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AssetShot review - what do we know about this broke

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AssetShot broker

AssetShot scam

Compared to the period that the most reputable brokers in EU exist on the market, AssetShot.com was organized not so long ago. It has been operating since 2020, its headquarters are located in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Company is regulated by local regulators.


 Assetshot.com reviews:  registration data and reliability

EU traders rated the basic information about the company positively. With all the attention that the company pays to its reputation, this is not surprising – many traders value the company for its clear cooperation terms. Therefore, the absence of any AssetShot scam in its activities.

Broker earned POSITIVE reviews for basic information

Terms of cooperation and types of accounts

Trading conditions of the company are much more decent than brokers often offer for EU. They include four trading accounts, the difference in which is the size of the spread, the size of the leverage and the trade size. For all accounts, in this case:


Forex broker Assetshot reviews for trading conditions

In their statements, traders do not indicate any reason to consider the Assetshot scam. At the same time, the size of the minimum deposit in some account types seems too high for the treaders, and the leverage - too small. On the other hand, some reviews emphasize that it is small leverage that is an important factor in meeting the requirements of a serious financial regulator.

Overall broker earned POSITIVE feedback 

Customer service

Despite of what brokers most often offer for traders, the support of AssetShot.com clients looks quite impressive. One of the reasons is that in addition to intermediation in Forex, the company is also a market paticipant, that is, it offers services for the professional growth of traders.

It can offer to clients the following:


Forex broker reviews earned for the quality of customer service

In general, the quality of work with clients was appreciated by traders in EU quite positively. At the same time, there are only few main channels when communicating with support service.

For the most part, broker reviews are



Methods and quality of financial operations

In comparison with what brokers usually have to offer, the set of payment methods offered by the company is quite concentrated. It includes:


At the same time, it can be noted that the company pays great attention to protecting customer funds from fraudsters - money can only be withdrawn to the details from which they came to the client account. Other KYC and security procedures secure operations during the data transfer from website, customer trading accounts and their personal account details.

Forex broker reviews for crediting payments and conducting settlements with customers

In addition to reports of sometimes quite long withdrawals, there are no complaints about the quality of payments made by the AssetShot Broker.

It can be said that, for the most part, the broker deserved POSITIVE reviews



Lets’ see some customers’ AssetShot.com reviews:

I was a student until recently, and then it was decided after receiving a financial education that I needed to study somewhere special. I read information about the company on the Internet, because I have long heard about earnings in the financial markets. Opened an account with a AssetShot. Having positive results, I feel confident in the future at such a young age. I advise everyone.


I am new to the market, and it was important for me to find a worthy partner not only to make money on the stock exchange, but also to gain knowledge of trading. Right there on the AssetShot.com broker’s official website, I found a lot of information and training programs for novice traders, and got acquainted with the trading conditions, spreads, and the trading terminal. Service support works at the highest level, at any time we are ready to answer any question.

The AssetShot provides everything I need - high-quality service, the most advantageous offers, professional assistance on many issues. Therefore, I do not even have the desire to continue working with some other brokers that are on the market. I will continue to cooperate only with this company.

I used to work as a regular shop assistant. Now I am a trader. I learned to trade and thanks to the AssetShot I am now making good money. I like the policy of the company, I also like the opportunity in this business not to depend on anyone and to be self-sufficient. Thanks to the company.

Started working in financial markets about six months ago. During this time, I have very good results. And all thanks to the AssetShot who provided trading opportunities and always provides free analytics, which helps me a lot. In fact, I realized that in the financial markets you can get a fast and stable income. 2-3 hours a day is enough for me to open operations for myself and trade in such a way that it was enough for me.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 20

Lester Norman 20.06.2021

In my assets are gold and oil, with the markets I have long been on close terms. Therefore, I am ready to quietly part with an uncomfortable broker, even if everything in the past was very good. My last broker, Forex Finance, was seen inflating spreads, told them goodbye and joined AssetShot. Someone will say that I was cracked up, risking contact with a young company, but I have an instinct about forward-looking people. Yes, and I read the reviews, and liked the trading conditions. Everything is fair, spreads are static, so they will not jump during the market storm, and at a cost they are adequate, and the absence of commission for input-output was a nice bonus. What else was interesting to me, the conditions for experimentations with cryptocurrency, I have long wanted to try to work with them. What I don’t really like, I won’t be silent, that is availability of only one terminal. Do not like Meta Trader and never worked thoroughly with him, I had to figure it out, spend time on it. This is where the additions should be made so that there is a choice of terminals.

Pearson John 29.06.2021

A couple of months ago I found an interesting article in the internet on how to avoid a scam and correctly choose an experienced broker. Well, I already knew something, of course, but there were also new thoughts. But the conclusion as a whole is such that it is necessary to rely on the opinion of experts and not be afraid to take risks. The text contained direct references to the author, AssetShot broker. I went to read the trading conditions, and even I liked everything there. The terms are transparent, no hidden fees or things that going unsaid. MetaTrader 4 trading platform, I am familiar with it, stable and megapopular system. I looked for reviews, and did not see a frank negative, rather small claims. Already two months here.

