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Apollofinances reviews from novice traders

Apollofinances reviews from traders | Apollofinances.com reviews Johannes Röll Visitors: 108 ★★★★★

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Is it convenient to use the platform and website? Apollofinances.com reviews and comments

ApolloFinances broker has collected perhaps the largest number of reviews from novice traders in 2020.

The attention of many entrepreneurs and other professionals with at least a small amount of free capital turned to online earnings. Investing and trading in the Forex market received a new influx of participants, but many were afraid to risk their only savings. As a result, some brokers have lowered the threshold for entering the foreign exchange market, while simultaneously increasing the ability of clients to trade with leverage. Today we will talk about tariffs, technical capacities and the website of just such a company - which kept its nose to the wind and created special packages for beginners in time.

Apollofinances reviews guarantees good service

It is not easy for beginners in any business to start the path to glory and earnings, therefore it is important to get adequate support and understanding all the way from start. After all, it is not so easy to understand what the financial market is on your own with no advice. Several dozen comments left on reviews resources like Trustpilot and on social networks testify to the service that clients receive from this broker.

Why does it make sense to choose Apollofinances as a starting area for newbies? Reviews of novice traders, as well as the conclusions of professionals, confirm that this broker has:

-      One of the lowest tariffs for beginners - a deposit can be no more than $250, and with such an amount there is still an opportunity to enter the market and profit on it. Good leverage allows full-scale trading even at this point. This contribution is enough to try the basic toolkit and decide whether it is worth investing more, using this particular platform and services of this broker. Other tariffs, with a deposit of $2,000 and above, make it possible to trade more and, accordingly, make larger profits with different types of assets.

-      Complete security against scam, which requires clients to undergo verification. To do this, you should send a scanned identity card (or passport), a document confirming registration and place of residence (an invoice for utilities will work), sometimes you need a photo or bank statement. All terms and conditions are stated in the "Documents" section.

The company provides training for newcomers in trading. The company allows free access to tutorials, as well as consultations on fundamental analysis, market trends, the ability to read charts, etc. In addition, some tariff plans include personal trading sessions with manager who helps to develop a trading strategy.

The transparency and clarity of the site is one of the main conditions for comfort of a beginner. First getting acquainted with this kind of business, many new investors name the company support as one of the best steps for their own success.

The largest number of reviews on the company's website are positive. Most clients note that the site is very simple and easy to use.

Apollofinances.com website is easy to read and provides sufficient information, even if this is the first resource on which a future trader begins to read about making money on the difference in rates and quotes.

Apollofinances.com reviews show that a lot of traders make decision of joining the company not only after the site review but also after the consultation of a manager. And that’s the most safe position, because only in a personal talk they can ask all the questions and get explanations. Most reviews notice that managers and analysts of the companies are real professionals.

Finally, traders have the opportunity to start getting to know the broker's trading platform by registering, opening a demo account and gaining access to the company's web platform.

How to become a client of Apollofinances

First, you need to fill in the registration form, then open a regular account (and choose a suitable tariff plan).

You can get additional information on verification, account opening, loyalty and affiliate programs, as well as any technical support by phone or email.

Here are Facebook and Trustpilot Apollofinances.com reviews:

Bill Thompson, 30, London (UK), real estate agent:

“On Forex since June 2020, almost the entire first month on Apollofinances I could not decide on a single deal. My account manager helped me a lot - George advised me on a good course on the basics of trading, and then threw me videos of real sessions, providing me with his comments on the actions of the sellers. This helped me understand how the bidding takes place. "

Darel Liston, 31, Glasgow (Scotland), tech shop owner:

“I immediately thought to start with a large amount, since I did not want to make a meager profit. Apollofinances had very good reviews, so I immediately issued an account and invested 2000. There are absolutely no complaints about the manager and analyst who help me build a strategy (I have been in business for 6 months now). Once there were problems with maintenance, but it was solved within half an hour. "

