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What is known about the brokerage company: Charing Cross Group scam or not?

Charing Cross Group scam or not? Charingcrossgroup.com reviews Johannes Röll Visitors: 9 ★★★★

 The focus is on new brokers who began to appear, offering favorable conditions and lure traders to cooperation. There are many fraudulent ones among these offices. For our part, on our website we try to debunk the myths about brokers who came only to profit from gullible investors and separate them from honest workers of the financial field.

According to the results of our analytical department audit, the question if there’re any signs of Charing Cross Group scam has only one reply: no. The company has recently entered the market and this does not have a very good effect on its reputation yet. But if you dig deeper, this broker has been trading in Forex for 11 years.

Facts About charingcrossgroup.com review

The company operates online, but the head office and registered office are located in London

Those are the basic facts about the company, learned by working with its web resource, reviews and by corresponding with the customer support department.

To form your own opinion, it is better to take a closer look at each point.

The official website of the company is located at charingcrossgroup.com

Charing Cross Group reviews

Finding the company charingcrossgroup.com reviews was not so easy. But after check through the net, we’re got a sufficient number of assessments of the company, its advantages and disadvantages.

There are dozens of reviews, which is not surprising, given the period of work on the market. Even if we add that the company did not conduct a large-scale marketing campaign, a lot of traders gathered at this trading platform after all that time. And they are sharing their opinions, too.

However, there was no evidence that charingcrossgroup.com scam.

Charing Cross Group has earned positive reviews:

It is trusted when it comes to security, mainly because the company makes strict security requirements for its own customers. On-site verification is performed as a whole multi-stage procedure. And there’s also the other side of security measures: privacy policy, data encryption - the company does not store any passwords or other customer data other than those that were provided for verification and trading, but which are encrypted.

There are no complaints about the withdrawal of funds to the broker. In fact, there are much more positive reviews about money withdrawal than negative ones.

Charingcrossgroup.com reviews show that the company provides excellent service. The support works efficiently, technical issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Conditions are suitable for beginners. The standard tariff allows you to enter with an amount, conditionally, from two hundred dollars and immediately receive several recommendations from professionals.

There are, like in any other company, some minor delays in the withdrawal process. We did not find any information in charingcrossgroup.com reviews about the complete stop of the transfer, but there are some mentions on the waiting time (up to a day);

Most cases include technical failures (for example, the support service responded only a day later, because the request was made on the weekend, that’s why the delay appeared).

It is important to note that there is not a single complaint about the platform itself or its convenience.

Terms of cooperation

According to Charing Cross Group reviews, you need to start cooperation with registration. Charingcrossgroup.com scam preventing service carefully checks every registration. The form for filling out is quite standard: name, country of residence, e-mail, contact phone number, login and password, as well as date of birth.

User registered in the service:

This is where the pre-deposit possibilities end. Verification is required to gain full access to the instruments and trading platforms.

According to the terms of cooperation with Charing Cross Group, scam and any kind of dishonest fraud simply cannot happen. The broker has authorized several international programs to protect its trade reputation, including the program against money laundering (Anti Money Laundering) and Know your customer. This last one, KYC, strains even ordinary traders, since it requires screenshots and photographs to be verified. However, this is protection for all participants in the process.

Charing Cross Group reviews show that for those who traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or used exchangers, the verification procedure will not be anything new: you will need to provide screenshots of your passport, document confirming your place of residence (even a utility bill is suitable), bank statement or purchase receipt. It is extremely rare when support also requests a photo of a client with a document in his/her hands.

After verification, the user will be able to select a suitable portfolio and, having deposited funds, receives the access to trading. Depending on the tariff plan, a package of services and access to certain markets will be provided. Most clients trade currencies with Charing Cross Group, but some (at premium rates) get access to other types of assets.

The company's web resource contains all its documents related to the description of trading risks, privacy policy, company obligations and trading conditions (including a description of all types of available orders and rates).

The site also has a Calendar section dedicated to analytical forecasting of market trends (based on the expected impact of planned political and economic events, seasonal and climatic factors, international business and investment situations; for example, in connection with the Covid pandemic).

Account types

There are 5 types of portfolios designed for beginners and experienced traders, as well as large investors.

Most often, investors choose the average tariff, since it allows combining several types of assets and leads to closer cooperation with the analytical department of the company, allowing them to receive high-quality daily monitoring of market prices and other pleasant additions.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

You can deposit or withdraw funds using a bank account or payment system. The service also allows transfers to a digital wallet.

How the withdrawal process works:

The minimum amount for withdrawal is reached (depending on the market);

A request for withdrawal of money is created - to the technical service of the company (at support@charingcrossgroup.com), this must be done on a weekday, indicate the withdrawal method;

The wait is from several hours to 24 hours (if the request is made on a weekend, then it will be processed only on a weekday). At this time charingcrossgroup.com scam preventing service checks the transaction;

For questions about freezing money and other technical hiccups, it is better to write directly to the support (at the specified address or through the feedback form on the site).

For the most part, customers have no problem with withdrawing money if you read the reviews. And if you’re looking for Charing Cross Group scam reports, you’ll find out that fraudsters usually have just problems with withdrawing funds (and clients understand this very quickly).

Withdrawal options:

Traders' attitude to the quality of deposit and withdrawal of funds

Charingcrossgroup.com scam or legit? That’s the question that has the best reply of all, based on withdrawal process of the company. At the moment, there is no argument that the company is delaying payments. However, the broker warns: technical failures happen and, in general, are processed by the support in shortest possible terms, and the sooner they are reported by customers, the sooner technical service will manage to resolve the issue.

Most of the traders are satisfied with the cooperation with this company.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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