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Bitcoin-wallets of the Blockchain

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Bitcoin-wallets of the Blockchain clients are not stored on a personal computer but on a server and access to them can be made from any digital device. This is very convenient for everyday calculations since the holder of bitcoins can use their cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. To work with bitcoins within this resource, the owner does not need to install special software on their devices; all operations are performed directly through the browser. 

Creating a blockchain wallet  

The online wallets of Blockchain service are very reliable and convenient both for experienced users and for beginners. You will only need to spend a few seconds to create a wallet. A simple and intuitive interface of the website will not cause any difficulties even for those who visited the resource for the first time. Since the Blockchain wallet is created very quickly, users can set up wallets for one-time transactions (to improve the security). 

To begin with, you need to open the Blockchain service website, go to the "Wallet" section and fill in several form fields. You will need to specify the e-mail address to which the blockchain identifier and address of your wallet will be sent. You will also need to come up with a password for entering the Blockchain wallet. You do not need to enter any personal data; the system preserves your anonymity. 

Please note: the service does not store user passwords on its servers. Therefore, if you forget the password, it will be impossible to restore it (as it can be done on many Internet platforms). So the money that was in the wallet will be lost forever. In addition, the length of the password must be at least 10 characters. This, according to the service management, will provide sufficient protection against possible hacking but it is also hard to remember. 

How to replenish the Blockchain wallet  

The wallet on the Blockchain website can be replenished only by transferring bitcoins from another bitcoin-wallet. This rule applies to all wallets within the bitcoin system. You can use special exchange services or buy bitcoins on the online exchange to convert bitcoins into dollars euros, etc. All that a sender needs to know is the identifier of the recipient. To receive the transaction, you must copy this address and inform the sender.  

How to withdraw money from the wallet  

You can also bring out bitcoins from the Blockchain purse in one way: by sending them to the address of the purse of another user of the bitcoin system. If you pay bitcoins for goods and services, digital coins are transferred to the purse of the seller. If the owner of bitcoins wants to convert their bitcoins into rubles, the funds are transferred to the address of the bitcoin-purse of the exchange service (which then transfers the rubles to the card). 

How can a simple user ensure the reliability of storing his bitcoins? 

First of all, Blockchain itself takes all possible measures to prevent unauthorized attempts to hack the system. The basic method of protecting the Blockchain wallet is to use a password. As already mentioned, the condition of the service is to use of a password that includes at least 10 characters. The first thing to do after setting up a wallet is to change the password. A password consisting of no less than 15 characters in combination with various symbols (letters and numbers) will provide reliable protection.  

It is better not to keep the password from bitcoin-wallet in digital form. The simplest but effective way of keeping the password is a paper note with a login, a password and an identifier. Naturally, in this case, entering the password has certain inconveniences. However, there are more convenient and secure methods of storing passwords so we recommend studying the issue of storing passwords in more detail.  



Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

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