Online investments may spring sudden and unpleasant surprises on both beginners and experienced traders. Players have to allot time not only for tracking of market and adhering to strategy, but also for forex brokers’ decency. Swindlers intentionally “hunt” for beginners, but their actions can harm even experienced trading participants.


Why is it so important to choose a trustworthy forex broker company’s, Key Markets scam?


When choosing a new broker, one should not ignore preliminary preparation – it can help to avoid a partial or complete loss of money. It’s near-impossible to find a trustworthy forex broker, like Key Markets, on the first try. Swindlers can properly disguise as real companies – they go all lengths to diddle users out of money, and there are lots of them in the world. And some brokers, like FXCM, start abusing confidence. In  Key Markets the scam does not practice, Key Markets wants customers to be satisfied and write positive reviews.


In 2016 alone players’ losses due to swindler brokers equaled to 16 billion dollars. Scams aren’t becoming fewer, but often their authors don’t get their just desserts. The cause is the easy maintenance of anonymity on the Internet and absence of aggrieved complaints. Sometimes, problems can be solved with the help of regulators influencing brokers (for example, IB Capital FX LLC was bound via the courts to recoup for clients’ losses worth millions). But they can’t prevent actions of all delinquents, and not always there is money to recover traders’ losses.


How can a shady forex broker harm? Let’s make a checklist 


Faithful and regulated forex brokers, such as Key Markets forex broker, don’t cheat traders. But uncontrolled brokers can:


  • delay order execution time deliberately while waiting for conditions which are favorable to them;
  • maximally complicate the process of money withdrawal, making it actually unrealistic due to excess demands, checks, and fees;
  • prolong money withdrawal for an indefinite period;
  • charge huge fees and spreads;
  • charge concealed payments for dubious and useless services;
  • limit the possibility to respond to events in time;
  • make deals at non-market prices;
  • trade against clients’ orders;
  • steal money.


To preserve money, use services of trustworthy brokers, including Key Markets broker.


On the Web, unregulated brokers maintain their complete anonymity easily. Alluring new traders clients, they make the following promises most often:


  • too huge and quick profit with minimal or zero expenses;
  • automatical trading systems which will yield a profit for sure;
  • superfly bonuses and programs.


Some companies offer promotions and bonuses for new clients, but top-brokers attract with high-quality, user-friendly, and reliable services.


Key Markets scam or a trustworthy broker?  Key Markets reviews 


There are three main factors helping to exclude swindlers right at the stage of getting to know the company:


  • Check the platform before putting a significant amount of money in it. Each investment must be supported by dozens of transactions that you have already tested.
  • You can get an idea of a broker’s work with the help of online reviews. As in the case of Key Markets reviews of traders may be very helpful. Additionally, pay attention to awards, information on which is published by brokers on their webpages. Make sure the dates of their receiving are “fresh”, and check if issuing organizations are trustworthy. Also, compare award receiving data with the information on the organizer’s site.
  • It’s better not to work with a broker which page doesn’t contain clear and detailed information. Seek for distinct records of expenses, schedule of support team work, actual address of the office and headquarters.


Information on the site may be detailed and attractive, but it doesn’t substitute the regulator registration. But thanks to it you can quickly understand whether it’s a good idea to establish contact with a considered broker. It’s recommended to avoid sites with:


  • bad graphics;
  • lots of mistakes;
  • inaccurate and loose information.


Listen to your heart. The chance to detect a swindler is not very high, but it is possible, even though some shady brokers can disguise as faithful organizations with a masterly skill. They can have nice up-to-date sites filled with information from serious sources. They can rent real offices and provide the technical support work.

Key Markets forex broker that takes care of you


How can one choose a company to run a business and not to afraid of losing time and money? You should rely on an experienced broker with acknowledged positive history and which doesn’t go beyond legal framework.

Key Markets broker offers to traders:


  • fast, intuitive and user-friendly site;
  • possibility of creating and setting of trade optimization programs;
  • intelligible help and tutorial information;
  • support of a manager and analytical services;
  • immediate deposition/withdrawal of money;
  • selection of several investment grades;
  • trade according to news;
  • other options and possibilities.


Key Markets –a broker, which places a priority on reputation. The company is interested in running an honest, crystal clear business, in growing and evolving together with its clients. The broker provides successful trading, with no concealed fees, no overpricing and no hindering clients in any other way. Learn more about the company and make sure – you should start partnership right now.

10 thoughts on “Key Markets forex broker: how to find an honest broker

  1. I saw in the internet information about the new broker Key Markets. It seems like both new and old at the same time, because it was created by professionals with many years of experience. Like the phrase about ease of registration. And just before that I tried to register with another broker. So much had to go through with these documents, scans, signatures! It became interesting what kind of a broker it is. I opened an account here, everything turned out to be true))) was registered in two minutes, put five hundred dollars, loaded the papers and the trade began automatically. It took another 5 minutes to install the MetaTrader 4 platform. It is very convenient that MT has its own mobile application. You can work from anywhere without reference to the place. As fot the trading conditions, I have complete harmony and peace. Static spreads, no I / O commission, average market quotes. It is clear that I still passed the verification here, right before the first withdrawal of funds. That’s right, I think, and customers are not deterred.

