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Empire Swiss account types review: “To become the best broker for day trading”

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Conservative experts consider day trading a risky one, though they confirm that higher risk may bring higher returns. Adequate market knowledge and having a trading plan are the must, but the choice of the right broker is even more important in this case. Is forex broker Empire Swiss a good match for day trading? Is the platform fast enough to make Empire Swiss the best broker for scalping? Let’s see what the company offers.

First thing we need to know is what are Empire Swiss account types. Affordable conditions is the thing we need to start our journey to higher profits. Empire Swiss website contains detailed description of the company’s account types. The minimal deposit size varies from EUR100 to EUR200,000 for Beginner and Gold accounts, respectively.

The bigger deposit – the bigger set of available markets and options, which is quite obvious. But personal account manager services and Get Started stage to learn and to train are available for all 5 types of accounts. Empire Swiss also has fixed/floating spreads for all accounts.

Empire Swiss trading platform is powered by MetaTrader platform, which is really effective and known for its flexibility and the wide specter of technical analysis options. Analysis is the key to successful day trading, or at least one of the keys, so it would be good to train using the analytical tools, provided by the company, before we start. Even the Beginner’s account has 25 main tools, which is absolutely not bad. Not every broker in the market can offer this for EUR100, you know.

There is also a set of education materials and online webinars held by the company, which can help you to improve your trading strategy. In addition, there are also calendar and news section built in, which could be especially useful when you don’t want to miss anything related to the markets. According to our first impression, claimed Empire Swiss platform functionality and the sets of option available makes the company one of the best traders for MetaTrader 4.

And there is one more important thing to mention – Empire Swiss platform is really fast, no matter how many tools you are using at the same time. This is really important factor, since even the small glitch could affect Empire Swiss market spread. Looks like the platform’s speed can make it one the best forex brokers for scalping.

But this is a first impression, which can be misleading without knowledge of the company’s background and the record of its successful work. We’ve checked a number of Empire Swiss reviews on Trustpilot and other websites and asked the company’s CTO Andreas Schmidt to comment on several issues regarding the platform’s work.

Question: Is Empire Swiss website always available? What about maintenance works, power outages and other things of this kind?

Andreas Schmidt: Usually is available 24/7. If we have to add or to fix something we do it when the markets are closed. If there is an emergency, we choose the time when the number of online users is minimal, but that happened just several times maybe. The plan is to become the best broker for day trading, stable platform’s work is really important for us.

Q: Is the level of service for users with Beginner accounts is the same as for the accounts of higher class?

AS: Oh, I think I saw that on reddit. Seriously, not every Empire Swiss review on reddit is trustworthy. Due to their attitude to content moderation, there are real things, but there are also some PR materials, paid by our competitors or just rubbish. As for me, Empire Swiss reviews on Trustpilot are more reliable. However, speaking about the level of service – yes, it is the same for all clients. The number of Beginner accounts is just much bigger, and in addition to it many of their owners use languages other than English. So it may take more time to handle their requests, but we are working to fix it, there is nothing critical about that.

Q: What would you recommend to traders with the trading experience of up to 6 months? Which Empire Swiss account types?

Beginner and then Silver accounts. The minimal deposit to start with – in order to train, to see how it is works, to learn about the platform. And after that you can switch to account of the next class to get the bigger set of tools and some other things like access to company’s lending etc.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 15

Lindsey Robert 04.11.2022

When I began to be interested in investments, my colleague advised me by the company Empire swiss. I went in, studied proposals, went through training, and now I began to trade on my own. Well, how independently - without the advice of a personal manager, it is not yet very good.

Stewart Leslie 12.11.2022

The employees are competent, step by step told what to do. In the broker Empire swiss I was sure, because for many years they have already been working, I liked the conditions for customers, in my opinion, more profitable than others.

Jacobs Edward 13.11.2022

It was bribed that I did not need to start a lot of money in the system for participation, for a beginner it is fine, it seems you do not risk anything. I remember how in a stupor I was when I sold my first papers plus, then I was worried that the money would not go to the card. It's even funny to remember))

McCoy Kelley 03.11.2022

Empire swiss - A very conscientious broker. He transferred his shares to him from another broker, took a little time, without a commission - I am very grateful to them that they gave investors the opportunity to transfer their assets from those who fell under sanctions.