Michael McKinney, 37, Belfast (Ireland), entrepreneur:

“I was interested in two questions when I decided to become a trader. This is how much money I need in the beginning and how can I trade in general so as not to lose everything that I have invested. I found the answers to these questions on the website of the broker Apollofinances. In the first section, the tariffs were clearly spelled out. I decided to register and they called me within a few hours and once again explained the tariffs additionally. Also, the manager sent me documents that regulate the conduct of transactions. On the site I found a whole section of videos about trading. Having received all the information I needed in one place, I decided to cooperate with this broker and have been successfully doing this for several months already. "

Peter Graves, 40 years old, Lancaster (UK), physician:

“I've heard about Apollofinances reviews as a good trading platform. I started with a demo account, studied the market through a web platform. When the free period ended, I chose the Silver tariff and started trading. I realized very quickly that I also need to install an application on my smartphone in order not to miss important market events. "


Most novice traders publish positive Apollofinances.com reviews. The company actively supports newcomers, helps them enter the market and start developing their own strategy for success.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

Comments 21

Hugh Jackson 16.04.2021

I read here reviews about delays in withdrawing money. I didn't have one. Other brokers are always delaying, it's true. But everything works very properly here. If you saw the answer of one specialist from the company's support, he wrote there: no more than 12 hours. Delays do happen, but they are rare and short-lived. I have never come across.

Franklin Hunter 18.04.2021

Should I start? If there is such a question, a lot depends on the broker. At first glance, everything seems simple, but as for me I had to lose a lot to realize that I need normal adequate advices. It`s not enough to trust my intuition, I need to understand what I`m doing in detail.

Kane 19.04.2021

There was a delay in the withdrawal of funds on April 20. I waited 3 hours. Worried that the money would hang for longer. All this time a support guy was in touch with me. Sorry friend, I forgot your name! In general, I like everything. Even this incident did not spoil my attitude towards the company, because there are other companies to compare. I know for sure from other users that other brokers not only delay money for hours or even days, but may also not respond to customer support requests!

Dwight 25.04.2021

24\7 support is cool for me as for a person who likes night trading. It is nice to have some additional income.

Edwards 27.04.2021

Here for a month. Haven’t earned much yet but I was working with demo quite a long. Seems smooth going.

Rick 10.05.2021

Used this company as my broker before lockdown. Want to return as soon as possible.

Gerard 15.05.2021

The first company with which he started working as a broker. When I started trading, I didn't have much choice. It was more than fifteen years ago. Since then, a lot of time has passed. I tried to work and studied the products of other brokers, but since this platform is constantly developing and improving, I am not planning to change anything. Nice and stable company.

Adolf 16.05.2021

If something does not work out, you need to find a reason why it does so. The support team always helps to understand the reasons for negative deals. They will always prompt and help you in your work.

joseph 28.05.2021

For a long time I was looking for a trading strategy and a normal broker for myself. And it's good that in 2019 I started working with a broker here. Very cool working conditions with this broker. It's cool here that there are a huge number of tools for making money. I mainly specialize in the commodity market.

Terry Cohen 02.06.2021

Frankly, I have got some concerns as for this broker. The info online was vogue enough and making the right choice was a problem. However, after a few months as a client I am sure I made a right choice. They help me to expand my experience in trading and grow with my money.

Steven Alvarez 06.06.2021

Many people sign the agreement with the counteragent without reading it. The same thins usually happens in the internet, when people check the checkbox and press “agree” without careful reading. I am not that type of person. I have read the agreement to make sure the terms are OK. Surprisingly, the terms are really superb. I haven’t regretted I signed it and started working with this guys.

Frank Gomez 09.06.2021

I lost the job recently because of all this Covid-19 things. To feed my family I tried this or that before I finished in this company. My average profitability is 20% and It’s OK for me. Probably you can make more with other companies, but I evaluate this company as the perfect balance between the risk level and profitability.

