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Trading with Apollofinances Broker: Support for New Traders

Apollofinances broker reviews. New Apollofinances.com forex broker Johannes Röll Visitors: 377 ★★★★★

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You wanted to start trading on Forex for a long time, but have not understand yet - how? Apollofinances.com specialists state: this question will remain unanswered if you just "google" on the topic of earnings on Forex. There is too much conflicting information on the Internet. But one thing is clear: no one can tell about the foreign exchange market better than a foreign exchange broker. When compiling this material, we turned to Apollo Finances broker working in Western Europe. By the way, the current company expansion affected not only the geography, but also the opportunities for traders. The company set the green light to investors with small amounts (previously, market access had a higher threshold).

Let's take a closer look at what kind of broker Apollofinances is and what trading conditions it offers.

Apollofinances.com review: basic information about the company's website

On the broker's website, we see a simple and understandable menu that fully reflects the client's requests.

The company address is at the bottom of every page. The headquarters are located in Marshal islands, in the business district. There is also a telephone number for contacting the office.

You can write to the managers or contact them through the electronic form on the site. As a rule, they respond within a maximum of 24 hours.

Menu item "Trading" describes the markets that can be traded with this broker. This is Forex, as well as the exchange of raw materials, indices, stocks and futures.

The documents governing the terms of cooperation with Apollo Finances (Forex and other markets) are in the section with the corresponding name in the main menu.

Tariffs from Apollofinances broker is now available to investors from $250

The broker offers rates for beginners and advanced traders. As soon as the client make an account, the account manager starts working with it. He accompanies every transaction, regardless of the amount. This condition emphasizes the broker's attentive attitude towards its investors. Indeed, among them there may be both those who know how to build strategies on their own, and those who have just entered their first auction.

Of the four presented, we will single out three tariff plans for an approximate analysis:


This is a package that is clearly designed to familiarize the trader with the trading platform. Thanks to the low deposit ($ 250), any beginner will be able to register and gain access to trading. It is unlikely that he will be able to make many deals for such an amount, but he will already have a general idea of the platform, available operations and instruments.

According to the tariff plan, the client gets an account manager, the ability to trade currencies on Forex and access other markets.


This package is a "golden middle" between tariffs for beginners and "cautious" and premium segment. You need to invest an amount of $ 2,000 or more, you can trade in currency and also in other types of assets. In addition to the fixed spreads, company has some special bonuses. But the most important thing is that there is an opportunity to conduct margin trading. Leverage can reach 1: 200.


This tariff is for pros, especially large investors who enter trading with amounts exceeding $ 50 thousand. Accordingly, the opportunities with such a tariff are also large - this is a personal analyst, personal manager, free vps, and much more bonuses from the company. The tariff plan, in addition, has a clarification of the individual approach, which allows us to assume even greater benefits for the client.

 Apollofinances: "Forex broker must warn about risks"

The principal position of the Apollofinances.com scam check is to inform clients about risky operations. The fact is that all transactions with CFDs, that is, with leverage, are high-risk. Investments and losses are quite significant here. Therefore, it is important not only to be guided by the recommendations of professionals (especially in matters of where it is better to refrain from realizing your ambitions), but also to follow all the requirements of such a trade. For example, the investor should have an amount on his account that is sufficient to compensate for the company's investments and its commissions. Otherwise, the transaction will be canceled and the account may be seized (and reopened after the commission has been paid).

Full information on the riskiness of CFD trading is available in the Risk Disclosure document on the company's website. Read it before everyone decides to start margin trading.

Conclusion: On the one hand, the opportunity to become a trader with a thousand in your pocket looks very attractive, Apollofinances broker says. On the other hand, for these purposes it is better to choose a reliable company that provides brokerage services on favorable terms. Inquire about commissions and leveraged trading conditions before promises of exorbitant profits lead you into dangerous escapades. Trust the advice of experienced Forex brokers.

Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 38

Leslie 16.04.2021

Whatever is going on the financial market, I don't rly care, because I feel completely secure here. My investments are growing slowly but steadily, and it's better than most guys cooperating with other brokers can say about their assets right now. It's much more than just survival though, because in more calm times I can also count on some good profits.

Lawrence 18.04.2021

If you want to find a beacon in the world of finance, then this broker is for you. In my opinion, one of the best on the market today. Will teach you how to make money ... navigate trends. The benefits are large, the commissions are small. Very convenient support service, answers all stupid questions ... I like it!

Christian 21.04.2021

My advice: take a small amount of money and trust this broker. Just to test his honesty. You will see how I did it. I didn't want to risk it. I read reviews, stories of fraud victims. There is no such thing here, everything works in the right way. You will return your money and increase it.

Lawrence 24.04.2021

I adore absence of the commissions. And cool level of service. In general I am completely satisfied with the conditions here.

Nicholas 29.04.2021

At start I knew nothing about currencies or assets. But now I mainly trade oil CFDs and occasionally turn to gold/other safe assets. I would have never achieved this without your help guys!