Higgins Nickolas 23.11.2022

The employees are competent, step by step told what to do. He was sure in the broker, because for many years they were already working, I liked the conditions for customers, in my opinion, more profitable than others. I did not know anything about the application, looked at reviews, read comments, people write in general Empire swiss an adequate broker.

Pitts Robert 08.12.2022

If you want to earn money on currency rates - then it is better with the leader of the Forex market with Empire Swiss. Choose the optimal work time and combine a career trading with a career, because you can earn money with Empire Swiss at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world (for this everything is available, and you will only need a little from you)! Open the score in the Empire Swiss and start earning, having only a few dollars on the account. Replenishment of the account in any way convenient for you! Earn with the recognized leader of the Empire Swiss market! So, I personally are inclined to the fact that the company is excellent, although I judge only in my own experience ... Plus, thank you very much for the fact that there are many ways to replenish and conclusion. I did not particularly get rushed with wallets, although I know that the money comes there faster, I periodically withdraw the profit on the card and the conclusion is also relatively fast. For normal trade, there is everything, as well as the work of the terminal suits me, it does not particularly hang into the moments that are very necessary for me. Now I watch different videos of their analysts.

Bryan Ralf 11.12.2022

The Empire Swiss website publishes material for those who want to invest, but still feel not very confident and cannot decide or abandon their ideas. Of course, you can’t learn trading from books. You need to practice, but get a competent base and find answers to questions - yes. A great idea in which all the definitions are necessary in order to speak the same language with a consultant at least, to understand the analyst, cat. You read, there is a section of the answer-question, for which also a big respect to the creators. And I want to note the list of literature for beginners. Famous authors, interesting topics. At one time, he read all this material, looked and received solid knowledge sufficient to start an independent trading. I am satisfied with the conditions provided by the Broker Empire Swiss, the quality of the terminal and the analyst. Compared with other brokers, then in this sector of services they are one of the best. Of course, there are disadvantages, for example, the speed of operation to withdraw money, but you can tolerate.

Houston Robert 11.12.2022

Empire Swiss turned out to be the best of those who are allowing to trade in crypt. Checked! I tried 5 brokers and the last was Empire Swiss, seriously settled here. He transferred another broker a small score to the Empire Swiss for currencies, because Here, trading conditions are much more interesting, this is first. And secondly, they give a real STP with the conclusion to the interbank. The quality of execution is many times different from others. In general, I watched the broker for a long time. And he always aroused confidence in me. Recently attracted the opportunity to work with bitcoin. Not all who of Forex brokers work with cryptocurrency assets, so something like that. But I chose a broker rather because of good reviews and a good reputation that has already developed over such a short time. I can’t say anything about the conclusion yet. I haven't taken it yet. But about analytics, it is worthy. If 70 percent of my analyst’s forecasts come true, then it is a sin that it is ordinary or normal. There is also a demo account, you can also try your luck without risk, and then you are just ready for the practice of real or not yet.

Turner Silas 12.12.2022

The office, or rather the Empire Swiss broker, is very serious and says this a lot, I trade for more than a year, everything is fine, if the problems due to their fault return the money without unnecessary fuss and clarifications who are right who is right, returned the money a couple of times for reason. All issues are resolved through the manager, or I call, or I write in chats, I withdraw money to webmany, within 5 hours the maximum. Surprises like reduced shoulder and did not inform me or there was never a profitable warrant on their own, or there was no shoulder of all under 1 to 50 DCs, I rarely observe the outlets even in the middle of the day, there is no price “no price” “Trading” The flow is busy "or in general" trade is prohibited "there has never been. So the platform is very comfortable and you make the wrong thing where you press the button, but with understanding when and how to trade. Analysts that accompany during work really very strong and in fact help not only in a word, but also pleasant results in the form of profit credit. Thanks to them I earn, and maybe I myself will soon be able to advise people

Melton Williamя 27.12.2022

I have been selling currencies for 6 years probably, but in principle I have been trading for a long time. Brokers came across different during this time. While he studied and comprehended the laws of trade, he gave more than one deposit. Fortunately they were small. Then he began to understand that in some cases, brokers “helped” me. When I found this, I went and looked for a new company. Each time I thought that it would be better than those. So it was better only Forek Broker Empire Swiss, which I came to at the beginning of the year. The difference was felt from the first days. There was even a completely different level of training, there was something to compare with. I immediately began to visit the webinars conducted by real experts, members of the Academy of Sciences, financiers and other level! He processed his trading strategy, in many ways, as it turned out, he was generally mistaken earlier. Profit went! In the bookmarks, the analytical portal of the broker, which specifically helps in trade. The difference between Empire Swiss and my previous "brokers" is simply capital. Until recently, I read that there is a mobile application, I somehow did not think about this, but I already downloaded and I will try.