Michael Walker 11.06.2021

You know, in this hard time it is reasonable to stick to a decent broker. The simple math: you cannot afford losing your last money. You’d better invest your savings and go slowly, step by step, hundred by hundred. Of course, this way requires patience, but you cannot afford to be impatient in the global crisis.

Joshua Adams 23.06.2021

Looking for a decent broker? Ask me about! The best support team, the lowest spreads, and the red carpet for new clients with this Demo account and protected trial period. What are you looking for? Here these guys got all you need.

Ronnie Rice 25.06.2021

I really appreciate their communication style. They called me and I have got a long conversation – in fact, more than an hour – with their representative. This lady explained me the nature of trading and my future prospective in this company. I feel the respect as a client and appreciate it.

McDaniel Marvin 10.07.2021

My penultimate attempt to find a suitable broker for my expectations ended in failure. In general, I had no complaints about the brokerage service of VTB24, but there it was necessary to constantly mess around with the documents and their confirmation. I learned about the young company Apollofinances, I liked the reviews, that this broker makes the most of everything possible by phone or online, and the documents required a full minimum. Further, according to the trading conditions: the input is at the current bank rate, everything is very fast, orders are executed in a high-speed mode, quotes are absolutely sane, spreads are fixed and low. Money is withdrawn within half an hour - an hour, there is no commission. Everything is available for understanding and work.

Wilcox Edward 15.07.2021

I needed a broker with its successful analytics. Upon such a request, I came to Apollofinances and opened an account here. A good stable broker, promising in the market, and a team of analysts very pleased me with the quality of work. Fast execution of orders, the terminal is not buggy and does not hang. And in general, what can happen with the good old MetaTrader, the fourth version works safely on a computer and on a smart. All that is missing is contests and tournaments, so that you can get distracted and have a little fun.

Garrison Leon 15.07.2021

I practically had no trading experience when I joined Apollofinances, I was almost a complete newbie. I had trained before this periodically on demos at one broker, kind of traded, and more dabbled and experimented. And trying to understand how everything works. I mastered it a bit and decided to register at Apollofinances. I read the conditions, and I thought that for beginners it was quite comfortable here. At first I constantly called for support, there very intelligent managers talked about the details of the process, and suggested steps. To start, I threw 300 dollars with a leverage of 1: 300, and when I got a profit, I began to regularly raise the deposit. Since spring I have withdrawn money several times already; there is no commission, by the way, money comes within an hour. Great pity that, there are only two options for communicating with support, it wasn’t possible to get through the first time.

Harmon Jack 16.07.2021

wanted to find a suitable broker with low spreads and minimal commissions. Also, the Meta Trader terminal, which I used to work with, was desirable. I came with my requests to Apollofinances. Although the broker is rather young, nevertheless, the approach and conditions are competitive, and most importantly, they absolutely meet the expectations. Funds are inputed at the current rate of the bank. No I / O commission. Money are also being withdrawn quickly, without problems, 10-20 minutes for processing the application and another half hour to the withdrawal itself.

Rice Mark 17.07.2021

I noticed that recently Finam began to raise spreads for the positions I needed, and I thought that it was time to leave and look for a more suitable option. When I studied the ratings of brokers, in reviews I stumbled upon positive opinions about Apollofinances. I began to purposefully search for information in the internet, found out that it is quite young, but at the same time a stable broker with a good reputation. Spreads are lower than many other have, in general, correspond to the market. Static, do not jump when the market is reeling. There is no commission for withdrawal, not counting the possible percentage of the bank itself. Works terminal MetaTrader 4.

Gilbert Steven 19.07.2021

On April 1, I started trading with Apollofinances, I'm not kidding)))) for 8 months there were no major issues. Orders fly, static spreads, good support, it’s a pity not to get through the first time. The company has only a phone and email for communication ((((but the team is competent and honest. There were no left transactions from my account and there were no sudden spiers for me, as sometimes happens with some brokers. Quotes correspond to the market. I would add to the company yet some messenger for communication, in general it would be great.

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