Harry 12.05.2021

Now I try Gold profile, cos it has most profitable spreads, especially for scalping, and the company allows scalping which is the best trading option for me.

Vlad 14.05.2021

I changed a lot of brokers, I got to pseudo brokers several times, I had different experiences and now I have settled on this company. I want to say an ideal company, there are some nuances, but in general everything is fine and you can work. Therefore, now there is no desire to look for anything else, and I can even recommend this broker as the optimal one for stable work.

sam 19.05.2021

I want to say that trading with a European broker is easy. Simply because the broker has excellent trading conditions and excellent analytics that make trading easier.

alex 26.05.2021

I became a client last year and have no regrets. I like everything, the service is excellent. I have already withdrawn my profit several times. I am satisfied.

Ruben Gibson 04.06.2021

I found all this in one company. I looked for several months and at last found the company that knows what it does. Surprise: no commissions at all!

Michael Wright 10.06.2021

Guys, just calculate the profitability of any business. If you are not a drug dealer, or other “air seller”, you can hardly achieve 20% per year. With this company, I achieved 20% per month. Show me another broker who can provide such results. Usually I am careful with new opportunities, but in this case I am happy to do this.

Patrick Chavez 14.06.2021

Money withdrawal is the most important and delicate business process involving both broker and trader. Thanks to this company, that time I face no issues with this, I am always sure my money will land on my account in time. Love this.

David Price 21.06.2021

To anyone criticizing this company – I don’t doubt your words, but it’s strange I’ve never encountered any similar issues. And I’d rather trust my own experience than someone else.

George Edwards 27.06.2021

Out of three forex companies I worked with this one is the best, especially for someone relatively inexperienced like me.

Fisher Robert 04.07.2021

When I changed the broker, the question arose about switching to another terminal. Before Apollofinances, I never worked with the Meta Trader platform at all. But I decided that, for the sake of broker conditions, I was ready to master the new system, moreover, to be honest, this is the worst thing I could expect after leaving Ci Trader))) By the way, Apollofinances has no commission for input-output. Before registering, I talked quite tightly on the phone with technical support. The managers said that despite some differences in work, the logic of actions for all terminals is the same. They reassured by the fact that there is the most detailed instruction, besides, the support is always ready to enter the position of a beginner, they will prompt and support with advice. I weighed everything and decided to open an account, for a start I poured 300 dollars. After a couple of months of confident and stable work I raised to a thousand. Most often I put a pending order, there have never been failures, everything is executed quickly and clearly. With the withdrawal of money, there are no problems at all, the request takes about 15 minutes, and about half an hour is spent on the withdrawal itself. Once there was a short-term failure, but very quickly brought the system back to life.

Lester Dwain 06.07.2021

It is clear that I had doubts when I opened an account in Apollofinances. Broker is little known, information on the Internet does not come across in easy way, if you are not looking specifically. But I do not regret taking the risk. For three months, the broker has never thrown and did not disappoint. I think that although Apollofinances and recently brought to the market, very experienced traders are involved in the organization of the company, and they are far from being newcomers to exchange trading. This can be seen even by the high level of competence of support team. All processes are maximally optimized, employees act promptly, ready to prompt and support in any situation. To be honest, of all my calls to support, every third was a test one, just wanted to check the level)))). It is a pity that there are no other platforms except MetaTrader, it lacks indexes as for me. In addition, it would be worthwhile to add contests of various levels of complexity. But there are no complaints about the conditions, and low fixed spreads make me happy all the time.

Lynch Kelly 07.07.2021

Before Apollofinances, I got the experience of trading with the Opening broker. There everything became bad with time-limits. I could still understand the withdrawal in 2-3 days, but to input in a day or two, this is, excuse me, an unacceptable practice for working with operational information. What kind of profit can you dream about when the market is in a fever and you have no chance to rise on volatility? Moved to Apollofinances. It's just a holiday of some kind, money input is almost instant, in minutes. The system recalculates the rate when exchanging rubles to dollars at the current rate of the bank, everything is transparent and predictable, you can calculate in advance. The same fast withdrawal. I understand that it is best to withdraw to an electronic wallet, but with a bank card you have to wait a little longer. The withdrawal to the bank account can take 1-2 days, it depends on the bank itself. A definite plus that there is no brokerage commission for withdrawal. Under the terms of work, there is a small complaint, only one terminal is provided, Meta Trader, and I lack the tools for more accurate market analysis. For beginners it is completely enough, but if you already have a lot of experience, then the basic settings are few.

Holland Brendan 18.07.2021

I had a bitter experience with Veltrade. In honor of the decade there handed out welcome bonuses, for which I trapped, was bought into advertising promises. It’s good that I decided to leave quickly enough, the main trading conditions there were not good. I withdrew the funds and, following the advice of a friend, came to Apollofinances. There are low spreads, no withdrawal fee. The terms of arrival and withdrawal are much less. If I pour in 10-15 minutes, then it take less than an hour to output. It's funny, there are no bonuses here, in general, no))) there are no stocks or any unreal things. Come and take your profit, that's all.

