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AssetShot forex broker experts: how to check your broker?

AssetShot.com scam broker? | AssetShot scam or not? Johannes Röll Visitors: 409 ★★★★★

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AssetShot forex broker

The ability to make money on the exchange largely depends on the reliability of the broker. But, unfortunately, today there are a lot of scammers in this area, and their number is growing daily. It is for this reason that it is so important to know how to check a broker for a scam. Next, we along with AssetShot scam detection experts will consider the main points that you need to pay attention to and, accordingly, protect yourself from such unscrupulous companies.

Most traders believe that for achieving success in the foreign exchange market all you have to do is to develop a profitable trading system and have high psychological stability. However, as noticed by AssetShot broker, there is another important element in Forex trading that is often overlooked by novice traders - the choice of an honest and reliable company to work with. To understand how this can influence the profitability of your trading system, you need to have an understanding of how this business works.

It should be noted that the decent brokers like AssetShot.com impose strict requirements on the minimum deposit size, and also request confirmation (verification) of your identity. But there are a lot of other companies that don’t even bother with brokerage and still try to get money from you.

How scammers work - AssetShot.com scam check

Today, scammers use various schemes and methods to get money from people. When choosing a reliable company to work with, the first thing that indicates its reliability or unreliability is the methods it uses to attract clients. In cases where one of the following methods takes place, it is better to refuse to cooperate with such a company:

  1. Trading training. Very often, various courses, seminars and similar events are held not to teach trading on the stock exchange, but to involve them in a project developed by scammers to get money. That is why it is so important to carefully choose the place of training, to check the reliability of the organization that conducts it.
  2. Offer to buy an effective strategy or bot for trading on the stock exchange. It is important to understand here that no one will ever sell an effective and working trading bot or a working strategy.

So what to do? AssetShot scam detection tips

Study information of the chosen website carefully. All necessary documents should be present. Also look for telephone numbers and office contacts. Check the websites design and overall quality.

Support should be available when you need it, like at AssetShot support team is ready to help you 24/5.

One of the most effective ways to check is customer feedback on the work of a particular broker. Indeed, who, if not a real client, can reliably talk about the peculiarities of cooperation with the company, the procedure for withdrawing profits and other nuances. You can read AssetShot reviews as on the brokers website as on the web.

If you’re looking at the signal provider and there’s only mobile phone number indicated as contact information, there is no company address – it’s not a partner you’re looking for. If a company runs a promotional campaign, it is obliged to indicate the contacts of its office and its location. This is done so that the user knows how to contact it. At AssetShot website you can find contact information on the bottom of any site pages – and that’s the way it should be.

AssetShot scam detection tips: Checking the broker's website

The first thing that will meet you is the company's website. Look at how it is done, pay attention to the following:

Are all sections filled with up-to-date information?

The site should contain all information about the company, contacts, phone number, terms of trade, documents, etc. All this should be available without registration. For example, at AssetShot.com you can simply do it.

Is there SSL connected?

SSL certificate must be present on the company's website. Without its presence, we don’t recommend you to register on this website.



AssetShot scam detection experts sincerely advise not to be lazy and spend some time reading the trading conditions. Do not forget that you independently make any decisions, and you’re the one who is faced with the responsibility for these very decisions. Do not forget that checking a company that gets your money is, first of all, your own safety issue!

Today many brokers are trying to attract clients by promising them 100% daily income and no risk involved. Of course, the company can offer you promotional risk-free trades – it’s part of the newcomers bonus package in many companies, especially new ones. But if your broker describes you that Forex is totally safe, and you always get your earnings covered and constantly growing, we must say that such a broker is a scammer. The dishonest brokers should also include those who offer guaranteed income, using different training programs (seminars, courses).

It is best to read reviews about brokers on specialized sites and social media, like Trustpilot and Facebook etc. Of course, it is not easy to break through hundreds of comments, but useful information can be gathered there in detail. Pay attention to the important aspects for yourself: the efficiency of support and willingness to meet customers, the convenience of sites and applications.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 20

Pope Ezra 03.07.2021

I have been working with the fourth version of Metatrader for several years. It satisfies me even more than the fifth one. In general, the terminal is very convenient. Often I drive in a car for business, on business trips, to and fro around the city. With MT, I'm not tied to a place. I put the native app on all gadgets and I choose what to work with when I need it. The system is stable, there was no crash. The main thing that the operator worked fine. The platform is fully customizable. Now I trade with the broker AssetShot, here is an excellent scalping. Plus, normal conditions, static spreads, and nothing jumps at the most unpredictable moment. There are four tariffs, the more expensive is the more profitable, of course. There are slips, requotes, but rarely. I do not remember any disconnects. The content of the site is minimal, there are no training materials, such as webinars or videos. Few subject articles. No fun, tournaments for traders or contests. I don't need this. The main thing is that everything works the way I live - quickly, efficiently, clearly. And technical support is adequate.

Porter Harold 03.07.2021

At first glance, I liked all the trading conditions of AssetShot broker. I'd like to read more reviews, but I found little information. This is understandable, given the short period of work. I decided to ask all the questions directly to technical support and at the same time check out their level of competence. I also asked what I wanted to clarify, and some general questions. I quickly realized that managers are experienced, you can't back them into a corner. Apparently, the company was organized by experienced traders and experts. Therefore, the consultants are smart, and the conditions are adequate. A week later, I registered an account and deposited $250 in the account. In time, I refilled with two hundred more. By the way, the account is verified only at the first withdrawal. So, you can safely begin to work and slowly understand everything. Until you have experience and the amount of profit sufficient for withdrawal. Somewhere in a month I even forgot about my fears of getting into the kitchen. All deals are real. Broker works with all key currency pairs. Average market quotes, fixed spreads. Almost instant execution, opening-closing immediately, entering at the current rate, withdrawal is also fast and without commission. I still do not understand whether it is a flaw or so it should be that there are only few ways to communicate with technical support, for example.