Brian Harvey 02.01.2023

Trade on Forex has become my source of money. This is great because I can be free. I am trading with the broker Empire Swiss. This company has no complex software. For example, Metatrader 4 is a standard trading platform. I like to trade here since I opened a demo account with them (I wanted to try myself first, check how I mastered the learned material in practice and start without loss). I liked what you can use at any time of the day or night. At first I had a job and I traded. Studying on a demo account was convenient, because the Forex market works 24 hours a day. Empire Swisss allows you to hedge, so I trusted this broker and was not worried about losses. I know that not all brokers provide such opportunities and therefore appreciate what I have. Forex Broker Empire Swiss occupies the highest positions in the country's rating, thanks to the key parameters that affect the comfort of trading, profitability and reliability. Forex broker offers many educational resources.

Paul Morgan 11.01.2023

My country has a big problem with brokers. The fact is that my country has a very strict regulation, and this negatively affects local brokers. They must make their trade conditions less favorable for traders. In particular, they should reduce the size of the leverage. How would you evaluate the trade in large companies from 1:30? Local merchants have to put up with this or ... find a reasonable solution to this problem. Fortunately, there is a good way out, and many traders are already using it. I mean foreign brokers. They are not constrained by rigid restrictions and, accordingly, can afford to provide much better trading conditions. I also chose this option and found a foreign broker. I read Empire Swiss reviews. I found his trade conditions very suitable and registered. Empire Swiss Broker is one of the few brokers that always changes for the better, and this is great. As for my experience in trade here, I can recognize the fact that this activity can be profitable with this company.

Paul Stokes 22.01.2023

Probably for about a year I was looking for a good broker with low floating spreads. On the advice of a friend (not even one acquaintance advised), I opened an account with the broker Empire Swiss, and it is good that I did not have to choose which account to open, because the broker has only one type of account, but this account offers all the necessary and most favorable conditions for trade. The broker offers a high credit shoulder up to 1: 500. The big advantage of this account is that there is no initial deposit amount, you can replenish your account if desired even by $ 10. Account, hedging is allowed. This is one of the few brokers that supports scalping. Another amazing proposal of the broker is that there is no minimum distance to the stop-loss, I did not try to set the stop-loss at a distance of one point from the warrant. I think it will work if you do it. In a word, a broker with excellent conditions. It’s very convenient for me and just trade here with Empire Swiss, at least for now. What pleases me, this is the Empire Swiss reaction, I did not see a single client left without attention - everywhere the representative answers, is interested.

Paul Hubbard 25.01.2023

You must understand that there are no brokers who never face requests and slippage. However, a good broker, such as Empire Swiss, taking care of his reputation, seeks to minimize his slippers and requests. Empire Swiss broker copes with this, and you can trade on the news here. Slipping and requests arise as a result of strict marketing conditions, which, in turn, can lead to liquidity problems. Authoritative brokers are always looking for reliable liquidity suppliers to ensure the maximum convenience of trade in unstable and force majeure times. In addition, this broker offers trading accounts with market and instant execution. You can open them to see that it works better for you when you sell news. Trading accounts with market execution can be given requests, and instant execution can lead to slipping. However, I am sure that in most cases you will not have problems with the performance here even at volatile sessions, because the broker did everything possible to ensure uninterrupted trade. I won’t be surprised if you do not see a chart and slippage here at all, although this does not mean that you can’t face it here.

Sergio Washington 28.01.2023

Empire Swiss is a broker with the largest number of advanced technical tools, platforms, tools, markets and other additional options for better trade. Personally, I use a platform with several customizable robots for automatic trade. This broker is at the top among other companies and has many awards for the quality of services. I can say that Empire Swiss is not against its customers to use trading bots. In addition, platforms available to the broker customers can be used to automate trade and have special functions. As far as I know, the broker offers some auxiliary trading automation services. I am trading on the Metatrader4 platform and do not use advisers. I also know that this broker allows their customers to use special servers so that advisers can work 24 hours a day. What pleases me, this is the reaction of Empire Swiss, I did not see a single client left without attention - everywhere the representative answers, is interested, solves the question and unsubscribes. I was amazed, because such attention says a lot.

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