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How to trade: Accessgroupcapital.com reviews

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Traders discussing the convenience of the terminal and the trading application from Access Capital Markets reviews.

We are talking about Access Capital Markets - a company from England, headquartered in London. The broker's experience in the field of financial consulting is about twenty years, and specialists have been supporting investors in the foreign exchange, commodity and other markets since 2010.

Where Access Capital Markets reviews were collected

In our review, we, analyzed brokers reviews from EU customers. We used social media and some brokers reviews resources. In such a way there is more chances to get a complete analysis of services.

Rick Casa, 45, retired, Liverpool (UK)

 I recently started trading with Access Capital Markets. First of all, the choice of the broker was due to the availability of licenses and good trading conditions, in addition, many positive customer reviews also confirm this. The trading terminal is not complicated, everything is clear and market analysis is convenient to carry out. There is also an economic calendar on the broker's official website, with its help I plan my trade.

Accessgroupcapital.com review: let’s analyze the website

The company is located in downtown London in the Broadgate Tower (33 floors), known to many as the "Shanghai Skyscraper"

Having received registration in England, the broker thereby confirmed the compliance of its activities with the norms of harsh European legislation. This is confirmed by the implementation of anti-fraudulent laws and compliance with consumer rights. By the way, any user can read in more detail about how exactly cooperation with this company will be built in the documents that the broker has posted on his website in the public domain (the “Documents” tab in the menu).

As for the account types, then they are listed in the "Types of accounts" section and are aimed at almost any "wallet" - from $ 250 to tens of thousands. You can just pick up the one you need. A lot of analytics and educational materials on trading is also provided.

The last segment added is cryptocurrencies. Today, the broker makes it possible to buy bitcoin and only a few altcoins, but the list of crypts will gradually expand.

No matter which tariff plan you have, you can always ask your account manager any questions you want.

A personal manager is always provided. In the case of investments in several assets and on a large scale, one or several analysts may work with the client.

According to the tariff plans, there is a lot of training materials. The basics are freely available on the website in the "Training" section.

Also pay attention to the "Market" tab, where, in addition to fresh quotes, you can see the economic forecast:

Website summary: understandable, UI is great. Navigation is intuitive.

Web platform and terminal: Access Capital Markets reviews and ratings

The broker offers three types of software "power" for trading. Consider the responses about each.

Security and Platform

Web platforms usually are easier to use than some complicated software. You get access through login and password. Trader receives them after registration and verification.

Access Capital Markets Platform is made on the basis of MetaTrader4, interface os simple. Version is multi-language. There are hint for tools you use.

Trading with such a platform is considered to be safe. It is only advised not to trade too big sums, after all there is always a chance of a hacker attack.

However, most traders still choose this option.

Ben Summers, 43, Prague, taxi driver

 I opened Access Capital Markets account in 2019 and have never regretted it. Every year there are a lot of new instruments, the opening of transactions is fast, which allows you to trade on the news. There were never any problems with the withdrawal of funds, everything is super!

Terminal: security and simplicity

For those who prefer to download programs to a PC in order to save passwords and other data offline (between sessions), the terminal option is suitable. Downloading it will take no more than an hour, and the whole process, if desired, can be guided by the broker's technical support service specialists (they can stay in touch by phone or by correspondence and explain all the incomprehensible points).

If we found several negative reviews about the work of the web platform related to a system failure about 4 years ago when updating the program version. The most important thing is to install all the software in a right way.

Matt Dowson, Vienna, 33, math teacher

I trade both from a phone and a tablet, money can be withdrawn from anywhere in the world, the withdrawal is quick, a couple of days and the profit is already on hand. There are many ways to withdraw and deposit money at Access Capital Markets. I enjoy my work and continue to work with them with pleasure. I wish the company success and financial development!

Marc Randolph, Venice, 39, gas station owner

An additional Access Capital Markets advantage is the variety of the trading terminal: there is a platform for a stationary PC, there is a web interface, a platform for mobile devices and tablets. It is very convenient. Recommend.


As we can see after analyzing Access Capital Markets review from traders, all services including website and different platforms and applications work smoothly, if some troubles occur, support is ready to help.


Johannes Röll
Johannes Röll

Johannes Röll was born 1978 in Brilon,Germany. Graduated RWTH Aachen University. Over the past ten years he worked as Head of the plastic card team, where he was mainly responsible for the development of the distribution, Head of sales Department and Financial Analyst,where he got experience in planning and support sales figures for branches. For the present he works as freelancer

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