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Coinmarketsolutions - scam or good broker? Full review

CoinMarketSolutions scam or not? CoinMarketSolutions.com reviews Johannes Röll Visitors: 518 ★★★★★

 Coinmarketsolutions.com has been providing a range of services, including those that brokers usually offer for EU.

CoinMarketSolutions is a promising Estonian company that has managed to collect a pool of positive reviews over the period of its existence. A European license, round-the-clock technical support, training materials and an intuitive interface provide enough info in order to take a closer look at this cryptocurrency broker. And still we need to fins out if coinmarketsolutions.com scamor not, and that’s what we’re going to check with our research.

Traders' Opinion on Basic Information about CoinMarketSolutions.com

There is an opinion in CoinMarketSolutions reviews that this broker is not for beginners, but also there a couple of mentions that a even a beginner can get a decent trading tutorial and training.

We must name the presence of a significant financial regulator, which is a certain guarantee against fraud and scam, as well as the main office location outside of the offshore, as a major achievement of the company.

The comments that the company has earned on this item are rather positive. There were no comments mentioning coinmarketsolutions.com scam or fraud.

CoinMarketSolutions review - types of accounts

The set of accounts that the company offers traders is different from what brokers usually make for EU.

The resource provides information on 6 types of accounts:

  1. Silver. The minimum deposit starts from 500 USDT. The investment period is 6 months. Standard educational programs and 1: 2 leverage are available to clients;
  2. Gold. It is necessary to invest 5,000 USDT in the project. Basic services: consultations with an analyst, which are held once a week, access to an online terminal, 1 risk-free transaction, balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds without additional commissions;
  3. Platinum. The entry threshold is 25 thousand USDT. For this money, you will receive: round-the-clock support, analysis of the history of transactions, expert recommendations, leverage 1: 5, one robot with ready-made settings;
  4. VIP. The initial contribution is from 100,000 USDT. The tariff plan has a number of privileges, including: a personal financial advisor, 10 trading signals per week, 3 risk-free transactions and a savings account up to 2% per month;
  5. VIP +. The deposit is 50 thousand USDT. The package includes the following services: round-the-clock support, no restrictions on the number of trading signals, priority order execution;
  6. Dragon. The investment amount is one million. Features of the account: no commissions, the highest priority in order execution, 5 robots with individual settings, trading leverage 1:20.

The general conditions for cooperation with the company are as follows:

Coinmarketsolutions review of traders: opinion on terms

In terms of cooperation, traders do not find clear signs of the Coinmarketsolutions scam.
In general, comparing the number of positive and negative opinions on this issue, we can say that positive Coinmarketsolutions reviews prevail.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds 

Coinmarketsolutions offers a set of tools to top up the account, which is the following:

The withdrawal of funds is made at the trader’s request and is realized only by bank transfer to the same details from which the account was replenished. Also supporting KYC and other law procedures makes the way of withdrawal a bit longer since trader has to provide a lot of documents for verification. But this also makes company account a safest place for traders deposits.

Opinion of traders regarding the quality of money transfers

There are no substantiated complaints about a direct frauds or a scam. Every coinmarketsolutions.com review shows that company keep its reputation clean and manages to transfer clients’ withdrawals fast and accurate. It’s one of the greatest achievements of the company since a lot of brokers fail this simple test of their client service and will to cooperate with traders.


Analyzing the messages of traders in EU, we can say that the quality of the input and output of funds by the broker has earned positive reviews. Complaints about the delay are rare and contain messages about the technical situations with no mentions of Coinmarketsolutions scam.

Coinmarketsolutions reviews about customer service

The range of additional services provided by the company is narrower than brokers usually offer for EU, but it contains more professionally important components than some brokers:

Coinmarketsolutions.com review: opinion of traders regarding the quality of work

There are a sufficient number of reviews that positively assess the company's work with customers. Those reviews show that company cares not only about money but also about clients’ needs and requests during the trading process.

As a result, evaluating the ratio of various reviews of EU traders, we can say that for the most part they are positive.

CoinMarketSolutions:  Review Comments

Broker reviews about Coinmarketsolutions I’ve met previously were mostly mixed, so I’ve decided to verify them myself. Was surprised in a pleasant way — for now they seem like a pretty reliable way to make money without exorbitant assurances and risks. All in all, I would recommend them to everyone, beginners the most.

Did you hear that old proverb that goes like “haters goona hate”? It’s EXACTLY what’s happening with Coinmarketsolutions.com and all those reviews. In reality this company is really good and some haters are just trying to have fun on their account, I've no idea why. You can trust this broker completely.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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