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Do you want to become the happy trader

Do you want to become the happy trader Johannes Röll Visitors: 335 ★★★★


Do you want to become the happy trader? Learn these ways!


Stop complaining of life!

Did you sometime see the successful person who complains of failures? It is sure that is not present. And it not because everything at them is so cloudless and fine. To everyone on the way to the purpose barriers and failures meet. But only really strong person teaches himself not to dramatize a situation and not to go in cycles in it, and to look for an exit and to find it. If at the moment you endure the period of failures in trade - it is not necessary to be killed about it and to load it people around. Sit down better and think, what are you doing not and what needs to be undertaken in order that the situation improved. Perhaps, you work with Kitchen, or your money management leaves much to be desired?


Before spending money which was initially calculated on trade - properly think whether costs!

Make for yourself the decision that it is more relevant and more important for you: the new iPhone or new good bargain which can make profit.


If you buy the iPhone, of course some time will feel enthusiasm and to experience pleasant emotions. But soon you will understand that it is just next thing which can bring nothing. And if the good trend appears - you will not be able to use it and by that you will lose a good opportunity.


Stop to worry about the future



The fear for the future takes away a lot of time and forces which you could spend for the solution of questions of today. Think of pressing problems and the purposes - so you reach many times bigger.


What do you think of people around?

You have to remember that only unfortunate and persons of no character constantly extend gossips, spend time for discussion of other people and infinitely take offense at all for any trifle. Such people live in a gray cloud of own negative and thus push away from themselves happiness. There is no wish to communicate, be on friendly terms and to share something good with these people. They want to be avoided.


Try to radiate happiness and a positive. Thus you will ensure good successful people around and forces on achievement of the goal at you will be much more.


Constantly develop

Today most of people constantly ache that it is boring for them to live. And it during the round-the-clock entertaining places, infinite number of the developing centers, courses, seminars and other. It is also called "with fat rage". Begin to develop yourself comprehensively. Find for yourself a new hobby or become the real pro in the business. Around it is full of opportunities - look back and begin to act! I guarantee, then you will have no time to miss.


Kill in yourself hatred to the work



Many people hate the work. This question was relevant always.


But whether this hatred is objective?


Think of that, what are you doing at the position. Really there is no moment in your work which brings you pleasure? If yes - focus on this moment and again remember how wanted to hold this position. Turn back and look on the parties. The routine is it does not matter, and with it it is possible and it is necessary to fight.


But if you are really unfortunate at the work if it does not bring you any pleasure - think of whether you can replace it now? Perhaps, it what now is necessary for you.


You not one on the Planet!

During an era of virtual communication people already weaned from real acquaintance to new people.


Most of traders - introverts, but even they need to go sometimes beyond walls of the world and to communicate with people, otherwise the loneliness begins to affect badly morale and trade as a result.


Accept yourself real

Every time, leaving the house, we try to join crowd not to be rejected. As the result, our emotional state directly depends on foreign people. Our outside world and our way of life depends on those who surround us.


But unless it is correct? If you feel that you are not able to afford to be yourself real with the friends - think whether the truth is friends?


Perhaps, it is worth getting a new circle of contacts?


Money has the price

Your thinking directly influences the level of your life.


If you constantly wait for a certain sum which at last will allow you to be happy - happy you will hardly become even then when it comes. Money is always not enough. Even when they more than are enough - it is necessary for us more and more.


Living by such principle you constantly will be disappointed, and the disappointed person cannot be happy.


Happiness needs to be looked for in personal growth, in personal achievements, in victories over the fears and weaknesses, but not in number of money. If you realize it - happiness will not keep itself waiting.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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Do you want to become the happy trader

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