose this company for trading on the go. Its customizable platform is good for trading on the go. Installed the broker's application on his tablet, and it works great. Really amazing product. I have no way to use a desktop platform because I am too busy with my work. There really is not enough free time, but I do not give or look for a decision. That's all - mobile trading. You think that I do wrong, because mobile trade is not that. No! It acts if you sell relatively predictable assets.

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Empire Swiss is not a scam

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Empire Swiss is not a scam

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Empire Swiss is not a scam

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