Rodgers Peter 09.07.2021

I once saw information about a AssetShot broker, they say, this company is just over a year old, but what do they know there? As far as I understand the subject, I see that the organization was created by experienced traders and the broker managed to snip off his piece of positive reputation among experts and users. Most recently, I started trading here, plus with another broker as backup. I like the fact that AssetShot has reasonable trading conditions, clear, without pitfalls. I did not see the grounds for suspicion to be a kitchen or fraud. I have been working with MetaTrader 4 trading platform for a long time. I am going to withdraw the first profit at the beginning of April, I will tell you then how everything went.

Mathews Kenneth 17.07.2021

At the beginning of winter, on a friend’s tip, I started an account with AssetShot forex broker. Even without a recommendation, it is clear that the company offers adequate trading conditions. Static spreads, no commission for withdrawal and input, four client tariffs. I started with the base, I plan to save up for the next, more profitable. The broker uses only one trading platform MetaTrader 4. Simple installation, detailed instructions, it can be easily downloaded on a PC, tablet or mobile. Very flexible settings, everything is intuitive, even without a manual. In a pinch, managers will always help. This is by the way a nice bonus that tech support was so clear and sensible. Experienced, in one word. A good analytics gives a high level of forecasting and a good percentage of hits, a couple of times I have already brought profits without any problems. I like that in MT you can mess with the settings and adjust the system to your strategies. I’m not so reckless, and I don’t have so much free time, so I trade with bots.

Shaw John 24.07.2021

I am a fan of MetaTrader 4 terminal. I don’t know a more stable and predictable system. I have been trading on this platform for several years with different brokers. Six months ago, I discovered a relatively young broker AssetShot, it also works with MT. I found not so many reviews about the company, of course (as about the more famous ones), but they also did not write anything repulsive. I had to deal with everything myself. I studied conditions, called up several times with technical support. Here are static spreads, correspond to average market indicators. There are all key currency pairs. It's accessible for newbies at a basic level, there are three more expensive packages for experienced ones. All tariffs have the same leverage of 1: 300, there is no commission for input and output, replenishment is at the current rate. For the start, I put three hundred bucks on the bill. Soon I will withdraw the first profit. Technical support pleases, always aware of the current market situation. After registration, a personal manager is attached to each client, so you can calmly ask any questions and consult if necessary. Sorry, you can not always get a call in a quick way. Sometimes you have to write email if it does not urgent. During the day, they respond in any case.

Golden Edward 11.08.2021

Excellent distance learning and excellent webinars. Weekly try to watch everything. Very professionally and well made.

Goodwin John 12.08.2021

I already in this area already; years and not complain I successfully work in Assetshot

Norman Roderick 15.08.2021

I work together sim more than the first year - everyone is satisfied. Of course, there were losses, but as they say, everything comes with experience. In general, I consider the company reliable, and trade with it is safe and profitable.

Wilkerson Jerome 25.08.2021

Educational webinars in Assetshot wonderful! Since then began to watch them, I feel that I moved sharply in the sense of training. Everything is clearly, everything is decomposed on the shelves, if questions arise in the course of the case (and they arise), it will always sound and answer. In general, very thoughtful and professionally.

Neal Dwain 27.08.2021

Assetshot definitely pleases, it is possible to work with them. Compare it is not particularly with anyone, because Experience is not enough and in other offices I tried only in one.

Fields Gerald 06.09.2021

Everything you see is true. The spreads are very low. No hidden fees. You will receive fair trade.

Stone Donald 13.09.2021

Here it is safe. For me, this is a key parameter. After burning myself in the scam, I became very, very careful when choosing the mediators for the trade.

Tyler Everett 15.09.2021

I decided to wait for the next global crisis on this platform. Here, trade without panic or manipulation continues. My manager stays with me anytime. I am confident.

Bates Bryce 21.09.2021

I trade the second year with CFDs and have transferred all operations here in January. Without commissions and adequate spreads is even better than on average.

Simpson Steven 24.09.2021

I have really achieved good gains from my cooperation with assetshot and will stay with you for a while, I think.

Hudson Alvin 01.10.2021

Hello everybody! I just wanted to thank this broker and in particular with his account managers! These guys have been very helpful for me lately and I'm glad I decided to stay with them when I was a beginner.

Morris Joseph 06.10.2021

I am not sure if I would now work in the trading business, if assetshot would not have the excellent conditions for cooperation. These people know how to attract new customers.

Pearson Christopher 08.10.2021

What you really need on today's market is a strong broker. Someone who endures it when the finance environments roars. assetshot is just this kind of broker.

Adams Harry 15.10.2021

For me, the main advantage of working with assetshot would be your reliability. I mean, whatever happens, I can always talk to your team of professionals about customer service and they will always help me.

Ferguson Jacob 22.10.2021

I've got calls from this broker for a few days now ... Does anyone know something about them, they are real? I heard you have some pretty nice concepts for beginners, but nothing more than rumors ...

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