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We’ve found new solid broker on the market, apollofinances.com, and decided to get a glimpse of how the market security regulation works. Join us in this article.

Let's state that we are not talking about malicious speculation and pumping, which are already often prosecuted by law (but still carried out and, often, successfully). We are talking about things that usually remain outside the close attention of law and occur, in many respects, through the actions of the victims themselves. And for working on this theme with real pros, we’re turned to the Apollofinances scam preventing department. Having worked in the foreign exchange market and stock exchanges for years, this company has a unique experience.

As the experts of Apollofinances broker point out, scam in the foreign exchange market, alas, has become commonplace. A trader, especially a newcomer, is not well aware of fraudulent moves and does not know how to distinguish a profitable offer from a scam.

Who can become a victim?

The main question of this review: who is the most likely victim of the fraud, and how can one avoid it? Unfortunately, the answer to it is quite simple: anyone can be tricked without the checklist of what can be and what cannot be present on broker’s website. You can go through it yourself and see if your broker suites you after that.

If you’re not sure if your broker has all the necessary info for you, it’s time to think again about your cooperation with it.

What’s according to Apollofinances.com scamor honest broker – and what's the difference?

Almost all kind of services including brokerage can be found and selected on the Internet. Let's compare the main characteristics of an experienced broker and what we call fraud companies to clearly show the difference.

Apollo Finances review: pay attention to company data

The first thing to pay attention to is whether the broker is hiding any data about itself. After all, each brokerage agency has its own website, where an investor opens an account and deposit his or her money for trading foreign exchange orders. Obviously, it is better not to send money to some anonymous entity. Therefore, all self-respecting companies provide customers with information about themselves, their physical location (address), and contact information for different ways of communication.


We see all this information on the Apollo Finances website. In opposite, the scam companies most often try to shield themselves from communication on the Internet - they either provide a feedback form, or simply place an email address on contact page. That’s not enough for full-scale contact, and surely indicates that broker doesn’t want to contact its clients – sounds weird, right?

Another necessary check: the address of the company must be clearly visible, like at Apollofinances.com! All the registered companies have the jurisdiction and address, and it’s their responsibility to show it – both as an address on website and the details in documentation. If the company has not indicated where it is located, that’s a reason not to start a cooperation with it at all.


Let’s proceed. There’re plenty of reasons to use only proven trading platforms. If a broker is just “providing advices”, but does not provide a terminal for conducting transactions, this is very strange. All those brokerage companies with long history which just sell signals, or sell strategies, or ask you to pay for their recommendations on a monthly basis with no practical usage are just scammers. As soon as the client hears that he is obliged to pay for certain ready-made strategies, it is better to stop the dialogue immediately. Apollofinances.com scam preventing team warns traders: most likely, nothing of those strategies or signals will ever work.

What does an honest broker do? It provides all the opportunities for successful trading: a platform, a mobile application (so that the client can get into his personal account at any time). For example, with Apollo Finances, this kind of scam is impossible. First, the broker offers a choice of a web platform and a mobile application (or both).

Secondly, there is a warning about the risks associated with trading (with leverage) at the bottom of each page, and all the risks are detailed in the "Risk Disclosure" section.

Thirdly, a normal broker will not guarantee profits, especially fabulous ones. The first thing a trader should learn is to understand how the market works, the basics of fundamental analysis etc. Apollo Finances has all this in the public domain, and many decent brokers do the same.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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