Weaver Charles 22.07.2021

I said goodbye to that much-vaunted Robo Forex, we got off on the wrong foot. In my currencies, the spreads were bloated and overpriced. Moved to Apollofinances because of much lower spreads, besides fixed. Static spreads provide an opportunity to plan a strategy even when the entire market shakes. Conveniently. In addition, there is no commission for withdrawal. Earn and withdraw at least every day. Also, I’m used to the traders' tournaments, I don’t have enough of it here, there’s no entertainment like holiday promotions or bonuses for cash injections. And it would be good to add webinars.

Walsh Matthew 29.07.2021

I am not a special craftsman to write reviews on the Internet, I rarely do this. Hope my experience will be useful, just as someone's feedback helped me six months ago, when I decided to change a broker. I opened an account on Apollofinances. I had enough knowledge and skills to make this decision balanced. Focused on clear advantages: on average, the spreads correspond to the market, not pulled up, and more often even lower than the average. Attractive conditions for CAD, NZD. Successful analytics, high accuracy, it is interesting to interact with it. Among the shortcomings, there are no demos, micro accounts, a small selection of tariff packages. For beginners, it will be convenient that you can start with just a few hundred bucks, without much investment and significant damage to the budget.

Hensley Valentine 01.08.2021

To be honest, I don’t really care about all those additional bells and whistles other brokers try to use to lure people in. I care for profits only, and Apollo Finances do provide, so I’ll stick with them.

Hampton Samuel 05.08.2021

Worked with Apollo Finances for a while now, sooo, if you care to know, they are quite decent. Loved their terms, but the withdrawal time leaves a lot to be desired.

Knight Earl 11.08.2021

Apollo Finances contacted me earlier this week with some interesting prospects but I’m not sure if foreign exchange market trading is a thing at all. Is it a legit way to make money, anyone?

Williamson Leslie 15.08.2021

Got some issues with Apollo Finances withdrawal time — never liked waiting too much to get my money. Maybe it’s me though lol.

Alexander Peter 18.08.2021

Whatever happens to forex market, there would always be people like Apollo Finances to make money on it. I can’t stop marvelling on how those tricksters keep their profits rising.

Barrett Giles 29.08.2021

I really liked working with Apollo Finances over the last couple of months. They have become my secondary source of income actually.

Ward Kenneth 03.09.2021

It was a good idea to choose a broker with real trading conditions. Now I'm fine here. The only thing that alerted me at the beginning were the low spreads. But they are exactly how they have the opportunity to earn.

Evans Edward 03.09.2021

You can also try the basics of trade on a demo account. In addition, you can stay as much as you like with the broker as you like. It helped me a lot for me.

Richard George 09.09.2021

Incidentally, the conditions do not change here. If they have come because of low spreads and fear that this miracle will disappear somewhere, then they are in vain. As long as I work with this broker, the spreads are constant low.

Sims Reynard 23.09.2021

I have changed from this broker nowhere because he offers everything I need: low spreads, debt limit, broad basic functionality, easy lifts and excellent customer care.

Ellis Chester 25.09.2021

My experience is considerable. I choose this broker because I trust him. I do a win with him. My accounts are protected and my revenues are regularly transferred to me. What could be more convincing?

Parsons Mark 29.09.2021

I like everything about this broker, especially the speed of his work. This is an important advantage. You quickly introduce you to the course, quickly learn basic trading strategies, just as quickly you get money on your account. Support also responds almost immediately to calls.

Potter John 02.10.2021

I would like to come up with the market very soon, but unfortunately I still miss data to make a well-founded decision. Can you get a bit on the topic of broker and the first steps in the trade? I was especially interested in Apollofinances - Did you hear about it?

Burns Ronald 06.10.2021

I have been working with Apollofinances for 3 months now. I wish I could deliver a detailed analysis, but I am an absolute newcomer and can only share my opinion. I really like your payout times because you are pretty fast in this regard ... that's pretty much everything.

Banks Steven 07.10.2021

So, people, someone here, who worked with Apollofinances? I currently consider them as a broker option and would look forward to all the experiences you could share.

Hampton Abel 17.10.2021

The representative of Apollofinances had spent a lot of time today to explain why trade in their brokerage company is good for my financial situation. I do not really know what do you think, people?

White Clyde 25.10.2021

What happens to all these negative broker reviews? Did one of you have worked together with Apollofinances company or do you only invent facts? I have worked for a long time with these guys, they are really cool and I will definitely stay with them.

Lynch Tobias 26.10.2021

This company is really interesting in your unorthodox way to make shops. However, do not quench yourself: they are just as effective (and sometimes even more effective) like their next broker. You may seem a bit complex for beginners, but believe me, it's a good thing.

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