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Big day for Japanese stocks - reviews

Big day for Japanese stocks Johannes Röll Visitors: 721

Global equity markets were higher on Monday, although markets in the US, China and Hong Kong were closed for the holidays. In Japan, the Nikkei 225 climbed above 30,000 for the first time in three decades, helped by stronger-than-expected growth in the country's gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter.


In the UK, the FTSE rose 2.5% on the extractive and materials sectors, while the pound was up against the US dollar. We have a positive view on UK stocks and expect further strengthening of the pound against the US dollar.


While the pandemic continues to weigh on economic activity, we believe that lower infection and hospital admissions rates, along with continued vaccine introduction, should allow the economy to resume operations. Combined with continued support for fiscal and monetary policy, Western economies are likely to see exceptionally strong growth in the second half of 2021. Thus, we maintain a cyclical bias in the distribution of portfolios, which is reflected in the increased weight of stocks. 


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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