  2. My past broker did not look after the constant spread extensions. Or maybe it was this company policy, I did not understand. Initially they promised a stable job, but in the end I unpredictably began to lose money. At first I was indignant, and then just left there. A friend advised me to join the young broker Key Markets, with whom he had recently started trading. And I went there after the withdrawal of all funds. Here, the spreads are fixed, and it is very convenient, even in volatility. I love scalping, for this there is everything. Excellent speed of execution. For small transactions, the profit I get is even higher than the previous broker. No fees for withdrawal and input. I am quite satisfied while I stay here.

  3. Always carefully study the broker’s opportunities and trading conditions. You can run into the kitchen and squander a lot of money in local deals. Somewhere with such fears, I opened an account with a new broker Key Markets. I was on my guard and meticulously twitched technical support on all issues. It took two weeks for me to be convinced of the reality of all operations. Nobody screwed up my money on the local servers))) I’ve been trading here since June, I have already been withdrawn several times, a good profit in the family budget. The system is stable, the terminal is MT 4. I’m straining tech support. It works generally well, very competent managers. But it is unrealistic to call from the first time. I am satisfied with all the trading conditions, my AUD / NZD pair has low spreads. I am waiting now for online chat and other ways to contact consultants.

  4. Who has already worked with Key Markets? How has that gone for you? Please make boast of your millions :)))

  5. It seems to me that the four tariff plans of the Key Markets broker should have been distributed differently with respect to the amount of deposits. Even not so, I think that you need to add 2 more at least to them. Basic costs 250 bucks, and then $ 2,000, $ 10,000 and $ 50,000 respectively. IMHO, quite fit a couple more packages between the first and second one. I would definitely move to the second right away. At the start I have already studied everything, but for the transition I have not yet accumulated the necessary amount. And want, and prick. I want more analytics, and tools. And I want my perfect apartment in Spain, why not?))

  6. Well, not millions, but nearly 600 bucks from Key Markets is in my pocket 🙂 I withdrew money quickly, that was greate. Before that, I plunged into troubles with FinMax so I don’t recommend it. But Key Markets is fine.

  7. Recently, I opened an account with Key Markets forex broker. I was surprised that only one trading platform was presented. Why not add at least the same MT, but in the fifth version? In general, I was interested in indicators for my pair of AUD and NZD. It is profitable to work here, static spreads, and quotes are not overstated. The broker keeps his word and does not change the trading conditions on the go. When nothing jumps, then work comfortably and you can predict the strategy. Good support, helped me several times, rescued.

  8. At first, for a long time I could not get used to the MetaTrader 4 terminal. It seemed to me a very complex mechanical beast with a bunch of buttons, lamps and functions that I did not understand. The support helped, and I downloaded the manual for study, and another friend supported it. It was he who led me to the Key Markets broker affiliate program. The rest was easier. Deal with the trading conditions. It is clear that the road will be mastered by walking. The time has come, and now my funny home Autobot earn me a coin the way I set it up and teach it myself. By the way, the broker has a great scalping, I recommend.

  9. I moved to Key Markets forex broker at my own risk for 3.5 months ago. In general, I have been in forex for three years. It is already difficult to surprise me with anything. I came here to find out the prospects of the new company. My verdict. Broker is quite adequate, decent technical support, a good choice of trading platform. MetaTrader 4 will not become obsolete in any way and is still in demand. The intuition suggests that the company was created by experienced businessmen from the exchange fields. The system is thought out to the smallest detail, but is left bare enough for traders to customize the space for themselves. Static spreads, no hidden fees, everything is clear and transparent. Once on a business trip my phone ran out. I did not notice how I planted the smart. And on it there were still unfinished business in the terminal. I pulled out a power bank, quickly connected and called back in support, hey, guys, what to do, what about my account? It’s good that I quickly got through. The managers were very responsive and explained what to do in order not to go into a minus. Saved me, in one word. I hope, the developed ones will finally tie up the chat to the site, and I do not have to sit on the line waiting for a connection.

  10. Before Christmas, I opened an account with Key Markets manager. To begin, I started a deposit at the base level. I do not need much time to understand the efficiency of the system. Already ready to go to the next level. Actually, I planned to start with him, I just wanted to test a young broker. I was interested in speed, commission, slippage, jumps and system functionality in general. I was satisfied with everything. The system is clear. Nothing happened so that I was strained or surprised. There was a telephone slack, but I need to change the model. The old one no longer pulls so many operatives from the MetaTrader mobile app.

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