Taylor Oliver 13.07.2021

I started working with AssetShot broker at the beginning of winter. I found online information and some reviews, and read about the conditions. At that time I was looking for one more broker for a little insurance. That's what arranged me, I put three hundred dollars and started trading. Tools are enough for any level of knowledge and experience. There are four tariff plans, my base one costs only 250 bucks. Throughout the winter, I worked calmly, without breakages, deal cancellations and any fuss of managers behind the back. I withdrew money already. There was a bank commission, and there is no broker interest is withdrawn for withdrawal or replenishment. It was necessary to pass the verification of the account before the first withdrawal, everything quickly passed with the help of technical support. In general, the speed here is excellent for all operations. Among such obvious drawbacks I can name the lack of choice of the terminal (only MT 4), no tournaments, competitions and it’s not so easy to get through to managers from the first attempt.

Washington Francis 16.07.2021

Six months ago, I decided to test new broker AssetShot. I liked the trading conditions and generally saw a good potential in the new company. Quick registration, automatic start of trading after replenishment, high efficiency of execution. There were no disconnects, I minimized slippage with the settings of the MetaTrader 4 terminal, there were almost no requotes either. The MT platform is generally perfectly customizable for individual request. There is a decrease in speed during the period of volatility, but the system does not fail and is not buggy. Spreads are static, so there will be unpredictable jumps. Leverage is 1: 300. I trade three currency pairs, all conditions correspond to current market indicators. There are no I / O fees, except for the initial bank interest. By the way, withdrawing takes no more than two hours. Very competent support, managers are polite, patient, give a detailed answer and always know what is happening with the market at the moment. Almost sure that the consultants themselves daily trade. I would advise company to increase its staff so that we can dial in faster and not hang on the line for 10 minutes.

Potter Charles 29.07.2021

A year ago, I switched from demo accounts to real deals. The first deposit was leaked out cos of stupidity, then I just did not really understand broker conditions. After that, I tried a couple more options, including the young Forex broker AssetShot. There was a thought that a newcomer in the market would put more loyal conditions for new customers and it would be easy to work with him. Several times I talked with managers from support. Got a good consultation. I was explained the whole process of opening an account, replenishing the account and the process of trading with the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The start is as simple as possible, documents for account identification are needed only before the first withdrawal. On the advice of support, I set up the platform with a manual, sometimes I called my personal manager with questions. Despite all the comfort, speed of execution and stability of the system, I still partially merged in the first couple of weeks. But I decided to return everything from the principle. I trade a pair of EUR / USD. Spreads are fixed, quotes in general as a market, may be slightly lower. I figured out with trading bots, it turned out even to be interesting and easy to trade in this way. After a while, I returned the money and went out into profit.

Cole Corey 08.08.2021

As our grandfathers said: I would have gone to intelligence. With Assetshot that is. True, men: I work three with more than a year, and the impression is the thing that neither is good.

Grant Edward 14.08.2021

And I wanted to speak about investment accounts. Very interesting service. I recommend it to everyone. And it would be nice to translate all PAMMA for such a model.

Hall Peter 18.08.2021

Who scolds them9, how the trader is very stupid. (As for me, I'm smart.)

Newman Harry 27.08.2021

So accurate in Assetshot there is a training video. Something paid, but there are free lessons. Look the site of their academy, I remember something there was. In quality - the most for the start.

Morton David 27.08.2021

Recently celebrated the anniversary - 5 years on Assetshot all this time with Assetshot. Raised toast for him :)

Ford Abraham 03.09.2021

Really likes how the assetshot treats her customers - customer support is really high there.

Williams Kenneth 06.09.2021

No dealer can afford to underestimate the importance of cooperation with a broker. I would recommend to check some serious as the assetshot.

Norton James 10.09.2021

As soon as you begin to understand how trade in general works, understanding the importance of collaboration with a decent broker like assetshot will certainly be accompanied.

Strickland Leslie 14.09.2021

Gold graves do not make the biggest gains. The shovel makers do it. Why is there always someone who tries to earn a lot of money immediately. And begins to cry if he loses everything? Collect small profits and see how they grow. This is my strategy at assetshot.

Harrington Thomas 30.09.2021

assetshot is for me Terra Incognita to be honest. I did not belong enough to make a strong opinion. I like your conditions of participation and the way your support people talk to them, but that was all.

Caldwell Kelly 05.10.2021

One thing you should remember, people: brokers are not a wizard, they can not make them rich overnight. Some of them can come pretty close like this broker here, but still.

McCormick Joshua 08.10.2021

I have received a call from this cute young man who said something about this broker and the trade ... I do not know much about such things, but the conversation itself was really pleasant and he managed to make me interested.

Chambers John 10.10.2021

This broker can become a really good partner for you. Of course it depends on your knowledge and of whether you have enough experience to use all the benefits. If you believe that you are it, do not miss it, it would be a great missed opportunity.

Kelly Jacob 20.10.2021

I have experience with this broker yourself ... can only say the good things. No magical pill, do not understand me wrong, it's just a great and competent broker. You do not see such companies every day.

Lester Paul 25.10.2021

I honestly honestly how this company organizes the process of customer communication. It seems as if they had thought much about the processes of their customer care department.

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